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  • WatchTower87
  • slimboyfat

    The picture on the cover of the October WT matches the pages in my reference Bible perfectly.

    If there is a revised version of the NWT on the way then this is not a picture of it.

    The speckled edges and colour do look different however.

    How disappointing it would be if the NWT is simply getting a cosmetic makeover rather than an actual revision!

  • Django_Unchained

    One evening David got up from his bed and was chilling out on the roof of his palace, balla status. From the roof he peeped some chick taking a bath. She was a PYT fo' sho, 3 and David sent one of his boys to find out about her and get her digits no what I'm sayin'? The man said, “She is Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam and the wife of Uriah the Hittite, so bro..she got a man.” 4 At which point David was like, "What her man got to do with me?" Then David sent homies to pick her up and bring her to the VIP(enis). She came, they chilled, he hit it from the back. (But of course, dude didn't know she was visited by aunt flo.) Then she had to bounce cuz dude wasn't tryna have her stay at the crib, no no the girl has got to go. 5 The woman got pregnant and texted David, saying, “You's the baby daddy. I'm taking you to Maury.”

    2 sam 11:2-5

  • Mr Fool
    Mr Fool

    Modern english means yet another modified Bible......they like to "tacking" the Bible too

  • Django_Unchained

    i liken it to increasing the voltage on the cattle prod. keep the farm animals moving

  • NeverKnew

    So, if the new edition is available on and I use an Ipad, and my cell phone carrier allows for a hotspot, why would I need a physical Bible?

    Does carrying a physical Bible create an appearance of being pious?....

    ....Seems like you'd just appear encumbered.

  • dozy

    Maybe to save all the expense of pulping those old NWTs it will just be a few pages of "corrections" , like they did with the Revelation Climax book.

    It would also cause too many questions with current JWs, especially if there were significant changes.

    I honestly don't believe this. The rank & file are essentially in 2 camps - (1) lobotomised believers in the WTBTS who soak up anything they say as "wonderful" and (2) 2nd / 3rd / 4th generation JWs for whom being JWs is just a long standing habit & is more of a " family thing " & social association than anything else. With either group, unless there is a black swan such as a huge unexpected doctrinal shift ( such as making blood transfusions a conscience matter or scrapping the idea of a literal 144K ) or a major scandal ,financial or sexual , there wouldn't be any impact , except at the margins. Group one would think it was "new light" , group two probably wouldn't even be aware there was a change.

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