The Stone the Builders Rejected

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    Loz, see my response to that a page or so back, at the top. Yes, it is disgusting. I absolutely agree. Utterly, totally untrue.

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    Claiming to be bullied doesn't make it so.

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    EP the evidence of it is all over this forum for all to see. Undeniable. Even the owners remarked upon it.

    Loz x

  • AGuest
    Without revealing what was said in pms,

    Oh, wait, you're gonna. But remember what I promised you if you did...

    I have been conscious that I am triggered by a small coterie of members here.

    Yet, you refuse to take responsibility for it, you of all people. You repeatedly regale us with you high-mindedness, yet cannot bring yourself to control outside "triggers." No, others must be responsible... and accountable... for your lack of control. Rational. Intelligent. Sure.

    They sound exactly like the WT to me. I apologize for my tone.

    Likewise... and your tone doesn't bother ME. It's your two-facedness.

    Others did not want to have a mutual apology to the board.

    I didn't, no. Because there were "terms". Remember?

    If we focus on tone only, neither side loses face.

    Only one "side" was/is concerned with "losing face." I am not. My "face" doesn't need saving.

    I value my culture and faith as others value their values. Culture wars are going on throughout the world.

    Sigh... yes, that all sounds so... worldly and intelligent. Off-topic, irrelevant, of absolutely no significance here... but certainly SOUNDS "important."

    I abhor the concept of the Elect and anyone who would limit Christ for another person.

    Who doesn't, except those who ascribe to the WTBTS teachings? Oh, but, wait... you don't have a problem with what they teach... right? I mean, that's one of your arguments with ME, is it not?

    It hurts very deep. I cherish my faith tradition for myself.

    Then, by ALL means... cherish it. But stop PM'g ME to change MINE... to suit YOU. I have declined your "offer"... and will continue to decline it.

    We could set a date and time to start behaving as civil adults.

    I counter-offered that. You refused unless we did some mutual statement to the board. I declined on the grounds that we are both adults and shouldn't HAVE to make some statement that we "will" be civil to one another but just BE civil. You declined. Got right upset. Said I wasn't being "cooperative." Because I didn't want to join you in making a formal statement to the board. I'm not going to "stipulate" with you, madam. This isn't a court. One day you will get that.

    I am now receiving nasty pms which I have never received before.

    Not from me you're not. To the contrary, you're the one who sent. And I gave the administration FULL permission to read them. I told you, if you brought this up on the board I was NOT going to pretend with you. You should have left it in PM... rather than calling my bluff. I don't play games, lady - you do. You're not very good at doing so, though.

    No matter the response, the other person must send the last pm in the exchange.

    Liar. I have not responded to your last PM's. As I told you I wouldn't in the ones before... when I asked you to STOP PM'ing me.

    Well, you win, kindergarten kids. You may have the last word.

    I just might. Of course, you're going to consider it "mean"... but that's your take. You may be used to using your "I'm a lawyer" line to intimidate others, but it does absolutely NOTHING for you with me. Because, remember, I know what that line is SUPPOSED to invoke in people. LAY people. I'm not a layperson, madam. Not with regard to you.

    If I were a lurker, these posts would convince me that former Witnesses are crazy. I am guilty. IMO, others are also guilty.

    But shouldn't your only concern be YOUR guilt? But no, you have to justify and rationalize YOUR poor behavior. It if's not, "I'm vulnerable and scared and hurt and you're being mean to me!" it's "I'm guilty, yes, but so are others!" Where is the PERSONAL accountability for YOUR actions... WITHOUT regard for... or excuse by... that of others?

    As I stated in previous posts, do we continue for eternity to be nasty to each other b/c we now have a pattern.

    You could choose to stop at ANY time. This post shows you're not ready to. And I've made you NO promises, except that I'm not going to play your passive/aggressive love me please offboard... I hate you onboard... game.

    Part of me feels that more moderation would help.

    Oh, don't blame them. They've tried. I'VE tried. And your position is, "No, no cigar except you meet these terms." Which wouldn't be all that bad if they were preceded by, "Hey, my new friends don't like me anymore so things have changed, but hey, wanna be friends? I think we can be friends! We can even take them on together. So whad'ya say, let's be friends? So, okay, here's how that can work: YOU stop being you and posting what you post and under your avatar name, but only post things related to your education and personal life and use your real name... because I can't handle the rest... and I'll still be me and post as I do and what I do... what'dya say... 'cause I think we'd be great friends... now that we have common enemies... if, you know, you will be how I want/need/would like you to be!"

    I declined then... what, 4 times? And I decline now. As I have stated to you on many, many... many... occasions... you do YOU... and let me be ME. If not... leave me be.

    Once civility is breached, it is hard to reach again.

    No it isn't. It only takes the commitment of the parties involved. Doesn't even need mediation. But trying disguise unbridled OCD-like control of others under "let's be civil," doesn't work with me. I don't deal in deceit... of ANY kind.

    Horrible conflicts have ended with treaties and peace agreements. Former enemies may not love each other but they don't actively fight anymore.

    Please stop trying to make yourself look like you're the one who wants "peace." You don't want peace. You want me to unequivocally agree with you and post some stipulation to the board. No. Ain't. Gonna. Happen. Why? Because you won't respect it. You can't. You have shown that time and time... and time... again. So, no. I. Decline.

    Many people find that Christians who post about Christ with details about salvation, Christology and the like can be despicable people.

    And there you go! So long as I don't post about Christ... with details... you're okay. But you WON'T be able to hold to any agreement... for this VERY reason: I am NOT going to change what I post or how... or my avatar... and you are not going to be able to handle that. You already can't. If you COULD... you would just move on and leave me be. But... you can't. Your OCD-like need to control whatever "affects" your little world... even if no one is thinking of you at ALL... but YOU are allowing it to affect it... won't LET you.

    The true measure for Christ is not secret knowledge or Bible knowledge. It is how we conduct ourselves in our daily lives. We are the litmus test.

    You get no disagreement from me on this. Yet... you keep "measuring". Why?

    Both camps don't give their belief a good name. I do have faith that if we consciously change our tone, as in an academic exercise (excuse the reference to academics), we can do so.

    Then... just DO so. And stop "worrying" about what OTHERS do. Worry about YOU. DO... you. And stop trying to tell me how to do ME.

    People should be willing to censure people from their own camp who break a code. I apologize for my part.

    Should be. Apparently, not all can. This very thread is a testimony to that. It was about a topic of interest to the OP and a couple others, including me. WHY... given you REPEATED denouncements and statements of non-interest... are you HERE? You did not have to open it... or read it... or comment on it. You certainly didn't have to bring up PMs. But... you have... and did. Why?

    I am very aware of what I do not know, such as most things.

    Then GOOD FOR YOU. Why... pray tell... do you think ANYONE else cares?

    It seems that fundamentalists cannot converse.

    Nor some academics, if your posts are any indication.

    I will try to set a higher standard.

    Please... do. My hopes aren't too high, but I'm rootin' for ya.

    Of course, if we fight over who gets the last nasty pm in, it will not work.

    You don't even have to worry about that. Again, I have not responded to your last ones... nor will I. To those or any others that you send. So, by ALL means... take... and keep... the last word. But I told you when you started your mess that if you brought them up here, I WOULD "go there" with you. There is NO attorney-client relationship... or privilege... between us. Even if there was... YOU broke "confidentiality", and I told you that if you did, I wouldn't pretend. So, here we are...

    For me, I would want to be known as a contributor to a truly great forum, not a crazy house.

    You keep insulting this place... yet, you keep posting here. Not rational, in my book.

    I find it interesting in real life that the overwhelming majority of people respect each other's beliefs.

    Then perhaps you should take a lesson from REAL life.

    In fact, I come across people with great faith. Missionaries, Sisters of Charity. There is much common ground. This site would make the Inquisition proud.

    With you sitting in one of the tribunal chairs.

    What did Rodney King say?

    He didn't say. He asked a question. The answer to which is, no, not always.

    Leave me be, lady. You cannot handle... or control... me. If you haven't figured that out by now... and learned that you might need to "talk yourself down" from that need to do so... you're only going to get truth from me. Which you cannot handle. This is NOT a courtroom and you NOT get "professional deferrence and courtesy" from me. Not until YOU come correct.

    A doulos of Christ,

    SA, who isn't swayed by tears, either. I don't "manipulate" that easily. Try some civility and common regard. You might get my attention then.

  • cofty

    Loz. I stand by my accusation that I made regarding Strypes. It was 12 months ago on another board. I raised it because she shows up here out the blue and picks up where she left off.

    She and numerous others make veiled and not so veiled threats about what will happen to unrepentant atheists.

    Its good to hear you would never do such a thing.

    Now lets let it rest shall we?

  • EntirelyPossible

    EP the evidence of it is all over this forum for all to see. Undeniable. Even the owners remarked upon it.

    Comments such as declaring the death of other as some theists on this very thread have done could be considered bullying, that that would imply a componenet of power or the ability to inflict real harm.

    I don't consider that horrible behavior or any of the other threats I have seen theists here make because it's just so much jibber jabber.

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    Aguest: Oh, wait, you're gonna. But remember what I promised you if you did...

    Candy? Chocolate? Flowers?

  • EntirelyPossible

    I'm glad were all getting along so well now.

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    Gotta run, chikkens. Life calls.


    A doulos of Christ,


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