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by ThisFellowCheap 70 Replies latest jw friends

  • Daniel1555


    When and how did he ask for money before?

  • minimus
    The Nigerian scam has been going on forever. Every month, I used to get emails just like this, only the names were changed to protect the innocent. They all use the same blueprint and realize that a sucker is born every minute.
  • ducatijoe
    GGEEZZZZZ , Is this a response to my Craigslist Ad ?
  • minimus
    I could use a few buck, everybody. Send me a message and I will provide you with all of the details. Lol!😇
  • WingCommander

    You need money to purchase a computer to finish your studies, yet somehow you are using an electronic device to post on this very forum.

    Things that make you, "Hmmmmm..........? "

  • ThisFellowCheap

    I had decided at first to make light of all insults I had garner here, to try and understand that there will be a natural instinct towards disbelief especially because of my nationality. But, you guys did bring me to near tears with your responses I'd be frank. Even posters I enjoyed their posts a lot did showed their base side today.

    I'd try to answer some of the more genuine questions or queries about authenticity, and what my request is really about:

    @steve2: Yes, I am proud of my country and has never hidden my identity ever since I came on board this forum. I’ve even endeavored to reach out to people in my area on JWN. I have engaged in conversations that were disparaging about my country on this forum without grudge. I have talked about my country with posters here. I may be proud but I value my education highly so I don’t mind to “stoop to conquer”.

    @DarioKehl, I’d ask you to go through my earlier post and see my discussions about my academics as far as three years back. Yes it can be googled but I didn’t. Telling my story is meant for verifiable purpose, but I guessed you missed that.

    @Witness My Fury: Following your logic, my countrymen should hate all white people because they once came and rape our lands and some still do now. And yes on hindsight, not using a cloud service was costly but here the Internet isn’t as accessible everywhere as probably your own country so we rely on hard drives and flash drives as back up

    @Village Idiot: I do not need your “penny”. I need someone who could help me start a crowdfund which I’m not asking anyone on JWN to contribute to. Someone who after a rigorous vetting, will believe in my story and decide to help.

    @James Mixon: Most JWs don’t do charity, so let’s hope it ain’t that you kept that trait when you left. And yours and Outlaw “deals” might seem hilarious to you, but it shows how much empathy you guys truly have hiding behind your computer screens mocking a plea for help. Reminds me of Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins. I may be a beggar but you are cowards.

    @Onager, my situation is as it is. I know it’s not common but there ain’t no point claiming I’m thoroughly shunned when I’m not. No need to lie about it.

    @WingCommander, yes I have an android phone and I get to borrow my girlfriend’s laptop for a few hours sometimes. So I hope that answers your doubt.

    I reiterate, what I want is someone who can give the benefit of doubt to choose to help start a crowdfund. This will be done only after such person is satisfied that the story is genuine and claims are sincere. If you can’t help me at least please don’t hurt me more, PLEASE!

    It’s a shame it had to come to begging but I SHALL have my Masters degree! Thanks!

  • gda

    blaaaaaaaaaaa.....whaaaaaaaaaa, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    can I have some money

  • stuckinarut2

    Thisfellowcheap, you have obviously learned how to beg for money from the Governing Body's example......(may 2015 broadcast)

    Yes, you too are a shameless scammer...

    I believe there is a position available on the GB now that one of them died....perhaps you should put in your job application?

  • mrquik

    Hi Mr. People; I am poor noo Yorker. Government take all my money. Health bad from shoveling snow all winter. Need just to have all my friends send money to me so I can start over in St. Maartens. (Preferable the French side.) This is not a scam & I am a really person. Send money now. You will feel better. Sing song about giving valuable things like JW's. as you write me a check. Thank you all again.

  • cappytan

    Howdy, y'all.

    I've got some, ocean-front property in Arizona,
    from my front porch you can see the sea,
    I've got some, ocean-front property in Arizona,
    and if you'll buy that I'll throw the Golden Gate in free.

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