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  • BroMac

    Oh lord wontcha buy me a revised N Dubya T

  • pronomono

    Julia, I'll take one for the team and report. I can't lose my religion before I hear this history-making, ground-breaking, earth-shaking event broadcast. My congregation is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, the last session that will air. So if anyone hears it on Saturday or Sunday a.m., feel free to report.

  • pronomono

    Instead of a new translation of the new world translation, I call a new bible (pure humorous speculation, btw). The governing body recieved revelations from God concerning the coming of Armageddon next year, 100 years after Christ's coming in 1914. Yep, 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of that important date. The Gentile times will have ended. So with these new revelations, the governing body wrote a new bible based off the new opened scrolls mentioned in Revelation and just delivered to the GB by a revelation.

    This new bible will tell us what is expected of us in this new world, instructions on how to teach the newly resurrected, and methods for finding your resurrected loved ones. It will teach us how to be carpenters so that we can build houses, and how to farm so that we can sustain ourselves. Laws will be outlined on how land should be claimed and shared as well as what not to do with all the newly tamed animals.

    The name of the bible will change from the New World Translation to the New World Bible since the revelations will have been received in English. Surprise, no translation is needed so we'll know exactly what was meant by reading the original words. No more will we have to debate the meaning of stauros or other greek words.

    Expect the unexpected with us JWs.

  • Sapphy

    So is it going to be called "The revised New World Translation"?

    I'd prefer "NWT Reloaded" or "NWT 2.0"

    NWT 1914 - 2014 (Last days centinial edition)


  • SAHS

    How about the “Newest Light Centennial Version of the Holy Scriptures,” and underneath that same title on the first page inside the front cover the words, “Bringing new speculations to God’s one and only people for over 100 years!,” along with four-color photographs of the current eight members of the Governing Body so people can see the real origin of that translation.

  • dozy

    Interesting speculation. I can't see it being called "New World" any longer - the WTBTS doesn't use that expression any more. Kingdom translation , perhaps.

    If true , I wonder if they again have the fiction that an anonymous committee of bible scholars presented the society with the translation.

    Doubtless the bible will then be translated from the English into other languages - a concept I always found pretty curious.

    No doubt some of the modern day renditions will have Fred Franz turning in his grave. Or maybe he is directing matters from heaven. Whatever...

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Sounds like the Super 8 want to really put their stamp on things, remake the org in their own image.

  • pronomono

    It's sad really. In all honesty, I wonder if this is an entirely new bible or just another revision, just like all the other revisions before. I can't see them deviating too terribly much. The Society's major deviations have always been concurrently subtle or on subjects the masses didn't completely understand. This would be too much of a blatantly obvious change if it were an entirely new bible. It would also cause too many questions with current JWs, especially if there were significant changes.

  • Blttex

    • We must really, really be close to the end this time. To invest so many resources into revising the bible just so it can be destroyed when Jesus finally takes over.
    • They might as well just put out a cliff notes version of the hundred or so verses that they repeat over and over out of context.
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