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  • ThisFellowCheap

    Hi, everyone. I'm in dire need of assitance, and I have decided to humbly come here...

    First, let me reintroduce myself. My name is Kolabomi, a Nigerian and a proud one too. I am a graduate student in one of my country's leading university. I am presently studying Theoretical Physics and I'm working on a thesis about the quantum phase transitions in the XY model with next nearest neighbour interactions (frustrations). I write poems, some of which can be read online by googling my name. I am also a former JW.

    I got disfellowshipped late 2012. I just started my MSc program then, and it really took a toll. My immediate family members, almost all of the extended family, my close friends were all dedicated JWs, so naturally I lost a lot of friends' and family's moral and financial support. My parents tho' continued to support financially, but it was meagre since they weren't on the up side too. I augmented by taking tutorials and laboratory attendant jobs for undergraduate students.

    Coping emotionally tho' was more challenging. JWN really helped me get along, and my parents who always looked disappointed and bewildered on how I went from Bethel poster kid to a " Facebook apostate" still tried to help me cope in every way possible. Yet I found it difficult to cope not just with me losing friends but with my mum losing many of hers too because she stood by her son. She really did look so haggard that the only times I felt regret was when I saw the shell she had become. It really was saddening! I also lost the girl I've been dating for the past five years, and that loss was really debilitating. I loved her dearly!

    Unfortunately, all these did get under my skin. My grades aggregate dropped from the 80s to 60s. And I slowed down drastically on my project. I actually had to change my focus from Bose-Einstein Condensates and bosons to spin-particles 'cause of relative simplicity. Depression really set in, and I became insular. Activities on social media, JWN and the internet generally dropped to near non-existent. I often stayed in my dorm room for a whole week without going out, and the most likely question I got asked by colleagues was, "Did you travel?" For a while, I only breathe and ate and slept.

    Late last year, I decided to try seat up. I upped my social media activities, became politically active, made new friends, got a lovely girlfriend and gave my thesis more effort. I really improved the quality of my life. My academics got back on track, I decided to take extra courses so I could finish with a distinction and I achieved it. I became proud of myself again. A few of my JW relatives and friends too had thawed and were on civil if not friendly terms.

    Everything seemed on course until quite recently. I had gone to a political rally for the just concluded presidential elections in Lagos on March 23, I took along my laptop, my external hard drive which serves as my backup and notes on my project in hopes of working on my thesis after I returned from the campaign but alas, in the hustle and bustle I lost the bag containing my laptop and all! I was devastated as everything about my thesis were contained in it. I have so far tried all means possible to appeal for the return of it, with my parents going to radio stations to plea with those who stole it to return it even if for a financial recompense with the guaranty of no police harassment but all to no avail.

    My final defense seminar was a week away, I tried starting all over but writing codes for fermions with Maple and Mathematica isn't something one can easily get done in a week even with so much support of colleagues. So, essentially, I missed the deadline. My studentship is also due to be terminated this semester ending second week of May.

    The PG College board sat and decided that due to the unfortunate circumstances, it could allow a transfer of my studentship into that of a new entrant come next session. This means that my grades from my coursework will be retained while I will have to pick an entirely new topic for my thesis as the College already has an entry for my present thesis (of course, by me!). That is, due to bureaucratic red tapes I'd have to pick a new thesis.

    Now, here's why I have gone these lengths to explain my predicament: The new session begins early June, and I do not have money to pay for the acceptance fee and tuition fees. I also need to buy a new laptop for my computations. I have tried all means within my abilities to raise the money but I haven't succeeded yet. Someone suggested crowdfunding and while I do have some reservations to that, it seems to be one of the few choices I have left to salvage my studies.

    I have tried to start up a fund myself but limitations include my country not being supported on many websites and the unfortunate image my country has for internet fraud which could deter donors. I have come to appeal on this board to see if anyone could start one on my behalf. Please, if anyone could, I will appreciate much. If interested, do send me a PM so I can show proof, and supply details.


  • minimus
    Get lost, asshole!
  • Crazyguy
    A Nigerian scaming for money who would of thought this ever possible
  • stillin
    You never know. If scamming people is a way of life for this person, he is already paying the price! If he is on the up-and-up, I wish I knew him well enough to help. I have needy people right here where I am. Sorry, man.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    I lost it after "Hi everyone".

    Hey Kolabomi!..


    I`m really sorry to hear about your Kola-Bomi..

    Here we call it a Cold Bum..


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    You will be a very rich man in your country..

  • steve2

    "Kolabomi", you need to know that Nigerian scams are a huge problem in the Western world. There are so many suckers in the west who fall for sad but tall stories.

    Yes, you could well be speaking the truth - but if you are even one-half as intelligent as you claim to be, you will know you should NOT solicit funds through the internet - especially with sob stories. NEVER. No exceptions.

    Unfortunately, as soon as you mentioned in the second paragraph you were Nigerian, I knew you would end up asking for money. I was not wrong. You say you are proud - but I say you are not too proud to beg.

    Your post, if true, is very sad, but you crossed a line by requesting money.

  • recovering
    Everyone please check out this posters previous started threads. he is a troll please do not be fooled.
  • DarioKehl

    The physics thesis topics you list are conveniently "Googleable" terms a scam artist could easily learn about in 30 minutes; great buzz words to fool the lay people.

    a genuine emergency does not require a lengthy setup/explanation. You're trying too hard to convince us. Kinda like the guy who approached me on a sidewalk begging for bus fare to visit his dying mother, then got in his own car and drove away when I told him no (out-of-state plates too).

    how do we report this thread?

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Click on Flag to report a thread or post.

    Anyone who places their most valuable docs in one place and loses them has just learnt the valuable and painful lesson of the need for creating multiple backups and having them in several locations.

    Sorry man if true but your fellow nigerians have poisoned the well for you here.

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