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  • ballistic

    ... This reminds me of the kind of "wooly" thinking someone suffering from denial would engage in, going to any legnth to deny or explain one scenario at the expense of some other argument, easily throwing aside logic built up in other areas.

    In this case it is: all of the arguments in which the witnesses have been right PROOVE THEY ARE GODS CHOOSEN PEOPLE -VS- all of the arguments in which the witnesses have been prooved wrong (things which have stumbled people) PROOVES THEY ARE GODS CHOOSEN PEOPLE.

    This is the win win situation I was describing.

  • Reborn2002

    More hogwash from our verbose friend Robert King.

    Just when you thought that he goes away, he resurfaces with more garbage.

    Circular reasoning... unsubstantiated claims... self-serving points with glaring contradictions...

    such is the way of a JW or a JW-apologist.


  • You Know
    You Know

    SEVEN0006 says:

    I know you will not respond to me or Farkel or Alan F. or anyone else who knows your real game.

    I frequently respond to AF because his posts are at least intelligent and on the topic. That goes for other posters as well. On the other hand, your responses to my posts never have anything to do with the topic under discussion. Instead you want to make YK the issue. Why is that? Why do you insist on trying to insinuate yourself into my personal life with your wacko lunatic ravings, as if you actually knew me personally? I regard you as a mere cyber-stalking apostate psycho. / You Know

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Still waiting for YOU KNOW to answer my post.

  • LB
    And, if Jehovah's Witnesses are the false prophets, who then are the true ones that Jesus was referring to,

    by alluding to the fact that JW's could be false prophets then you are unwittingly admitting we aren't in the last days, since you claim there is no one else doing the preaching.

    By the way You Know, ever stumble anyone? What would your portion be then?

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • Satanus

    Taking the cue from xpat, let's give the fill in the blanks a try.

    The underlying assumption of the apostasy is that if the Catholic Church/Protestantism/Greek Orthodoxy/Islam falls short to a significant degree then it cannot be Jehovah’s organization. That’s why apostates are hopeful that if enough fault can be found with the organization and brought to the attention of the faithful, then they too will accept the conclusion that Catholic Church/Protestantism/Greek Orthodoxy/Islam are not who we say we are. Unquestionably, many have been stumbled over a multitude of stumbling blocks. But, when faced with error or hypocrisy within the organization the question, though, ought to be: Does the mere existence of a potential stumbling block mean that the Catholic Church/Protestantism/Greek Orthodoxy/Islam do not have God’s backing? The only persons that can really answer that question are Jehovah/Allah and Christ.
    According to Jesus stumbling blocks are inevitable. That means that there are going to be errors and transgressions that have the potential to stumble others off the path. Furthermore, Jesus said that things that cause stumbling would exist within his kingdom up until the time that he sends forth his angels to take care of business. Matthew 13:41 says that during “the conclusion of the system of things the Son of man will send forth his angels, and they will collect out from his kingdom all things causing stumbling and persons doing lawlessness.” That prophecy proves that there will be numerous things that cause stumbling within the true religion right up until the moment that Christ arrives for the judgment of his household.

    Jehovah’s judgment of his organization is in recognition of the fact that his people have caused others to stumble. For example, Ezekiel 36:15 says: ‘“And I shall cause no further humiliating talk by the nations to be heard concerning you, and reproach by the peoples you will no more bear, and your nations you will no more cause to stumble,’ is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah.”’ Jehovah’s word is consistent with the reality before us. Because of numerous failed prophetic interpretations, the bad publicity due to mishandled child-abuse cases, the Catholic Church/Protestantism/Greek Orthodoxy/Islam association with the United Nations as an NGO, and any number of other scandals, have surely provided the basis for all sorts of “humiliating talk” concerning Catholic Church/Protestantism/Greek Orthodoxy/Islam---both now and going forward. As the prophecy foretells, so we see, that such things constitute enormous stumbling blocks for the very people of the nations that we seek to convert to our faith.

    What’s the solution? Before God grants entry into his new world, His purpose is to judge his people and administer the proper degree of punishment and ultimately to purge his organization of all corruption. Jeremiah 46:28 is Jehovah’s assurance that he will not abandon His people because of their transgressions, it reads: “As for you, do not be afraid, O my servant Jacob…for I am with you. For I shall make an extermination among all the nations to which I have dispersed you, but with you I shall make no extermination. YET I SHALL HAVE TO CHASTISE YOU TO THE PROPER DEGREE, AND I SHALL ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAVE YOU UNPUNISHED.” Gulp!

    But, for those who want to remain in the faith, but who are having a hard time reconciling all the inconsistencies and error that we are confronted with, the Bible/Quaran provides a satisfying answer. Given the fact that God’s prophetic word recognizes that Catholic Church/Protestantism/Greek Orthodoxy/Islam in covenant with him inadvertently cause some to stumble due to our own folly and error, it completely demolishes the reasoning of our apostate enemies. Rather than our many errors proving that we are a false religion, as our enemies contend, because of the fact that God’s word foretells this very scenario, instead it lends weight to the evidence that Catholic Church/Protestantism/Greek Orthodoxy/Islam are serving God’s purpose. No doubt the apostate will insist that the Catholic Church/Protestantism/Greek Orthodoxy/Islam is evil and cannot possibly be Jehovah’s organization and protest that the Bible can be used to prove anything. But, the truth is that Jehovah’s judicial decisions regarding His people are simply incomprehensible to our enemies. So, while God’s word plainly states how God is going to deal with his somewhat wayward organization, apostates are by no means guilt free. Proverbs 4:16 is right on the mark in assessing the way apostate Catholic Church/Protestantism/Greek Orthodoxy/Islam think, where it says: “Their sleep has been snatched away unless they cause someone to stumble.” While the Catholic Church/Protestantism/Greek Orthodoxy/Islam has undeniably set numerous potential stumbling blocks before the brothers, apostates are zealous to exploit and advertise these in an effort to set the stumbling blocks before as many as possible.

    In Jesus’ prophecy of the last days he foretold that many would be stumbled, and yet the Psalms says that for those loving God’s law there is no stumbling block. That means that the very thing that stumbles some doesn’t faze others. Truly, God’s law recognizes that His organization is not measuring up to his standards and it outlines how Jehovah proposes to rectify the situation. So, those who love God’s law can look beyond the error that Satan wants us to focus on, and can see the solution to the paradox that confronts us.

    / You Know


    Yup, it works. All any religion needs to do is put its name in the apropriate places, and presto, obsolution. You could make a fortune on this template, you know.


  • You Know
    You Know

    Double Edge asks:

    How many churches have you investigated, or even set foot in.

    Quite a few. Years ago before I became one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I went through a brief, but intense, search for the truth. I went to probably a dozen different churches from Catholic, to Baptist, Methodist, Christian Scientist, and I was even baptised by the Pentecosts. Besides, as a minister I encounter people of all faiths, and so I have a pretty good idea what other religions believe.

    I asked in a previous post (still unanswered) a JW friend told me that the organization goes back 6,000 years.
    That's not really accurate. There is no organization that extends back that far, not an earthly one any way. What your friend meant was that Able shared the same faith in Jehovah. In fact, the scriptures say that Abel was a witness because he supported God's side of the issue.

    Who came before the bible students or Charles Russell? How do you follow the authority from Christ to Russell.
    There is only one legitimate authority over the true Christian congregation, and that is Jesus. We believe that when the time came for Christ to re-construct his congregation in preparation for his return, that he used the Bible Students as a rallying point to draw sincere believers from all the Christian faiths. Most of those early witnesses came from all the other denominations.

    I just can't get a JW to tell me how Charles Russells/Bible Students interpretations were the real "TRUTH" compared to other's interpretations. Did God appear to them and said You, Your're the One?
    You have to attribute it to the drawing power of Jehovah's holy spirit upon those whom he anoints. That's what drew people to the apostles, and that's how it works now. / You Know
  • COMF
  • bluesapphire

    You Know:


    Does the mere existence of a potential stumbling block mean that the Jehovah’s Witnesses do not have God’s backing? The only persons that can really answer that question are Jehovah and Christ.
    Would you agree that I can say:

    Does the mere exisence of a potential stumbling block mean that the [bold]Catholic Church[/bold] does not have God's backing? The only persons that can really answer that question are Jehovah and Christ.

    Or can I replace "Catholic Church" with any religion on the planet?

    Since you want *us* to let Jehovah and Christ answer the question of who has God's backing, why can't you let Jehovah and Christ answer it for other religions. Maybe more than one has God's backing. Ever thought of that?

  • dungbeetle

    Oh, he's thought of it. But what other religion lets him "count time"?

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