elders wife swapping question

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  • Emery

    Saw it happen personally in my old hall. Elder and his pioneer wife and another pioneer couple got DF'd.

  • committeechairman


    Finally! Someone who knows this happened firsthand. Maybe other folks I've talked to face-to-face were afraid to give more detail.

  • Roberta804

    Shoot, swapping was a big thing in my hall in the 1970 and 1980s. It has nothing to do with why we left, but my hubby and I were invited to private parties. At first we did not know what was going on.... all we experiences was the rudeness of others whispering to each other.That was enough for us. A year later 6 couples were DF for wife swapping.

  • Emery


    This occured about 3-4 years ago in a spanish congregation located in South Carolina. Y es the former elder has since been divorced and reinstated. He ended up marrying the sister who he swapped for. They are now regular pioneers again. The Lord sure works in mysterious ways

  • Sugar Shane
  • Finkelstein

    I've heard this rumor before and I've come to the conclusion it was originally said to demean elders in retaliation to their controlling and overbearing judgmentalism.

    There are a lot people who were associated with the JWS at one time or another and many have been DFed by elders , so the vindictiveness that comes out of people is an assumed probability.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Never heard anything of this magnitude. Not impossible, though. In any large conglomerate all kinds will exist.

    Crazy though.


  • cyberjesus
    A lot of JW couples dont have sex anyway so swaping maybe means for preparing bkfst
  • ttdtt

    Everything happens in every organization.

    Not shocking. Hope they are having fun - good for them.

  • JWdaughter

    All those who don't believe it could ever happen among JWs are just still brainwashed. JWs are just people. No better than any other people. People engage in that kind of behavior and not all JWs are in because they are actually morally and ethically pure. HERE, we see all the time how many are just in because they have no other simple options. How many are in the borg that don't really buy into it or who just hope that they will get some points in the hereafter because they kind of believe it but aren't really committed? All those 2 hour averages come from somewhere.

    A lot of people are going and playing along with no internal dedication to anything. They are playing it like every other Sunday/Easter Christian that JWs make fun of. A little more time, but no more heart in the game.

    I was in a cong. in NJ that was all kinds of fun, they went to see movies unapproved of by hardass JWs, listened to music, went to DANCE CLUBS (it was the 80's) and out for drinks at bars (I was still underaged back then). I only participated in the regular Friendly's outing after meetings on Sunday, but to ME, that was weird-the only time we went to restaurants was when it was break out in FS.

    I never did this but find it entirely credible that like minded people find each other in halls. They are, after all, just people.

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