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  • Indian Larry
    Indian Larry

    I found out today from a pretty reliable source it will be called the "Revised New World Translation", also I was told they may have used "worldy greek scholars" as part of the translation team. I can not say who I heard this from but I would put my confidence in the "Revised" name at 90% and the "worldly greek scholars" at 60% for what that is worth.

  • Suspicious

    Bump! Any new info on this yet?

  • kepler

    Beside the text of the books of the revised NWT, there will probably be some appendix material such as historical time tables.

    Beside its obsession with 607 BC, the NWT provides a "Table of the Books of the Bible" right after Revelations. The table names the book, who wrote and when. Amazing, one would think, just to know. But the marvels go further. For example:

    Moses wrote Genesis in 1513 BC in one sitting, and addresses Deuteronomy about 40 years later, providing the last chapters after he died and was buried in an undisclosed location. In that same year of 1473, he reportedly also wrote "Job", about a period in the life of someone who was NOT one of his people, but was a successful camel caravan owner who lived for 140 years... Must have had a hankering to write a poem on the plains of Moab. An anonymous one at that. I wonder what alphabet he used for all this.

    Joshua wrote Joshua in Canaan. I guess he wrote in the proto-Hebrew Canaanite alphabet. He repeats himself sometimes though.

    Daniel wrote "aniel" in 536 BV... Funny. I always thought the chapters were kind of choppy, considering he did it all in one sitting. In chapter 9, he said he was writing much later. Check the Darius he mentions. It's not the first. And all those deals with the satraps. Two different languages. first and third person.

    Peter wrote his epistles in Babylon. He said so. Wonder why? I thought it was supposed to have been destroyed forever. Isaiah said so. He wrote this in 732 BC and predicted Cyrus would take Babylon. But he never got around to telling Daniel! And we never hear of Nabonidus from Daniel. Nor of Cyrus. That's just in chapter 14 in the Septuagint. Kind of embarassing since Daniel forgets about Darius the Mede there.

    And, O yeah. No doubt about the date and authorship of the other NT books. Paul just had to have written Hebrews and the same John wrote Gospels, epistles and Revelations. The only author labeled "Apostle". No doubt about it. Paul had to have written Hebrews too, though for some reason he did not sign his name this time.

    All these little dogmatic nips and tucks help to make a 607 BC based pyramid scheme possible.

    Let's see if there are any revisions there.

  • Paralipomenon

    If true, this could be the perfect opportunity for heaps of new light.

    "While putting this translation together we went back to the oldest and most reliable scrolls. WUpon a closer examination of the scriptures a new truth was revealed to us..."

    ...abstain from blood meant only sacrifices

    ...1914 was not the start of Jesus rule

    ...tithing is necessary


    This would be the perfect time to rework doctrine for the new GB.

    LOGIC says they realize they are losing the battle against the internet and should push for more moderate measures. HISTORY says they will make changes to exert more control

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    @ Paralipomenon

    I would not doubt it that this is the intent. If you can rewrite history, why not rewrite your textbook as well?!? It would definitely allow them to make tremendous adjustments with minimal blowback.

    BTW, like the name

  • pronomono

    I guess this is why they are making such a big deal about broadcasting this year's AGM to every active JW in the states. They have sessions set up on the Saturday and Sunday following the AGM where congregations are going to be invited to meet with other internet-connected congregations to view a secured web stream of the meeting. I was told that there's a total of four sessions, with special arrangements for parking, donations, etc. at the selected KHs.

    The elder said this years AGM was going to make history. I assumed just because it was being broadcast, but this makes more sense.

  • Suspicious

    So will actual scriptures be reworded? I don't think that's even possible considering how much effort has been put into wording it "correctly."

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    So who here will sit in on the agm and report to us?

    Also I couldn't help but notice the places where the agm will be broadcastwill have donations boxes...methinks this may become an annual event for the Americans...

  • mP

    Given they write up Watchtowers from thin air ? shouldnt the translating committee be able to write down the entire bible from memory or dreams ?

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Lol. They have to give it some semblance of credibility as they're all about appearances.

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