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  • steve2

    I note that, in THisFellowCheap's reply to my more reflective words, he suggested the victims of these scams knowingly participate in illegal acts. Huh?! What an astonishing thing to say! Only someone who sympathises with scammers could ever make such an allegation!

    This is similar to lawyers blaming their clients when the lawyers illegally pocket their clients' funds by putting the funds into questionnable schemes. Often, when caught, lawyers say, "If my clients had not been so greedy, this would never have happened". What rubbish! Oftentimes the clients never knew about the illegality of the schemes...and did not even know their money had been taken by the lawyers in the first place!

    Similarly, with these Nigerian scams, the victims are vulnerable individuals whose only "fault" is taking the scammers at their word and divulging their private banking details. Scammers purposely select vulnerable people.

    Scammers hate people who are not vulnerable and who are alert to the scammers' game.

    Increasingly, by his words, ThisFellowCheap fits into the category of scammer - but he is determined to give himself a good image by protesting his innocence...and then when that doesn't work, making allegations against those vulnerable individuals who have been scammed by his fellow citizens.

    ThisFellowCheap has dealt his defense a low blow by resorting to victim blaming.

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