Can any Witness possibly anwser this question?

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  • 4christ

    Hi Annie. I am a believer in the triune God. This is not some three-headed God. It is the idea of three distinct persons in one God. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit are one yet three. Every once in a while I think I fathom it and then realize I can't. I am no scholar but this is how I reconcile it

    1.In #1 you asked, how does it all all up. The simplest way I can say is 1x1x1=1.

    2.God is love, right? Can one single person love effectively amongst himself alone? I say, NO. You need at least 2 to love. Therefore God must be more than one and always has been. Yet God is One. Three in one to be exact.

    3.There is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, one yet distinct. God the Son prayed to God the Father when He was on Earth.

    4. This question is very interesting. Triune believers hold that God Himself was crucified, God the Son, who commended himself to God the Father. Thats part of what makes it so amazing, and makes it make sense also. Gods life for us because He loves us.

    Scriptures support both the Diety of Jesus Christ and the Diety and personage of the Holy Spirit.

    Hope this helps....
    Peace' Lauren

  • Moxy
    Yes those scriptures refer to other 'gods' but what does it say about them? It is mocking the humans that have claimed godhood in their hearts-- it says 'but you will die like mere men'. It's a contrasting statement used to show how absurd it is to think of anyone as God but JEhovah/Yahweh Almighty.

    Psalms 82 does not say 'you call yourself gods' but says 'I said you are gods' so i dont see how you think the psalmist is accusing the judges spoken of as 'claiming godhood.' if it was simply an unfounded claim, it wouldnt have made a good precedent for jesus to use to prove his point. what point exactly *do* trinitarians think jesus was making here? ive never understood this as a JW and i still dont...


  • thinker

    This discussion reminded me of the site that shows the WT teach that Jesus is Jehovah.
    Here's the short version:
    Rev 22:12-13 Who's the speaker? Jesus or Jehovah?
    WT answers:
    1908: Jesus

    1955: Jesus

    AUG. 1978: Jehovah

    OCT. 1978: Jesus

    Revelation book pg. 316: Jehovah

    Revelation book pg 319: Jesus

    So there you have it. Jesus, Jesus, Jehovah, Jesus, Jehovah, Jesus...

    Sounds like Jesus is Jehovah!

  • MavMan
    The simplest way I can say is 1x1x1=1


  • 4christ

    Do the math yourself-how does it add up? Is the answer to 1x1x1 not 1? I notice you don't even attempt to answer the questions brought up here.....Don't you have an answer?
    Come on, now, if your faith is worth anything, isn't it worth defending?
    Is Jehovah the Lord?
    Is Jesus a true God? A false God?
    Is Jesus the Savior?

    Can't you answer these questions yes or no?

  • 4christ

    Jehovah= one God
    Jesus= one god (little g)
    one plus one= two

    Jehovahs Witnesses believe in two Gods!

  • dungbeetle

    ok, You're talking about YoYomamma here (mavman)of the famous:


    >No doubt, many of you were afraid on September 11th. I imagine at least a few of you apostates thought about Harmageddon. The end is near. Oh you may laugh now, but not for long...not for long. Repent...<

    pettygrudger: For speaking against Jehovah's people and not being humble.


    Jehovah keeps sifting and cleanning out the organization. This board is proof of that sifting work. Congratulations on being cleansed out of Jehovah's organization because of your inmoral and prideful lives.


    And how does it feel at your attempts to beat up on your former brothers and sisters? And how does it feel to be so hateful? And how does it feel to speak against Jehovah?


    I mean really, what do you expect from a sh**head like this?

  • Kenneson

    Ps. 82:1,6--speaks of judges as gods but this certainly isn't advocating polytheism, since we know the Jews were monotheists.
    The obvious meaning is that these human judges are supposed to be "godlike" in their prerogative of establishing justice on earth.
    But it is quite obvious that they are not acting accordingly and thus receive God's judgment instead.

    Now in Jesus' quote of Ps. 82:1 (at John 10:34-35) is he advocating polytheism? Hardly. Jesus' claim of unity with the Father provokes a charge of blaspemy. Jesus' appeal to his "good works" is rejected (see also John 5:16-18). So he gives a scriptural argument from a "lesser to a greater" case; if Scripure can speak of human judges as "gods", why are those in his audience remiss in
    recognizing that he is God's agent? Why do they fail to see that he is the Son of God?

  • 4christ

    dungbeetle: lol!

    Is this the same as YoYoMama? I didnt realize but I have seen some of his drivel. Seems he would rather poke fun at things he doesn't understand than answer legitimate questions.
    I just don't get it- can't JW's just answer the questions straight out? If they think Jehovah is not the Lord, why don't they admit it? If they think Jesus is not the Savior , why don't they admit it? If their religion is true, can't they give a straight answer to a simple question? Aren't they supposed to make sure of all things?
    You Know just kind of spun around the question. If Jehovah made Jesus a "god" how does that reconcile with other scripture that states there was no other God formed, before or after God?
    You Know,
    can you give a straight yes or no answer to my questions? Not some long essay, just simple yes or no will be fine.

  • dungbeetle

    helpothers, YoYoMama, SexyTeen, HenryP, humble, EWeig, EWeig2, GodRules, Mario_Kempes, ArgCampeon,.

    Thank you Simon!!!

    UADNA-US (Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America-United States)

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