Sickening Dilemma

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  • ABibleStudent

    Hi ItsMyLife, Other posters have given good advice to call the police and Child Protective Services to protect children. I hope that you become active protecting children.

    Have you thought about contacting Candace Conti's lawyer Rick Simons: Office - 510-582-1080 Ext. 19; [email protected] and ask whether it would be legal to make a copy of the WTBTS's file about this pedophile, or to let him know what you accidently saw and how the elders in your cong behaved? Something as simple as finding out names and contact information of past victims so that Rick Simons could contact them may help protect more children.

    By the way I sent you a PM with Rick Simon's contact information.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,



    What was I thinking? I would approach him because I am an adult male, I guess. I would want to see the look in his eye, and to know if he was lying to me when I questioned him. Also, when the Elders got stupid, I could say that I gave him every chance before I went to the authorities. I can see why a woman would not want to speak to him. Who knows how crazy the guy is. It's just a sickening situation. Just do everthying anonymously. I couldn't sleep at night or forgive myself if my inaction contributed to a child being harmed in some way..

  • ItsMyLife

    Thanks everyone for your replies and advice. I have told my non-JW sister about it all, as she knows a police officer quite well, and she will be asking him some questions tonight. I am trying to find out if this guy has been previously reported and if he's on the sex-offenders list. If the answers are negative, I will anonymously report him. I don't know how to find out if his fiance has been told.

    I can't reply to everybody, but I'd like to thank ABibleStudent/Robert for the advice given. If I were in the USA, I would undoubtedly contact Rick Simon. Unfortunately, I'm in the UK and don't think he would be able to help me out. Thanks for the PM, I will keep his details as I may just ask if there would be any point asking the questions you suggested, if that makes sense?!

    Data-Dog - If I were male, I would be much more likely to confront him. And also if I weren't such a massive wuss! I am really not good at confrontation - just discussing my gas bill with someone leaves me shaking Although he is a man of small stature and I'm not a skinny woman by any means.

    I will update you all once I get the answers to my questions. And then I will do whatever I need to do next. I really need to figure out how to find out if his fiance knows. I'd like to think that no woman would agree to marry such a man, no matter what the situation was, but she may be happy with a psychiatrist saying he probably won't do it again.

    Mr Flipper, I so want to use your sign-off every time I end a post, because I love it. However, I'm not a thief or a plagiarist, so I shall instead wish everyone peace within (ok, ok, that is kind of stealing it - sorry!)

    Take care all of you, and may whatever you believe and trust in keep you strong xx

  • ItsMyLife
  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    It's My Life>>>>>What a headacke/heartacke. You certainally have a lot of good suggestions and support from a great group of people.

    I almost wanted to say to you too Mr. Flipper's, Peace Out.

    Just Lois

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    The Girl Next Door>>>>>Welcome.

    I look forward to hearing more of your life and Family situation.

    Just Lois

  • jookbeard

    I'd be singing like a canary IML, first to the elders (anonymously) that you know full well this bastard's crimes have not been reported yet you have done nothing for years, if you don't respond (alias email address) within a specific time you will be contacting them and naming and shaming the entire elder body, secondly I'd speak to the bastard myself in a one on one, tell him you know about his past and if you dont go to the police and seek full professional help I will be going on behalf of you, secondly as has been mentioned an anonymous letter to his fiance , dreadful scenario.

  • Fernando

    1. Make copies of the evidence.
    2. Call the police and Child Protective Services right away. (The elders have no legal or ecclesiatical jurisdiction, training, tools, insight or authority in relation to crime. They are not even spiritually resourced to deal with sin.)
    3. A week or so later, send her an anonymous letter with copies of evidence.
    4. Pray for her children to stay safe.
    5. Send anonymous letters plus copies of evidence to all parents.
    6. Send copies to Candace Conti's attorneys (it can help them prove that the Watchtower operates this way in other countries too)
  • flipper

    ItS MY LIFE & LOIS lANE- Anybody can use the words " Peace out " to sign off. I don't own the copyright to it. I got it from a sports radio talk show host about 10 years ago who signed off his cool sports talk show that way to the radio audience. It just kind of stuck ! LOL ! You are more than welcome to use it as your own if you wish. I'm cool with it.

    ITS MY LIFE- I'm glad your non-JW sister is helping you out here going to the police and asking questions, thats really good. Good luck to you with this situation and please - feel free to use " Peace out ". It doesn't bother me in the least . Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Miss.Fit

    Hello Itsmylife: I am fairly new here and found this thread. Do you have an update that you are comfortable in sharing?

    How did it turn out? Did the fiancee find out about the pedophile? Others might learn from your experience.

    I admire your bravery.


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