Sickening Dilemma

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  • Finkelstein

    If this guy was never charged and penalized by law for his misconduct, that might be the reason why he's sticking around the JWS

    thinking that they wont turn him in. The woman who he's trying to marry is probably thinking, well he's a fine brother worthy to be

    trusted in total confidence. This may come out to be the biggest mistake she'll make in her entire life.

  • whathappened

    The little girls have got to come first. They will be in a very vulnerable position. Do whatever it takes.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Call the POLICE . Pedophiles is one of the crimes that even psychiatrist recognize as un-rehabilitable [? i probably slaughtered that spelling]


    Would it be possible to approach this person? I know that it may be difficult to do. I wonder if this Man's fiancee already knows? You say that you know this man well, so would he lie to you? What do mean by past offences? Was this man a child who was molested and then molested other children. Do you know for a FACT that as an adult he molested girls? This is serious depending on the exact circumstances. I experienced abuse as a child, so I am NOT defending his behavior. I am just saying make sure you know EVERY detail. This is a heart-wrenching situation.

    Do you know any Police Officers? Maybe someone you know from a school, or Starbucks, whatever.. Someone that would give you advice? I had a friend who was a homicide detective, and knew all about aberrant behavior. Cops are people too, and they like to talk, and help. That might be an avenue of information. Again, I am not defending him. I am just saying be sure you have your ducks in a row. I am saying this for YOUR benefit, not his. This whole issue plagueing society is sickening and heart breaking.

  • mamochan13

    While there are some variances in what a psychiatrist may be obligated to report, the code of ethics is pretty much universal. While the psychiatrist might have believed the man was low-risk to re-offend, the knowledge that he plans to marry into a family with small girls might change things. In Canada all mental health professionals have an obligation to report if they suspect child abuse is occurring, but potential abuse is more of a grey area. In reality, you cannot charge someone because they have a history of abuse and might do it again.

    I agree with Datadog's point about having ducks in a row. There are treatment programs for offenders, which may be why this man was seeing a psychiatrist, but the vast majority do re-offend. That's why they are never to put themselves into a tempting situation.

    Another consideration is that his proposed fiance may already know, but if she's swallowed the Jdub Koolaid, she may well believe he's okay and that prayer and meetings and field service can rehabilitate a sex offender. She needs to know, yes, but it may not solve the problem.

    Where I lve we have emergency child protection services that work closely with the police. We also have several nonprofit child abuse protection agencies. You likely have something similar, so contacting them might be a good first step to get some guidance.

  • Adiva

    Protect the children, please.


  • steve2

    This is a no-brainer. Tell the sister.

    It is then over to her; she can either believe you or not believe you, but the "ball' is now in her court as it were.

    I would not want to take it any further because, if there is no court injunction that he not have unsupervised contact with minor children in perpetuity, there is literally little the police can do.

    On the other hand, if he is currently required to have no unsupervised contact with minor children, the Police or Probation would be oliged to visit him.

  • cofty
    Tell the sister ... It is then over to her

    I strongly disagree.

    In the UK it would be important to inform Social Services that a mother of young children was having a relationship with a pedophile. They would would take a multiple agency approach to investigate the risk.


    Think of this Mother. She may have no idea. If you call in social services prematurely then she could be blind-sided. She may be totally innocent and ignorant of the real situation. Has this man and the Elders really told her what's up? Or did the good ol' boys sugar-coat everything. That why I would really make sure. If the Mother is innocent, you don't want to be the one who called social services to come take her children. If you have the facts then do what is right in the long run for everyone involved. Just be sure.

  • truthseekeriam

    My heart is racing right now....please, I beg you..please do something. My daughter was molested at 9 years old by a very trusted ex elder who everyone loved and supported. No one believed this brother would molest children and a few brothers and sisters actually testified as character witnesses when the case went to trial. Thankfully, a jury seen right threw him and he was convicted but our lives will never ever be the same:(

    If I could do anything to avoid another family from going through what we did, I would in a second...please do something! The studies show that molesters rarely ever stop...always error on the side of protecting helpless children.

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