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  • ThisFellowCheap
    @Outlaw I may not know you but you seem like a bitter person. Yes I didn't ask for your money I asked if someone could help me start a crowdfund. You presume to speak for everyone on board, speak for yourself. If you work hard good for you, if you don't wanna help I'd understand. Your cherry-picking of my comments to construct a wrong impression is very Watchtower-like.

    Outlaw I may not know you but you seem like a bitter person. Yes I didn't ask for your money I asked if someone could help me start a crowdfund. You presume to speak for everyone on board, speak for yourself. If you work hard good for you, if you don't wanna help I'd understand. Your cherry-picking of my comments to construct a wrong impression is very Watchtower-like.

    If your not asking for money,then what are you asking for?..



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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    My understanding is that you are asking for someone from another country to set up a crowdfund for you so that those who donate to your cause won't know their money is going to someone in Nigeria, because of the bad reputation Nigeria has with internet fraud.

    You may very well be legit and if so I'm sorry for your troubles but to set up such an account would be deceitful unless you disclosed fully to those donating, exactly where their money would be going. Your story would have to be told in such a way that those donating would be doing so under false pretenses.

    Even though setting up a Crowdfund for you would likely not cost anything, the individual who did so would be part of any deceit that (may) be taking place. Even though many here are inclined to be helpful to those in need, not many (including myself) would be willing to take that kind of risk, especially for a total stranger they encountered on an internet site,

    It seems to me that between your parents, friends,relatives and University, you should be able to get a loan or credit to purchase what you need. Is there a way to borrow an instructors equipment or the equipment of a friend until you can make some other arrangement? What equipment have you been using or are you currently using to get by?

  • steve2

    Not one single person criticized you for being Nigerian. Not one. So don't give us the sob story of being criticized for your nationality.

    You were criticized because you asked for money. The fact you hale from Nigeria in the context of seeking money through the internet is significant because many innocent citizens in western countries have been scammed by your own fellow citizens from Nigeria telling tall stories to fool people into giving monry. Funny that you "innocently" choose the very same method.

    It would be helpful if you could step outside your feelings of outrage and acknowledge that your request has all the hallmarks of an internet scam. And your protests to the contrary don't help. At worst, you simply show how sophisticated you are, at best, you are incredibly naive for a supposed PhD-level student.

  • ThisFellowCheap
    @Pete, there will be no false pretence. I intended full disclosure if any one would help and I expect the person to be rigorous as possible in verification. I am also working the friends and family angle but it's kinda tight there. loans are hard to come by here, and while I have been using colleagues and my girlfriend's systems, it's a clumsy arrangement. What's making me desperate tho is the deadline on the fees. Thanks still for the concern. @steve, I didn't "innocently" choose that path. I deliberately did. It may be a desperate one but I took it knowing fully well it will meet much disbelief and scorn. Yet, I do hope I'd see someone "gullible" enough to try to help. And as to my nationality, I embrace it and everything it implies. I know it factors in a lot of interactions I have or will have as you yourself just opined. I understand disbelief, my outrage is about the abusive words people have used here. There are no excuses for hate, not even on the pretence of Nigerian scammers. Thanks.
  • jookbeard
    would cash be OK?
  • Fernando

    Hey ThisFellowCheap.

    Similar to what others have said, it may be an idea to rather ask for suggestions and moral support rather than money.

    In so asking, one might also acknowledge the daily challenges faced by others too.

    On some levels the poverty in the developed world is far worse than that in the developing world.

  • Simon

    You have to realize that "Nigerian" and "need money" simply screams "scam" to most people. Add to this the FRAUD you are asking other to perpetrate by setting up a crowd fund account to hide your identity. Unbelievable.

    Even if your story were legit, you left your important laptop and only backup together at a political rally and are surprised that they were stolen? If true then you learnt an important life lesson about the importance of protecting your work. Never keep the backup together with the source and if possible backup to the cloud.

    No amount of money would bring your work back would it? Your story of suddenly needing money doesn't really make sense to me.

  • Fernando

    If one has access to a good internet connection, even if only once a week, Dropbox is a brilliant solution, and the Basic version is free too up to 2GB.

    It also backs up and synchronises all files in your local Dropbox folder on any computer, automatically, seamlessly and hassle-free.

    You can even access previous versions of a file.

    You can even escape a ransomware event by asking Dropbox to roll back an adverse event across tens of thousands of files in one go.

    As for Google Drive, teachers are given 10TB free each, via their employer's free Google Education membership.

    Frankly I'm surprised that this is not the very first thing taught and implemented at university.

  • ThisFellowCheap

    @Simon, I think you have falsely misrepresentated my desire. At notime did I wish my identity to be hidden. Either by omission or commission, you have given a wrong impression of me. I hope you will be truly sorry about that.

    Also I believe your inability to understand what I need money for is because of your '"Nigerian" "seeking money"' prejudice.

    To ALL, while I encourage to be cautious in all dealings and especially with people from high-risk regions, your bias is not and never will be justified. Take this analogy:

    Some exJWs were indeed removed from the religion because they did wrong things, maybe rape, fraud or even murder. Just as it is considered to be poor reasoning for JWs to paint all exJWs with a broad brush so likewise I consider it poor to paint any Nigerian seeking financial assistance online due to a contigency a scam just because SOME of his compatriots have engaged in acts of online scams.

    The bulk of my countrypeople are hardworking people who sometimes can fall on hard times inadvertently like any demography. And like any, you should never diminish their rights to seek any legit way of seeking help because of a perceived image.

    I only hope this message will connect to a community of majorly former JWs as they have experienced the hurt stereotyping and hateful speeches and comments can cause.

    Anyways, on a brighter note, one of my lecturers here has decided to help me raise a loan from his church (with no strings of membership attached, they claim!). I feel much happier now although even in my dark hour I always knew I'd find a way. It may not be, but "Jehovah provides" was not just sarcastic but prophetic!

    I wish everyone a nice day, and my condolences to people in Nepal for yet another earthquake incident. Pls donate to help them if it's within your means to.

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