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  • seven006

    Did I hit nerve Robert?

    Sorry man, chill out. I haven't done anything you haven't done by each and every post you have ever written. Here's a clue, I am what YOU consider an apostate, you make fun of, condemn, call us liars, and simply put, wish nothing but death and suffering for all of us. All I do is try to point out what kind of phony you are and how you use this board to practice your mental masturbation.

    You are not one of us but you feel much joy in belittling us and pushing your self righteous attitude on us. If you were an exJW I would have some respect for you but you are a professed JW who has cause us to see more of the garbage that the JW's spew than any so called apostate. I have grown sick of your insults and your pompous attitude. I am tired of you condemning us and telling us how we are all so evil and we deserve to die by the hands of your great and powerful wizard of OZ.

    It is your kind of insanity that has put a family in the grave a few mounts ago and you are too "puffed up with pride" to even give a rats ass. I noticed you stayed out of that thread! The cult teaching and practices of your religions shunning and self-righteous bullshit PUT FOUR LITTLE KIDS IN THE GRAVE! Don't you get it? You are so insanely ingrossed in your JW bullshit your mind has been turned into a street corner lunatic shouting out the wrath of your make believe god!

    I know who you are Robert and I know people who know you. I have hit a nerve in you because you know what I say is absolutely true! Prove me wrong, give us some facts that will show that I know nothing about what I am talking about Robert! I have absolutely no problem admitting when I am wrong and apologizing for it!

    You are only mad at me because I exposed your little game and it has jeopardized your life of sponging off of other people. Prove me wrong Robert! You come here to tell us how much we all are nothing but bird bate and you see absolutely nothing wrong with that because you throw in a few numbered sentences from your book of myth. I am sick of it! I am sick of your insults and your cowardliness!

    You are a master con artist and have been living off the ignorance of your fell JW's for years. I am sick of your condemnation and your words of pompous and vulgar insanity. Go sell your JW bullshit to your own congregation and quit telling us how evil we are.

    You are the wacko lunatic and you know it. I am in no way stupid and I can match and surpass your attempts at intelligence any day and again, you also know that! You do not dispute my comments about who you are but only attack me for saying them. If I was wrong in anything I have said then prove me wrong! I have exposed your little game and it has pissed you off. Tell us all what you do for a living, then prove it! Come out from behind your little mask of illusion and put up or shut up! Your excuse of saying I am stupid or crazy is just another side stepping little dance you do when someone pushes your buttons. You are not so stupid to believe I am not an intelligent person but only that you do not have the guts to go toe to toe with me. You are a coward in the truest sense of the word!

    I am tired of your insults and I am tired of your calling us evil and disgusting. The only thing disgusting on this board is your constant madman ravings! I wish you could have seen those picture of those dead little kids and then realize that the bullshit shunning and mental torment that your religion calls love was the major cause for it all, that I do know! Your religion kills little kids and calls it love! That Mr. King is out and out insanity!

    You are not one of us so stop trying to come off as having an ounce of concern or any one of us. You are only here to stroke your own ego and play your insane little game. Go find your own little board to tell people how great and wonderful your god is and how we are nothing but filthy scum, we don't want to here it here any more! Get it Robert!

    You say you only post here for the few JW's who may be on the fringe so you can help them see YOUR truth! I just gave them a little truth about you Robert! How do you like it?.....................................

    Now..........how do you like the tables turned Robert? How do you like to be called evil and disgusting? How do you like someone professing to know all about you and how you live your life? How do you like someone enjoying your pain and frustration? How do you like me taking your JW version of love and shoving it back in your face?

    Do you get it Robert? You don't like it, do you? Think about it, your not so stupid that you cannot see what I am doing here! The question is,...do you care?

    Have a nice day,


  • You Know
    You Know

    Hey Dungbeetle, If I counted the time I spend on the Internet I would have about a thousand hours A MONTH! LOL The truth is: I haven't even turned a report in a several months. / You Know

  • You Know
    You Know

    Dave asks:

    Did I hit nerve Robert?

    Not at all. I just thought I would explain why I typically don't resond to your psychotic ravings. / You Know

  • seven006


    I noticed you didn't respond to me when I asked you why you keep your email box closed but you, in an obscure little thread, asked an 18 year old female board member to email you?

    Calling me psychotic is just your cowardly little way to keep from dealing with trying to answer any of my questions. It is a technique you have learned from your beloved religion.

    We expose their corruption and lies and they tell all their duped followers that we are all psychotic.

    You have learned the game well Robert. The only problem here is none of us believe a word you say. You are just too self absorbed to realize that.

    Did that little 18 year old female poster ever email you Robert? It was nice of you to sneak your email address in just for that special young person.

    Why did you do that Robert? Why her? Is she less of an apostate because she is barley 18 and a female?

    You are so thoughtful. I'll give everyone the link to that thread if you like. I'll bet you wouldn't like that would you Robert?

    Take care and thanks for showing us one again the two faced love of the JW religion.

    You represent them well,


  • Farkel

    You Know Babbles On:

    : The underlying assumption of the apostasy is that if the Watchtower falls short to a significant degree then it cannot be Jehovah’s organization.

    Your statement implies that "the apostasy" is anyone opposed to the Watchtower Printing Corporation. You must prove that assertion or the rest of your drivel falls. Can you do it?

    : That’s why apostates are hopeful that if enough fault can be found with the organization and brought to the attention of the faithful, then they too will accept the conclusion that Jehovah’s Witnesses are not who we say we are.

    Enough fault has ALREADY been found that shows the WT organization is pack of liars. And You Know (sic) it.

    : Unquestionably, many have been stumbled over a multitude of stumbling blocks.

    Yeah, most people "stumble" where there are "stumbling" blocks.

    : But, when faced with error or hypocrisy within the organization the question, though, ought to be: Does the mere existence of a potential stumbling block mean that the Jehovah’s Witnesses do not have God’s backing?

    No, the question OUGHT to be: "Does the mere existence of hundreds of ACTUAL lies and false prophecies and myriads of Pharisaical rules and regulations and dead people because of all of the above mean that Jehovah's Witnesses do not have God's backing?"

    To THAT any rational person (present company excluded) would answer an unqualified "YES!"

    : The only persons that can really answer that question are Jehovah and Christ.

    Don't forget you included your self with those two, making it the Jehovah-Jesus-You Know trinity: You called those who disagree with you "the apostasy" and "apostates."

    As you've noted, I'm probably not as familiar with the scriptures as you, but I don't recall Jesus saying "Baptize them in the Name of the Father, The Son and the Holy You Know."


  • one

    3 red flags
    several religions

    one more, 'talk' too much

  • seven006

    What? No reply on that one Bobby? You know I can pull that thread up don't you?

    No explanation Bobby? There must be a reason a god fearing man well over forty years of age would do what you did. I mean, come on, things like that have been happening since the inception of the Internet. Old guys telling young girls to email them. Were ya going to preach to her Bobby?

    You don't like this do you? To tell you the truth, I don't like doing it. I also don't like being called a liar, psychotic, insane, evil, returning to my vomit or you getting excited and rubbing your dirty little hands together while you think about my son's, and everyone else's kids on this board being killed in your version of god's love. You love the thought of us all dyeing don't you? You certainly tell us all about it enough on this forum.

    It insults me and everyone else on this board. Get a clue Bobby!

  • You Know
    You Know

    Like I said, you are free to comment on the topic at hand, and I might respond if I feel like it. But, I am not going to be baited into commenting on your psycho-ravings---except to point out that that they are pyscho-ravings. / You Know

  • LB

    Ever stumble anyone You Know???

    Worry you much???

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • seven006


    I hate to break it to you pal, but just because your think someone is a psycho certainly does not make it so. Your delusions of grandeur have given you the unfortunate belief that you are the authority on everything.

    I'm sure if there was a little vote put up for those on this board to decide who is psycho and who is not it would end up a landslide in my favor. Of course you world not recognize that either because you think everyone on this board is crazy.

    I have never met anyone so out of touch with reality in my life. You should really think about some professional help here Robert, you are getting a bit scary. Believe it or not, even though we all think your are a complete nut ball if you were ever hurt or need us in any way I know many here that would help you out in a second. And that includes me. All you would have to do is ask. As much as it pains you to admit that, I think you know it to be true.

    Take care Robert and sorry I was so hard on you. I know you don't care, but I do. I have just had a hard day and the Bryant issue came up again today and it effected me a little more than I thought it would. I'm going to email Sharon Roe right now so I need to get my mind off of dealing with you and do something a lot more constructive.

    Night Robert,


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