You are all invited to the Memorial Of Jesus Death this March 26th 2013/Invitation is included, just open.

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  • wasblind

    What an awsome hair style Jesus is wearing these days. I wonder who his stylist is ?________Poppers

    Don't know Poppers, Who ever it was did a great job after his trek in the wilderness

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Iliked the big hair pics of Jesus and company back in the 80's.

    Well I guess this is another year of the annointed don't count because they are crazy, but here are the numbers anyways.

  • sd-7

    No thanks. I've got my own thing going. The 3rd Memorial of Freedom is scheduled for sundown on Sunday, March 10th. Please follow the instructions included in the above thread so that none may miss the opportunity to partake of the chocolate milk and Pop Tarts.

    Warm Christian Love,


  • suavojr

    Yes everyone, this is the official invite. I deleted the words because it was in Spanish.

  • tornapart

    So that's why he isn't in the WT hierarchy picture then... they saved him for this one...

    Seems he only gets a look in at christmas and easter....


    An invitation to WBT$ .."JW Ignore Jesus Day!.."

    The WBT$ warns..

    "People who partake of the emblems may have mental problems.."

    Try not to sit next to them!..

    Sorry you couldn`t get Jesus for your Picture..

    You did get a White guy with a nice hair cut though..

    Who`s going to notice?..

    Why is Russel on the White guys shoulder?..

    Like a Parrot?..

    "Charlie wanna Cracker?!"..

    We all know what a WBT$ Memorial is really for..

    It`s to recruit WBT$ Magazine Salesmen..

    .......................... mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

  • steve2


  • andys

    I will be counted out on that night will be at home watching tv.......................................

  • mrsjones5

    I have wine and crackers at home I can deny myself. Going to a hall to deny myself would just be redundant.



    It`s not about eating the Cheese and Crackers..

    Athough the WBT$ thinks it`s a good way to spot Crazy People..

    It`s about recruitng WBT$ Magazine Salesmen!..

    It`s new and exciting now!..

    Think about how important you`ll look to other JW`s!..

    You`ll have..

    WatchTowers with Wheels!!..


    ........................ mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

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