If you were on the Zimmerman jury, how would you vote? 2nd degree murder, manslaughter or innocent?

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  • BizzyBee

    Agreed. Absolutely.

    Manslaughter at the very least.

  • Simon

    There is no requirement to announce yourself as NW because the purpose is not to challenge but to watch, observe and report to the police - exactly what GZ was doing. The 'on duty' is just a rota to ensure coverage and an attempt to talk-up the "wanna-be cop" accusation IMO.

    Manslaughter at the very most and I believe that would be an injustice: the prosecution simply haven't made a good case (because there isn't one to make based on the facts).

    The threat of rioting may influence the jury. The judge seems to be encouraging the jury to find him guilty of almost anything.

    I agree. They keep throwing more lesser charges in hoping that something will stick ... what next? Are they going to ticket him for where he parked his SUV that night?

    Seems to me that GZ has been getting a very raw deal out of all this based on pressure from what are simply racist thugs. If the justice system panders to that then it's a sad day.

  • designs

    But GZ didn't just watch he confronted another human while carrying a gun and made no attempt to identify himself in any capacity.

  • Angharad

    But GZ didn't just watch he confronted another human while carrying a gun and made no attempt to identify himself in any capacity

    No, he was walking back to his car and TM jumped out and confronted GZ and attacked him, GZ defended himself

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    This is why so many people find this process a farce. It is tribalism at its worst. The threat of race riots and unrest was issued before Zimmerman was arrested and charged. Everything since then has been a negotiation.

    "Will you not riot if we at least arrest and charge him?"

    "No, but there had better be a guilty verdict for second degree murder!"

    "Uhm, sorry, that is isn't looking plausible considering the evidence that is coming out. Will you take manslaughter?"

    "Manslaughter? Are you kidding? It better be at least that, and we wont be too happy about it either!"

    When the criminal justice system is so susceptible to blanket threats from one group or another, then multi-ethnic democracy is on the inevitable path to sectionalism and Balkanisation.

  • Satanus

    The conspiracy theorists have been going on about govt plans for martial law and dentention camps and whatnot. Seems this could be the opportunity for the govt to try out all those preparations. Unless, of course, its all bunk, or the preparations are for use on white people, like whistle blowers and such.


  • designs

    George was walking back to his car? Martin jumped out of what?

  • Glander

    Has anyone noticed the amazing resemblance of the judge to the late Chris Farley? Could this prejudice the jury?

  • designs

    Satanus, Malvinus- of course the public is race conscious, you have a history in Florida of townships being burned and mass killings based on race and the segregation that was rampant in this part of the country.

  • Angharad

    He doubled back around and suprised GZ while he was walking back to his car. It has been said in court possibly bushes, possibly just the darkness. The fact is TM confronted GZ and attacked

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