The Stone the Builders Rejected

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  • Chariklo

    As one in the group you mentioned, Cofty, there was not one comment in your statement on page 9, that I and Loz have quoted and replied to, which was true of me, and if you reflect a minute, honesty will compel you to acknowledge that.

    I do NOT take even ANY attitude to ex Christians! No attitude! I don't even think of people as in one group or another. I think of a person as that one person, who they are. So, with you, we have had many friendly exchanges, and when I think of you I think of you with all that in mind.

    What you believe is your own affair, not mine, and what you believe doesn't colour anything I say or think. What you DO or SAY is another matter, and I'll certainly respond to that! We might agree or disagree, but it doesn't affect how I feel about you. There is NO attitude from me to you as part of any group, because that isn't how I think of you, nor of anyone.

    That's the problem with the Watchtower. They're the ones who like to divide people up into groups and classes, with different rights and classes and privileges. Not me. I've never done it...I argued with them at length about that very thing...and I never will do it.

    From my point of view, atheist, ex Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jedi what? That's your choice, or else where you are at any particular moment. Not who you are.

  • Chariklo

    Dear EP, yes, it could be argued that brevity is the soul of wit, but only if it is actually witty!

  • EntirelyPossible

    It is. It's designed so you must look past the obvious. Look again.

    In any event, an olive branch is extended, will it be accepted?

  • jgnat

    A virtual cherry cream soda for the the first dozen or so to step forward and declare truce. I don't want to deal with this by PM. I like to see civilized discourse.

    Cherry Cream Soda

  • Chariklo

    Oh, always! No problem. :)

    I'm all for an olive branch! (I speak for myself, you understand?)

  • tec

    OMG... those look so good!

    I would like one please :)



  • Chariklo

    Well, jgnat, I'm not at war with anyone so a truce seems kind of not relevant to me but EP and I are sharing an olive branch so I think we're at the front of the cherry cream soda queue! And very delicious they look...don't think we have them over here!

  • Lozhasleft

    Yes I'll go for a truce Ignat, it's always been my hope.

    Loz x

  • jgnat

    For tec/tammy:

    Cherry Cream Soda2

  • jgnat

    For Charilko:

    Cherry Cream Soda3

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