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  • kepler

    Hmmm.... Translations into other languages.

    I wonder if they will translate it into Hebrew and Greek?

    Or did they do that already with the NWT?

    I don't know much Greek, but enough to distinguish that a stake is a"palovki", not a "stavros". "Stavros" is a cross.

    Translating the NWT back into the original is like unscrambling eggs.

  • androb31

    With only 2 editions it would be easy to spot who's up to date w/ the celestial chariot and who's falling behind.

    One more way to be marked. They will be able to guilt everyone into a new bible guaranteeing 7 mil plus copies sold.


    Now THIS will be the MOST accurate bible ever. Scholars have been working round the clock checking and rechecking all of the biblical languages and cultural , geographical, and historical facts to get the most accurate translation ever!

    Oh wait.....that's what all the other Christians churches do.

    No scholars ever agree with the watchtowers bad







  • GLTirebiter

    It will be in “modern” English as many young people do not understand many of the words used in the current edition.

    Perhaps if the children were encouraged to study hard, making the most of their education so they could be admitted to a good university, then they wouldn't need to print the "NWT for the Marginally Literate."

  • kepler

    The last one was, by all internal accounts, PERFECT!

    But this one will be even better!

  • Gayle

    So that's why they were just giving just 'getting rid' of those (old) Bibles out for free on the streets, the Manhattan Project, a while back!

  • Listener

    A poster on the JW only website makes a good point

    "I'm confused as to why there would be a need for all this secrecy - Almost everyone I talk to thinks something is up in that area because so many haven't seen a new bible in a very long time, society has never been this late, how much does it take to get new glue, things are being hush hushed at the branch offices etc...

    I don't think anyone that's paying attention will be surprised by its delivery now (should that take place). But it will be cool anyway to finally get my bible that I ordered 7 months ago. ha."

    There would be hundreds of people involved in working on a new bible and they've all had to keep this a secret. There are probably a number of reasons why but it just demonstrates they care nothing for the r&f. Surely it would be appropriate for them to have told the brothers that there would be a shortage of english bibles because a new bible was being prepared and to just be patient and make do with the bibles they own for the time being.

    Talk about cultish behaviour.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I dont want one.

  • Balaamsass

    The new one will have a magnetic strip to work with new ATM/Credit card readers, everytime you walk through the door of an Assembly hall or Kingdom Hall $$ comes out of your bank account!!

  • wizzstick

    I wonder if they'll get all modern and release a version of this new translation as an App.

    It makes sense. If they can release a version that will be written in simpler english that can be downloaded from an App store, which people could be encouraged to download, then that could save them a heap of cash.

    But as other have said, I await all the comments (like from my mother) that this shows how close the end is, etc. etc.

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