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  • unstopableravens

    i hear of these stories of elders swapping wives, i remember when i was young hearing of three elders in florida doing this and getting dfed. my question is this how is it possible to bring this up in conversation? it seems impossible, how can there be multi elders that know each other willing and the wives? it seems to wild to be true.

  • mrsjones5

    Brings this up with who in conversation? Your wife?

  • Tater-T

    alcohol.. and being bored with the same ol' same ol'

  • mrsjones5

    Oops, DP.

  • Glander

    Hard to believe. I think one word implying such an arrangement would bring the evening to a screeching, awkward conclusion. Somebody is drunk.

    PS. I think DP would be out of the question.

  • teel

    And a bit of the old "fuck these rules, I'm going to have fun"?

  • jam

    There is a lot of sexual frustrated people in the borg.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    In Cleveland, they were wife swapping, looking at pornos in the hall, taking out ads in seedy newspapers, etc.. Crazy! Congregations were dissolved as a result, not to mention all that got DFd and elders that were removed.

  • david_10

    I don't think it is true................. I remember hearing those stories for years, but I never could find a single person, man or woman, who had actually participated. I never knew anyone who even had direct knowledge of such things. It was always something like: " I found out from Brother ___________ over in the next circuit that he had heard that there was a swingers' club that got started in a few congregations and the elders were trading partners." Shit like that. Crazy shit. I believed it at first, and then I began to realize that it was that Witness need for gossip and sensationalism that was driving it.

    I'm like you, Ravens-----------------even if an elder wanted to do it, how in the world would he even bring it up???? At the next elders' meeting? Would he do it during the circuit overseer's visit? Or wait till he left town?

    Nah, it's crazy. The stuff of Urban Legends.


  • zeb

    Mr Jones5.

    If i were to mention such a thing to my wife it would be from an insane desire to see her jump behind wt walls and slam the drawbridge shut.

    We haveno intimacy any-way but she finds slamming drawbridges a bit much these days. I am thankfull for my shed and the silence.

    sad really.

    David 10 hit the spot with his comments that witnesses seem to have need for sensationalism and gossip. A result i belive of no education no hobbies no interests outside the borg.

    Tragic... Really.

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