I'm posting here an informative email from STEVEN UNTHANK

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  • tec

    I wish him all success and strength in fighting for and protecting the rights of children.

    That bit about the 99 cents is something I didn't know about.



  • cyberjesus

    It is my opinion that somebody is framing somebody....

    "By the way its ok if you share my comments with your friends"

  • AndersonsInfo

    For those who posted their wish that the WT’s attorney’s talk was recorded, I’d like to offer some thoughts, plus comment on some other issues. And prepare yourself for a long read ahead.

    Please note that the attorney's talk was public, given to an audience. WT has a big problem in that a number of good people are willing to vouch for what the attorney said. Who knows but that someone did record it, but I'm not privy to that information. Keep in mind though that Steven presented to the government officials at the recent Parliamentary Inquiry a massive amount of evidence to support every allegation he has made, and this did indeed include sensitive audio recordings which are now protected under a term called ‘Parliamentary Privilege’, so please don't underestimate him. Take it for granted that he has it all under control to prove the WT guilty of harming his family.

    Steven is under a gag order right now forbidding him to discuss what went on in that Inquiry, but all in good time the events that took place at the hearing will be made public. It will take, however, months before the government agencies involved are finished with their investigations and everything is presented to the proper authorities for their decisions. Remember, as pointed out in The Age newspaper article, there are at least three investigations launched and probably more if one reads between the lines in that article. And as I said in a previous post, the Fairfax conglomerate that owns that newspaper would not have let those investigations be made known in one of their flagship newspapers, by one of their most senior reporters, if there was no evidence.

    I want to point out something important here. Steven and others are not only accusing the WT of wrong-doing, but also the State of Victoria who they begged for help for years with little help given. In years past, Steven notified the State that WT was not abiding by the Working With Children Act that became law in 2008 requiring all clergy to get the WWC card. Now the State has to show why it didn't respond to Steven's cries to do something to protect JW kids from JW molesters or any elders that did not have working with children checks. And the question is asked, Why didn't the last four court hearings that ended in February of 2012 result in penalties given to the WT who broke the WCC law since 2008?

    The kids were victims of crimes and the State did nothing. In The Age article, it stated that the child (who launched a private criminal prosecution against JWs) "asks why the government and police let the church 'get away with non-compliance...'" Now the State has to get to the bottom of this and find out why elected officials ignored parent's accusations of child abuse in the WT org. Now, it appears that the present Victorian administration is trying to figure it all out.

    Keeping that information in mind, just think of the scope that the governmental investigations will take to try to unravel why public officials and WT officials didn't listen to the cries of the children and take action to protect them. Who knows, maybe some politicians and government officials have to learn a severe lesson that anyone who breaks the working with children laws, even themselves, can be in a lot of trouble, even the possibility of facing criminal charges.

    I wish many woes (penalties) to come upon all those responsible at Watchtower’s Australian Branch headquarters because of what they didn’t do to help protect their own member’s kids. And I wish many woes (penalties) to come upon those same Watchtower officials because of what they did to the Unthank family and other families to cover-up the acts of pedophiles who were known to them to be molesters. The men who are responsible for the harm that came to little kids are appointed agents of the Governing Body that operates the Watchtower Society worldwide. For the sake of justice, let the buck stop at their New York desks.

    Steven once wrote… “You can’t win if you don’t try, and if you don’t try you can’t win.” My motto has been, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Recently, an XJW wrote me and said his present philosophy in life comes from a quote that goes like this: “What you think about you bring about” or what you focus on you will get. Well, for years, Steven in Australia and me in the United States thought and thought about the WT’s indifference to the suffering of children from sexual abuse that was reported to them, and asked ourselves what could we do about it? So maybe there’s truth to the quote, “What you think about, you bring about” because our thinking resulted in our focusing on the issue at hand and then taking action despite expected harassment or worse from JWs. In time, our actions slowly resulted in wins and gains in our pursuit of justice for the victims. We have refused to be guided by negativity in what we set out to do, so the negative thoughts expressed on this board by some does not impact our present or future actions.

    Furthermore, I want to express my appreciation for the positive words from supportive posters who make up the majority. No doubt in my mind that your thoughts are sending shivers down the spines of cowards in New York.


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Just now reading up on this.

    Thank you Barbara and Joe for sharing this info with us. And thank you Steven Unthank. May God grant you justice! You have my attention as I look forward to more updates.

  • Bangalore

    Thanks Barbara.


  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    I hope Steven is made "righteous" from the Robber Barrons of Brooklyn, the religious group loves to pick on their victims. We all were under some unspoken oath or spiritual gagg-order to prevent the World from knowing all about the crazy inner-workings going on in the Truth. I watched victims get treated like trash and the men behind the gang-banging of the spiritual weak members were applauded by the elders and traveling overseers.

    The Watchtower is arrogant, they put their "stop loss" measures in too late, too many victims of badness of their company men still exist. No doubt the Watchtower thought Candance Conttii was not going to do them any harm. They were badly mistaken and I hope Steven-Unthankful is given back his life and paid all the he lost plus some. The Witness Religion is a Hoax, as pointed out in other threads, they desire the protection of the European Unions services but are the most evil to their own members. The only difference between us and Scientology is we attract the poor and Scientology attracts the rich, the rich we attract are put to use at World Headquarters, the poor are used to detail the Governing Body's cars and keep them looking good. The poor Scientologist hand-built a limo for Tom Cruise and do alot of his work for free. The Scientologist try to hide all the bad that took place in their Church, Watchtower does the same, hoping we hold true to our oath to remain silenta "trust and wait upon Jehovah while the pedophiles roam free in the Kingdom Halls." Kick their butts Steve!

  • rebel8

    Nothing personal against Steven, but out skepticism is to be expected, even though we take it too far sometimes.

    1. We were duped by a brainwashing cult that conspired internationally to trick us. The guise of news flashes was used to manipulate our emotions. Fool us once, shame on us...as the saying goes.

    2. His initial claim was against a nonexistent entity, the legal reason for which was not evident at first. Not everyone expresses themselves in the same fashion and that does not, in itself, mean the content is invalid.

    3. We all want to see justice done, and in the service of that wish, we have gotten overly hopeful about things in the past, and the deep disappointment can be hard to bear.

    I HOPE it's true.

    (And I speak as the person who organized an international online candle vigil here on jwn for a nonexistent person who was dying. Fool me once...)

    Hopefully we have matured past name calling...

  • metatron

    Thank you Barbara.

    I seem to recall someone made a remark or had an anecdote in regard to current Governing Body members recommending intimidation to fend off its enemies. I'm not sure whether this was legal or actually physical ! Perhaps someone would recall this better than I.

    Why would the Watchtower hesitate to threaten an entire congregation? What's the downside? What legal trouble could they possibly get into? In other words, why not? I don't see any obstacle..... and further, if they perceive that a huge liability could emerge from other Witnesses testifying, why not threaten them?


  • AndersonsInfo
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    As much of a skeptic as I am, the concept of a Bethel attorney visiting a "troubled" congregation and threatening them is hardly far-fetched.

    I grew up in a "Bethel Congregation." They are perfectly capable of this kind of bullshit. Wouldn't put it past them.

    Hope this thing blows wide open, at the very least in Australia.

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