elders wife swapping question

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  • Sulla

    Well, they are together quite a lot, these elder couples. It's just a more complicated flirtation, really, and the degree to which these couples -- as opposed to individuals -- know each other increases the likelihood. I've no doubt that the rumors are quite overstated (entire elder bodies being involved and so on), but are based on a reasonably common event.

  • kurtbethel

    In the 1980s the Society made the admission that such things do happen.

    (W 1-1-1986 p13, par12)

    12 Shocking as it is, even some who have been prominent in Jehovah’s organization have succumbed to immoral practices, including homosexuality, wife swapping, and child molesting.

    Maybe so. Call me cynical, but it is just as likely the Society made this claim as a recruiting pitch.

  • jws

    designs said:

    Its all starts in a Jacuzzi

    Too true.

    I've never known of firsthand accounts among JWs, but I have seen "debauchery" in it's various forms on several occasions in different types of people in different types of settings. I can picture scenarios now. It's a matter of reading the signs and if they're there, no words need to be spoken. And the fewer words, the more plausible the denial if somebody freaks out and isn't down with it. But this sort of thing happens all the time among people who also have the same types of risks of broaching the subject.

    First off, there could be people who became JWs, but were "in the lifestyle" beforehand. They know how it works and could set it up to happen again.

    Elders, like happens with many hierarchies, can have exclusive cliques. The "privileged" elders and their wives hang out together. Maybe feel a little above the rules. They can drink and get a little drunk because they can handle it. They're not like the R&F. After a few drinks, somebody suggests the hot tub. We didn't bring our suits. Oh that's OK, we're all friends and mature about it, we don't need bathing suits. One thing leads to another... And then after it's been done once, it can become a regular thing, maybe even bringing others in.

    I've heard on boards like this of widespread instances, 75% of a congregation, etc., which I have a hard time believing. Surely somebody would feel a connection to good old fashion religious values or just societal values. Territory like that is way beyond what worldly society deems normal, much less people who are connected by some form of adherance to the Bible. Then again, watching an hour or two of Jerry Springer leaves me with a sinking feeling sometimes that people with common decency are very very rare.

    Totally agree with Blondie. "Wife swapping" is so sexist. And sometimes not even an accurate description. Sometimes there's just women and no guys. Sometimes vice-versa, though less so. Swinging, poly-amorous, words like these at least don't carry the sexist overtones.

    And personally, I say live and let live. If it's their thing, great. But if they're preaching one thing and doing another, then they lose my respect.

  • ScenicViewer

    kurtbethel said ,

    Call me cynical, but it is just as likely the Society made this claim as a recruiting pitch.

    Now that's an angle I hadn't thought of. Very funny!

  • scary21

    Affairs I can wrap my mind around, but swapping takes 4, count them 4 consenting adults. How many times has it NOT happened because 1 person is not on board ( just 3 want to do it )...... WOW 4 prominent JW ALL agreeing to it............blows my mind.....I've heard it all, and the worst, most terrible story I have ever heard of in my life was with a JW couple........ And I've been around the block more than a fews times !

    JW think they are better then people of the world......ha ha ha ha ha

  • Cagefighter

    Jameswoods, Well yeah males have to bring a girl other wise it's just a bunch of horny guys staring at the floor waiting to pounce or the first woman the shows up like a starving cheetah. It's very awkward for everyone.

  • unstopableravens

    can you imagine elder getting involved in husband/wife partner changing lol and going up and giving the public talk the next day,like nothing happened and the other elder does the wt.

  • mP

    I dont see the big deal, with wife swapping , King David and Absolom swapped harems during their family troubles. Im not sure if Absolom(i think the names right) respected his mom or what.

  • besty
    It is interesting to note that single women are welcome at "swingers clubs", but men have to attend as a couple only.

    @james woods - let me know if you are ever in London. Happy to point you in the right direction. Sorry it hasn't worked out for you so far. :-)

  • cantleave

    Besty - what happens in Eureka .........

    stays in Eureka

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