You are all invited to the Memorial Of Jesus Death this March 26th 2013/Invitation is included, just open.

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    You've got to use Photobucket to post pictures here wolfman .

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    click on the picture of the tree next too the little brush to insert

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    Hey wolma! Let me give you some extra help


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    THanks Tater

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    Thanks Suavo. I need How to post pictures for DUMMIES!!!

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    Nice! I was about to send you a link that helped me out. Interesting they claim Jesus is our father if we live on earth basedon Isaiah 9:6.

    So the question is, Are we allowed to pray to him as our father?

  • Listener

    "Jesus is our father"

    It sounds like they are moving towards the trinity teaching.

  • wolfman85

    Another thing on this talk is the statement below. Jesus body was given for the anointed, not for regular Christians.

    The bread represents the body of Jesus given in favor of anointed Christians.
  • WTWizard

    I have been to enough of those parties to realize they only discuss who is not to partake, and rehash the lie about original sin. It is intended to get inactive people back to be hounded.

    And, judging by what I have been through, Jesus isn't the only one being rejected (by the majority). What about Astaroth? I never heard a peep about fertility, which is a fact of life in the spring. The rabbits, lambs, and eggs all represent fertility, which is what spring is about. Even the flowers represent fertility. As Astaroth is the Goddess of Fertility, it is well to honor these things properly. Unfortunately, in all the times I have been to a REJECT Astaroth Party, never a peep was said about flowers, eggs, rabbits, or Easter lambs. If they did mention these things, it was to mock them and those observing them.

    This is enough to make me wish this site was available to research in the mid 1980s. I would simply have researched the religion from both sides before getting involved in this filthy cult, and probably would have realized that the whole thing was a scam. Just knowing that it all started to settle an argument about when the end would be, and they settled on 1874 (how?) after having dates batted around starting from the 1830s, would have been enough. The dingbat that dragged me into the cancer and would not take no for an answer would have had two choices: (1) Leave me alone about this religion, or (2) I would start printing apostate pages proving they were so sure about 1874 (how?) and distributing them throughout the whole Kingdumb Hell. There wouldn't be a damn thing they could do about it, since you cannot disfellowship a first-time attendee for apostasy.

    And, without going to the boasting sessions, I would never have offended Astaroth by attending the REJECT Astaroth Party. Rather, Easter would have been about the sights of spring. Birds, eggs, flowers, and rabbits are about fertility, and I would never have rejected all that just so I could watch a fxxxing plate of stale crackers and glass of spoiled grape juice going around the auditorium. Who knows, maybe I would have had a copy of Michael Jackson's Bad album by then to boot.

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