You are all invited to the Memorial Of Jesus Death this March 26th 2013/Invitation is included, just open.

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  • Phizzy

    I think Tyndale is included because they are still subliminally trying to claim a connection back through time to the 1st Century.

    Tyndale is one of the few, perhaps only, people of note in between the 1st century and now whose Theology does not contradict that of the WT.

    He believed the soul was mortal, in justification by faith etc and I can find no hint he supported the Trinity, but no diatribe against it either.

    By the way, isn't 26th March, after sundown, the 2nd day of Passover ? Which means they done got the date wrong again dem pesky witlesses !


    The Jewish days were from evening to evening, right? So the evening of march 25th starts Nissan 14, and it runs to the evening the following day ( for our calendar). So you would actually have a 24 hour period to celebrate, correct? When does evening actually begin? At sunset?

  • suavojr

    Oh the famous Tydale... the WT is always looking for ways to confirm how they are the only TRUE ORG.

  • suavojr


    Although a born in, I am still confused about when is Nissan 14... anyone can explain plz

  • I_love_Jeff

    As opposers, we have every right to go. I plan on bringing some popcorn and nachos. My boyfriend and I will enjoy watching some drunk men eat, drink and be merry for about an hour. Fun times, indeed!


    That outline is total BS......

  • earthfire

    I want to know who the woman to Russel's right and the man below him are. Does anyone know?

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Leolaia -

    You have a PM


  • Outgoing454

    I would like to try to attend if I can get out of work early enough.

    I want to watch those who do not partake and speak at the end

    as i shed a few tears and speak out why do you reject Jesus our

    savaior and walk away! I am fairly new And wish I would of known

    in advane to prepair!!!!!

  • suavojr


    I know how you feel! If you do what you are saying then let us know and try to record their reaction with a camera. Would be a priceless reaction!

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