The Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses (AAWA) [WARNING]

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  • Tylinbrando

    Asking for email (plus other things) is unecessary and a risk. You should only ask for and trust information once someone has been authenticated.

    Don't we use our email address to sign up here? What is the difference? Is it because the email is being linked to the AAWA Website and to the Facebook Group in conjunction? Facebook requires email authentication as well. If the emails don't match that would be the first red flag once a Facebook Profile has been researched.

    Other websights allow Login utilizing Facebook Accounts for authentication. Maybe that would make more sense.

  • betterdaze

    Wow. I'm asking about a post YOU made HERE. No need to contact support at AWAA, that is absurd for you to even suggest it. Then blame-shifting to the forum software?

    Yes, the cynic in my wonders if they have really learnt anything or just want more info from people so they can "retaliate better".

    Thank you Simon! That is exactly what Tylin wants me to do: Share my email so they can retaliate for noting disturbing comments THEY made on JWN. No one can help it if some — definitely not all — of the people involved have shady histories. The responsibility lies squarely upon them if they continue such antics.

  • Tylinbrando

    I don't want anybody to do anything. I dont know what you mean about linking to support. I was copying the info from the websight. Why are you attacking me?

  • Simon
    Don't we use our email address to sign up here? What is the difference? Is it because the email is being linked to the AAWA Website and to the Facebook Group in conjunction?

    Yes, when you sign up here you give your email which is used to verify that you own that email address (mostly to thwart bots / spammers). However, I don't ask for your facebook Id or your AAWA volunteer number or any other thing that can then be used to link to your identity elsewhere.

    When security issues happen, they are most damaging when companies have asked for too much information.

    Only the information that is needed should be requested and it shoudl be clear why it is needed.

    Even for non-security breaches, it's easy to misuse information and is especially dangerous if that information was never really verified. e.g. in 6 months time we trust you to be the person on the other site that you claimed you were even though we had no way of checking it.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    So people with email don't know how to create a second email address (hushmail, gmail, yahoo, whatever) to use for secret/private things like activism?

    This is a legitimate issue?

  • usualusername

    Can i ask what CF again refers to?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?


  • betterdaze

    Tylin, you answered with the email support contact at the AWAA, yet you "don't want anybody to do anything."

    Again, that is absurd.

    Why are you attacking me?

    If you think that's the case, then report it to Simon. There are many intelligent people here who've been around the block a few times, and they see what you are doing. Mischaracterizing my remarks to suit your agenda is not helping.
  • Tylinbrando

    Wha, asked about "support". I posted what is related to support from the AAWA websight.

    What am I doing betterdaze? Do you speak for the entire forum?

    I am not trying to characterize your remarks in any way. I am responding to your statements directed at me in an effort to clarify.

  • *lost*


    I have experienced this a lot also - and it's very frustrating. It feels like 'nice bullying''

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