Who has experienced a REAL demonic incident?

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  • jookbeard

    I rarely post of threads like this as since being out of the WTS all these years I've remained sceptical about these types of stories and look back with a sense of humour recounting the old "friends" urban legends and outright fabricated personal testimonies from the demonz! and the TV shows in the UK especially featuring that fraud Derek Acorah make me hit the channel button instantly, I believe about as much of the existence of demons and angels as I do of leprechauns/elf's/green men/fairies/ etc, but within the last year 2 experiences have completely left me in state where there may be some remote possibility that there is something out there on a different level or consciousness. We moved into this apartment block just over a year ago, which previously had been a UK headquarters of a large multinational, a typical 60's/70's bland office block ,previously whilst searching the archive's in the local library it was a large manor house, possibly dated late 1800's? last year may be October/November I clealry heard without any doubt whatsoever my late father call me by my name, I'm a very light sleeper and was lying in bed wide awake as something had woken me, it was as clear then as his voice was when he was alive, secondly about 3 months ago I felt the presence of a woman in my room and sit on the foot of my bed, there was no imagary and I dont know how I can explain I felt the presence was a woman but I just felt it, I had been sleeping in the spare room at the time of both these experiences, I was neither alarmed nor felt scared, just I'm at a loss to explain them rationally.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Try these:



    Look up the other sleep phases, dream phases and disorders too.

    Your clue should be where it occured or the time of day. Most can be explained this way.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Some even have dreams within dreams where they dream they have woken up and then the next part seems very real because they have believed they were awake...

    (i've had this one except mine was a bloody awesome and very real dream about me meeting up with my childhood sweetheart and falling in love again with her and when i woke up and realised it had been a dream and not real I was mortified and really depressed for several days afterwards, ..it was THAT real and powerful.)

  • Kallam

    Jookbeard: what you are describing are classinc symptoms of sleep paralysis or Night Terrors.



    ALl of these demon/ghost/spider/leprechaun/dragon/Vishnu/Jesus/alien/Monkey Emperor and Care Bear visitations can be explained in a 10 paragraph wiki article.

    You're welcome. Now stop believing in nonsense.

  • *lost*

    I used to suffer bad nightmares as a child. I have learnt from you guys the terminology of these things. Night terrors. Seemingly they are not just bad dreams, but physically active dreams.

    I now know my nightmares were what you call night terrors. they were very bad, very scary physically active sessions.

    We were not brought up religious or any of that crap, so has no relevance on the unexplained nightmares.

    My sister actually saw our dead grandmother in the room standing at the end of the bed. The woman had been dead for years, none of us ever met her. when sister described what happened, description fitted dead G'ma. really weird.

    ( I know it wasn't G'ma, I don't believe in any of that crap neither. But I do think there are spirits on the earth. Not of actual dead people. )

    What about the haunting in Conneticut ?

  • snare&racket

    Too much dopamine, too much 5HT (seretonin) Think of what the brain is capable of constructing in the imagination, in dreams, whole worlds, charachters, smells and sounds. It's odd that people underestimate the brains ability to do this stuff if anything Watch this awesome professor discuss the topic including the visions he has experienced. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgOTaXhbqPQ Snare x
  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Night terrors. Seemingly they are not just bad dreams, but physically active dreams....*lost*

    My son has these occasionally...it is when he is lacking in magnesium. I give him a calcium/magnesium supplement for a few days and they stop almost immediately.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Thanks snare...I'm not sure if I've seen that video or not. I'll watch it tomorrow....

  • mamochan13

    WitnessMF - I have those kinds of dreams, and I've actually become quite adept at lucid dreaming. I've had prophetic dreams, too (runs in my family), but I think there is a logical explanation. Often it's because I'm expecting a certain thing to happen.

    However, I've had some powerful dream experiences. One night I dreamt about a terrifying monster that was trying to get into my daughters' bedroom downstairs, and I was fighting it on the stairs. The next day I related it to my daughters, and my oldest got this funny look. She had dreamt the same monster - except in her dream he was outside of her room trying to get in.

    Again, I think there is a logical explanation. I mean, if we can hear radio travelling on invisible air waves, perhaps there are other things our brain is capable of picking up. Family members share genetic features, so perhaps there is a tendency to dream similar things. I don't know. But I think the topic is fascinating.

  • jookbeard

    it was quite a good thread this until the carrot danglers made it slightly disappointing, I'd still like to hear the more juicier points that were held back

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