Can any Witness possibly anwser this question?

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  • apostate man
    apostate man

    AlanF, That has got to be the longest reply of your that I never read.

    OK, I lied, I read some of it. You said,

    : Because they have no understanding of mathematics
    and have completely misapplied it. We all know perfectly well what it means to take
    hold of three distinct humans, put them in a group and count them. One, two, three!

    When did we start talking about humans? I thought we were talking about GOD. YES, 1+1+1=3 and 1x1x1=1

    When you talk about Jesus, he was the human(fleshly) manifestation of God.
    When you talk about Jehovah, that's what the people(Jews) in the Old Testament called God.
    When you talk about the WORD, that also is GOD.

    There are scriptures to back all of this up, if you believe in the Bible. There is ONE AND ONLY ONE according to the Bible and if you do not believe in the Bible, then what are you doing here?

    Break the chains that bind you,
    unless, of course, you're into that sort of thing.
  • AlanF

    You're obviously an idiot, Apostate Man. For one thing, you're condemned by the Bible and your own admission that you've "replied to a matter before you've heard it."

    For another, you're so stupidly drugged on your religious views that you can't (or refuse to) understand simple arguments. Let's see if you can manage to answer a few simple questions (betcha can't):

    What does it mean in a general sense to multiply a God by another God?

    What is the product of multiplying the Father times the Son?

    What is the product of multiplying the Father times the Holy Spirit?

    What is the product of multiplying the Son times the Holy Spirit?

    Is the operation of "God multiplication" commutative? Namely, does Father X Son X Holy Spirit equal Son X Holy Spirit X Father?

    Does the operation of "God multiplication" have an inverse, as does normal multiplication of numbers? Namely, can you divide a God by another God? I.e., what is the quotient of Father / Son? How about (Father X Holy Spirit) / Son ?

    If you can't manage to give a decent answer to these questions about an important operation in "the mathematics of God" then you have no business opening your mouth about such operation in that mathematics. As is usual with Evangelicals, you're speaking gobble-de-goop.

    Let's see if you can manage to answer a less complicated question: According to the Bible, is the Word God, and is God the Word? Give a scriptural answer.


  • apostate man
    apostate man

    Its quite simple ALan.

    ONE GOD. Using a mathematical equation is not the best way to put it, I agree. 4christ said that also. There are different "relationships" to mankind that God manifest himself in. (I say "himself" but I also agree on the gender neutral idea).

    I won't stoop to your pitiful display of ignorance, on the name calling bit.

    What does it mean in a general sense to multiply a God by another God?Since there is only one God, that would be ONE.

    What is the product of multiplying the Father times the Son?ONE

    What is the product of multiplying the Father times the Holy Spirit? ONE

    What is the product of multiplying the Son times the Holy Spirit? ONE

    Pretty simple, ALAN. Maybe you need to go back to Kindergarden.

  • LittleToe

    Nice post - well put
    I've never gone for the 1x1x1=1 route either. It's a kiddies illustration, used in an attempt to avoid the polytheism issue.
    It is absolutely meaningless.

    Nice catch, on the polytheism, incidentally.
    I have to agree, it's only worshipping more than one God that is condemed in the bible.

    According to my understanding of Scripture the Word was God (John 1:1) but God isn't anywhere described as "the Word".
    YHWH and Jesus are also ascribed to being God.

    If the only "one God" principle is to be adhered to then God cannot be a title but must be a form of spirit being, or "substance".
    (note use of capital "G")
    I see no other meaning for it, other than contradiction (and I guess you know that I'm not quite ready to go there yet).

    The whole area of theology is one of concept. After all, who can truly comprehend and explain the infinite?
    ANY attempt to illustrate these concepts in human or physical terms or illustrations, fails.
    Hence I tend to frown on the whole idea of using mathematics, states of water, or three-fingered gloves, to illustrate something that the proposers of those illustrations are barely grasping.

    FYI, I lean heavily towards believing the Trinity as the best fit answer to the "God" conundrum.

    Edited to add that the "version" of the Trinity I mean is "three persons, one substance - God" a higher order of spirit, just as man is a higher order of flesh (allegedly).

  • thewiz

    Another weak attempt to prove the Trinity.

    Just wondering when all any will start resorting to the typical insults?

    Oops looks like AlanF-uck has already started. An MO he uses to win arguments, but ONLY with the most "intelligent" people.

    In the beginning....
    A beginning denotes an event; a happening. No event, no beginning. No time.

    If God has existed forever in the past than time is irrelevant to him. There is no "beginning” in this context because there was no event.

    Time in-and-by-itself is meaningless. There is no time if you are not bound by it. God is clearly not bound by it.

    Therefore, there was an event that caused a "beginning." What was that beginning?

    I've always regarded that beginning to mean the CREATION of Jesus (Col 1:13-20). And a CREATION can never be as great as the CREATOR.

    Regarding, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." That is, everything that is contained in that heavens and earth; or, if you will, "bound" by that statement. Since Jesus IS contained in that heavens, there you have your beginning.

    Ps 82:1-8 - work with that one.

    read the dictionary on the definition of god.
    it can simply mean a powerful ruler; which both Jesus and Satan clearly are.

    God as feminine - Then what would Yahweh and the Asherah (consort) connote?

    Keep WOW-ing them with your long boring exegesis AlanF-uck and you'll have them eating out of the palm of your hand. Looks like you already have. Forgive me, I spoke too soon.

    Hopefully, I have no spelling mistakes. My whole argument would be ruined and discredited. -Don't forget that period Oops! Missed it, I must not have gotten me an edumahcation.

    I.e. -Is it spelt shit or shite? -Spelled either way it still stinks

  • AlanF

    Apostate Kindergartener wrote:

    : ONE


    I see. So Father X Son results in a Doolity. And Father X HS gives another Doolity. And Son X HS gives a third. And when you multiply them all together, in any order, you get a Trinity.

    So tell me, bright one: What's the quotient of Doolity / Trinity?

    How about a harder one: What are the allowed operations of the mathematics of God?

    Typical fundy.


  • AlanF

    Little Toe:

    Just have a couple minutes and gotta run. Think carefully about your answer to the question, "Is the Word God"? Is John 1:1 actually saying that the Word is identical to God? If so, then one can also say that God is the Word, and that God is identical to the Word. But this is heresy according to most Christians. There is a good answer, but it takes some explanation.

    As for you, WhizBrain, I tend to apply the Bible's counsel about applying to a fool according to his foolishness. Anyone who attempts a real answer rather than a ridiculous sidestep will get a good hearing from me, and anyone who deals with people like you do, I will treat as I do you -- with utter contempt.


  • LittleToe

    Ps.82 is an interesting one.
    I wonder if Asaph suffered the normal problem of poets bending words to get a rhyme?
    Only joking.

    Is Jesus (the Word) contained in the heavens?
    Further, the creation account seems to begin at a point where the earth is "formless and waste".
    Taking the "before time began" comment, surely we have God / Word / Spirit before this period (where time exists) begins?
    When did time start? With the periods of definable light and dark?
    Just a few thoughts.

    You really don't need to add insult to misery.
    Why decend to that level?
    You probably don't give squat for respect, but you'd sure get more of mine if you left off the haranging.

    It's the "AM" here, so I'm hitting the sack.
    Later guys - have fun.

  • Kenneson

    The anti-Trinitarians point to 1+1+1 and the Trinitarians to 1+1+1.
    What's the point? Is God an equation that mathematics
    can solve?

  • Kenneson

    Correction. That should read the Trinitarians 1x1x1.

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