Prayers that God answers. Any examples?

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  • punkofnice

    When I believed in god I tried not to pray for anything selfish.

    After a while I began to think that a lot of things I was asking my imaginary friend in the sky for were selfish for some reason.

    I do not ever remember a single thing I prayed for ever being answered. If there was the appearance of an answer it was because I did mental gymnastics to make it fit the delusion that god had actually answered me. There was never an obvious message/answer from god. If god were real surely 'obvious' would be his middle name, if'n you sees what I mean!

    Any one here believe they ever had a prayer answered in an obvious way?

    How did you know? What was your evidence?

    How do you know it wasn't just the way of things, life and coincidence?

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  • notjustyet

    Yes,.. but it is always "NO" and he does not say it out loud. The thing I pray for never happens so I know it was a "NO!!"

    Why is this SO hard for people to see, it is SO apparent to me. lol


  • Oubliette

    Lately I've been praying for Argmageddon to NOT come. So far it's worked out really nicely.

  • punkofnice

    yadda - I will check the vid when I am at a pc.

    NJY - I noticed that god has always said 'no' to me too. Perhaps it's his standard out of office message.

    Oubliette - Hoorah huzzah. Your prayers are answered.

  • Oubliette

    You might as well Pray to a Jug of Milk:

    Pray to a Jug of Milk

  • TotallyADD

    I prayed to god to help find the truth about the truth. And he answer it. LOL That is the only prayer he answer for me. Totally ADD

  • punkofnice

    yadda - Oh, no. Not the 'milk of the word(TM)'?

    I have heard some bloomin' silly claims in the past about how prayers were answered. In one annecdotal story a blokes leg was said to have grown back. What's worse was when I was a church goer they all believed it.....except me.

    So these 2 old biddies decided to heal one of the congregations feet. He was afraid to go to hospital

    They poured olive oil on his feet and shouted for the devil and his demon hoards to exit the blokes feet. They shouted for Jesus to help.

    I said that he'd better get professional help from the hospital even though he was afraid.

    The 2 old biddies looked daggers at me.

    It was about this point I gave in the the reality that there may not be a god after all.

  • MadGiant

    This is something I saved in my computer a couple of years back, I am NOT the author. I been trying to find his/her name but all links are dead. Anyway:

    Prepare thyself, he who reads this, to tremble and quake before the Incredible Word of God, as written by THE LORD HIMSELF!

    I hate hopes and I hate dreams! They violate My Divine Plan! How dare you humans lounge around and dream of ways to thwart My Divine Plan?

    If I made you a gravedigger, then stay a gravedigger and be glad I don’t have you arrested. Don’t spend your days praying of becoming a porno star.*

    Many people start bugging Me with this shit from a very young age. For example, I recently had a young boy who wanted to become a pilot when he grew up. But I’d already decided to give him awful 20/60 vision. But did that stop him? No. That dumbass spent his whole life bugging Me with his prayers to become a pilot. And yet he ended up becoming a pizza delivery boy with a acute addiction to Robitussin and Jack Daniels anyway, just as I’d always intended.

    All these little hopes and dreams and all the wishing and the begging is just pathetic! I don’t much appreciate that which is pathetic.

    Life is not fair, ok? It’s not fair, and I never said it would be fair.

    Was life ever fair in The Bible? NO! Some men are born to be slaves of other men, some women are born to be raped by their fathers, and that’s just the way it is! Some things will never change. I am what I am and it is what it is!

    Take care,


  • punkofnice

    Mad Giant - Very good is that.

    It reminds me of god saying: 'stop grovelling' from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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