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  • sd-7

    I'll just skip the stuff people have already commented on--cedars did a pretty awesome job in his analysis and there are some other good comments on the fact that the 'slave' can't even figure out what year Jesus did his inspection. 1918? 1919? 1914? I don't know. Hey, slave! Maybe the guys who were on hand, to see this invisible inspection? Yeah, can you call 'em? Well, maybe they should've WROTE DOWN what year Jesus did his inspection. That would have helped you out a lot! Heck, maybe Jesus should've written it down himself! Oh, he did, but he used invisible ink. Day-um. Well, that's a problem. You guys keep at it, then, you'll get it sometime, just keep guessing.

    Page 12, par. 11: "By 1919, it became evident that Babylon the Great had fallen."

    How, exactly? Your so-called wheat just barely got out of jail from where Babylon the Great arranged to have them placed! Seems like they were doing pretty well, if they could do that to Jesus' wheat! You know, the same wheat that had to remove pages from their 'Finished Mystery' that would've qualified them as weeds by their own rules, and kept all the pages that retained false doctrines? And then predicted 1925 as the resurrection date? 'Tis you who have fallen, brother, right off the wagon if you're believin' that!

    Still in par. 11: "What especially set true Christians apart from imitation ones? The preaching work."

    Oh, so it wasn't love, then? Having love among themselves? Oh, let me tear John 13:35 out of my Bible--rip! rip!--then, 'cause that clearly doesn't matter at all. It was the preaching work. No scriptures next to that statement, but it was the preaching work. Says so right here in Watchtower, July 15th, 2013, Chapter 2, and Verse 11.

    Page 13, paragraph 13: "Speaking about the condition of the weed class, Jesus states: 'There is where their weeping and the gnashing of their teeth will be.' (Matt. 13:42) Is that happening right now? No."

    Wait! I thought you said that

    "By 1919, it became evident that Babylon the Great had fallen."

    So did it fall, or didn't it? 'Cause you said it did, and now you're saying it didn't, that that hasn't happened yet. Logically there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth when that happens, right? So apparently Babylon the Great has two falls, for some reason. One of these falls is not like the other, one of these falls is different. Because one of these falls did not actually happen, and the other of these falls hasn't happened either. Oh, wait....well that's...so Babylon hasn't fallen? At all? Nothing? So you're saying it's fallen once and will fall again, but then you're saying it hasn't fallen yet, but will fall.

    Got it.

    So basically, this article says the reasons JWs were the wheat class that Jesus inspected and ok'd are: (1) they preached against hellfire, for the ransom, taught about 1914, (2) got rid of the majority of the Governing Body who didn't want one man to give all the orders, which would totally destroy the whole point of having a Governing Body, (3) they went from door to door to preach. So...is there anything in the Bible that suggests that these are qualifications Jesus Christ would be looking for when he sends out his angels to gather the wheat?

    Page 14, par. 19: "Knowing who the wheatlike Christians are is essential to finding the answer to a question raised by Jesus in his extensive prophecy about the last days."

    So wait, let's pause there. "Knowing who the wheatlike Christians are"? So even though the angels are the ones who do the harvesting, you're saying that we already know who the wheatlike Christians are? So you've already made the decision for the angels. Go home, angels. You're not needed. We're Watchtower. We got this. We're the wheat. Look at the box, guys, 100% Whole Wheat.

    Also, remember how the 'faithful slave' was an illustration? Now it's a "prophecy" again.

    "He asked: 'Who really is the faithful and discreet slave?' (Matt. 24:45) The following two articles will provide a satisfying answer to that question."

    So far, can we say we've been satisfied by any of the articles? By now, the question marks are spinning around our heads quite strongly and it seems that every detail just makes it that much more confusing. And gives the 'slave' that much more of an appearance of being either enlightened, truly enlightened, or being just a bit out there, in the Pleiades star cluster or wherever.


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    This magazine is going to sell a lot of highlighter pens.


    " confusedteenager, the second round of judging at the end of Christ's millenial reign is to destroy the bunch of people that are going to follow Satan when he is released from the abyss. (Rev 20:7-9) "

    Or it is simply another convoluted WTBT$ teaching to draw away disciples after themselves. After all, the WTBT$ teaches a 2 class Christian system, believes in " undeserved kindness " not " grace." So not only must you do as many WT " works " as you can and sleep with one eye open, hoping that you have done enough to gain life from the God who is love, but you must also worry about being killed later as well.

    What really fills me with indignation towards the GB is their complete lack of humility. The train is running out of track, but they are going full steam ahead. They have also blackened out the windows so the passengers have no idea of what's coming.


    Can anyone post the charts from the WT?

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    "The train is running out of track, but they are going full steam ahead.

    They have also blackened out the windows so the passengers have no idea of what's coming."

    Perfect illustration, DATADOG!

  • TotallyADD

    sd-7 I think the WT has always taught two falls of Babylon the great. First fall in 1919 and then the destruction of them which causes the great Tribulation. Hence two falls. My 2 cents worth. Totally ADD

  • Oubliette

    Cedars: The funny thing is, a good number of the end notes refer right back to the same magazine, so the reader is caught in an endless merry-go-round of reasoning.

    Good one, Cedars! I love it.

    An endless "merry-go-round" of reasoning. A new twist on circular reasoning!!!

  • sir82

    Haven't read it yet, but based on the comments, it sounds rather in the same vein as Larsinger's frantic and wordy attempts to prove that he is the Messiah.

    Lots of inference, speculation, assumptions, leaps of logic, etc.

    Throw up a lot of words, sprinkle it with dubious scriptural references, and hope no one reads it too closely.

    The conclusion I draw: The WTS can, quite literally, change any of its teachings instantly, to anything they want, and can find several dozen scriptural references to cite to reinforce their conclusions.

  • Splash

    Benefit from the Ministry School (be) study 39 p. 220 par. 1 Effective Conclusion

    "What you say last is often remembered longest. "

    wt 2013 July 15th. Final study article, final paragraph, final sentence, answering the final part of the final question:

    "Let us be determined to show our appreciation by giving our loyal support to the anointed brothers who make up that faithful and discreet slave.—Heb. 13:7, 17."

    Song 116 The Light Gets Brighter


  • wallsofjericho

    wow wow wow! this one is a biggie say goodbye to 1914 and move up all the big stuff to an unkown future time - ie: the great tribulation! I suppose this is kind of like how the "friends" back in 1929 must have felt when all the big stuff (1799, 1874) got moved up to 1914 thus delaying the end. Now all that big stuff has been moved up to the yet future great tribulation. Even better, when the disgusting thing DOES stand in a holy place, there is still a "period of time", yes another delay! but at that time we will experience all the joy of call rude people at the doors "goats" like we did back in the day. So I guess the new great tribulation is the "new" 1914 for the millenial F&DS. I mean, we can't have all the good stuff apply to those old boys back in 1914 and us "new boys" get none of the attention can we? As soon as the GB decides to point to an "event" and call it the "disgusting thing" then WHAM! SEE! WE SAID IT! JUST LIKE 1914! Then all the young'ens will be all fired up with the end soooo close and the WTS predicting the great tribulation the same way they predicted 1914 and the united nations. I wonder if 2014 will be the year of the disgusin thing????

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