Prayers that God answers. Any examples?

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  • punkofnice

    iCeltic - So here we are the 1st of the month.

    How did my prayer work out?

    Which god is the true one?

    Well, my little chickadees...............................

    I have not received £24k and god hasn't told me which one s/he, they, it is.

    I could interpret this in many ways.

    1. How dare I ask? It shows how unworthy I am with a wrong motive.
    2. There is no god/s listening or caring.
    3. There simply is no god singular or plural.
    4. God's convenient answer was 'No!'
    5. God is having a happy clappy joke with me and I'll find the money later.
    6. That favourite old get out clause: I didn't have faith.

    ...........or because I do not recognize god's sole channel of communication, the Governing paedophiles Body of Jehovah's witnesses(R), he's simply fixing to lovingly murder me soon at armageddon(TM). In any case he'd rather give the money to protect paedophiles than actually help those genuinely in need. That's old Jah for ya! He's a scream.

    If god existed why does he sit in the clouds and not answer prayers in a very obvious way?

    Seriously though, I have to say when I prayed I was sincere and genuine and it wasn't a mickey take.

    It's funny, I give gifts to MY children when they are in need.

    Well here we are then. What have I learned?

  • punkofnice

    bump.........always wanted to do that

  • Nika Bee
    Nika Bee
    It's funny, I give gifts to MY children when they are in need.

    I imagine, you also don't leave your children alone for an unknown amount of time, with a cryptic manual on the kitchen table, that only some "special ones" of your children can understand, watching them in secret to struggle with the meaning of this cryptic letter, watching also what is going wrong in their daily life and what mistakes they make, how they get injured, without doing anything about it...

  • iCeltic

    Punk, I've come to the same conclusion, I don't see the problem if there is a god to just answer in an obvious way.

    i had a few hours to myself one day last week and I was sitting on this beautiful beach, it was empty except for me. I felt it was a perfect time for god to let me know if he exists but alas I heard nothing. Like you I can imagine folk saying I didn't have faith, what I do have is common sense and would like to think that if my mind was created by god then why would he want me to believe something that goes against the way that mind works?

  • punkofnice

    Nika Bee - Nice analogy. I conclude that a world with god strangely matches a world if there were no god.

    iCeltic - Obvious is the word! Someone suggested the reason my prayer wasn't answered was so I could figure out how to get the money myself. However, that doesn't answer who/what the real true god is.

    If god knows I can figure it out then surely god would tell me so in an obvious way....or just have the chutzpah to tell me directly.

  • punkofnice

    5 months ago was my last reply on time flies!

    No answer to prayers yet and no revelation to prove god exists.

    Anyone been hit by the spirit and believes now?

  • Ucantnome

    i prayed that i wouldn't lose my faith and i didn't

  • punkofnice

    Ucant -

    i prayed that i wouldn't lose my faith and i didn't

    'Allo U. How are you keeping? Nice to see you's been a while. I hope you have a lovely new year

    I prayed that I wouldn't lose my trousers...........................why is it cold around my knees?

  • 2+2=5
    Anyone been hit by the spirit

    I hit the spirit. I guess you could say I am full of the spirit. It feels good

    I just gotta make sure my kids don't rape me now like poor Lot.

  • punkofnice

    2+2=5 - Wray and Nephew overproof Jamaican white rum is the only spirit that hits me

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