Elders finally took me to the back room...

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  • DesirousOfChange

    They asked how much you made? You told them you're in college?

    Ask them how much THEY make.

    Ask them how much college they have.

    Ask them why they didn't pursue more education WAY back then.....

    ......was it because of the NEARNESS of The End?

    Ask them if they would be making more money if they had gone to university.

    Would his wife be able to pioneer instead of work to supplement his income?

    (Make sure you ask this question to the Elder who is the biggest loser of the bunch.)

    DO NOT FOLLOW DATA-DOGs ADVICE: Seriously just tell them that you don't believe that JW's have all the answers.

    Come on, Data, that's enough to get the guy DFd!!! YOU CANNOT disagree with the GB/F&DS.

    Good Luck


  • Sheep2slaughter

    I used to always just tell them no when they asked to talk to me. We as witnesses have been so conditioned to believe that we have to talk to the elders or obey them. We don't. Just smile, maintain a positive persona and decline the invitation. Like this:

    ELDER: Hey finallyfree, it's great to see you tonight. How about them(insert local sports team here)?

    FINALLYFREE : They are awesome and so am I!

    ELDER: Could we talk to you for a couple minutes?

    FINALLYFREE : Sure.... What's up?

    ELDER: Let's go back here for some privacy.

    FINALLYFREE : No thanks. What's up?

    ELDER: ohhhhh...... Ummmmmmmm......... Well we are just concerned about you. You have been missing more meetings than you had in the past and we are concerned.

    FINALLYFREE : That's so nice that I have been missed and I appreciate your concern. However, I'm doing great spiritually and emotionally. I throw my few burdens on Jehovah through prayer and supplication and leave any mundane concerns I have in his capable hands. Thanks tho for your concern.

    Then just smile and walk away with confidence and energy. blows their minds. Once you do that 2 or 3 times the power shifts to your hands and they won't even want to "help" you.

  • Sheep2slaughter

    Sorry I butchered your name. You got the point tho. Sorry.

  • WTWizard

    What do they expect, for everyone to just drop whatever they are doing and serve in a position they do not want? By the time you get appointed an assistant hounder, the dollar will be toilet paper, you will be experiencing rolling blackouts, gas will be expensive if you can get it at all, and jobs will be scarce. Better to earn what you can now, hold onto your job so you will not be a burden on the congregation in a few years' time, and invest whatever you can in items that are going to do you real good instead of throwing it all away now for some stupid "privileges(??)".

    I think it would be better in 5 years or so if you have a decent job, a way to get around possible gas rationing and rolling blackouts, silver and gold invested, and a skill. That way, if everything does collapse (and, the longer it takes, the worse it will be--none of that "It hasn't happened yet, it isn't going to" crap), you will be in a position to survive while those who are trusting in joke-hova are up sxxx creek without a paddle, in a barbed wire canoe, the instant something happens. Most people do not have enough emergency supplies to provide light in the event of a blackout, particularly one lasting a few days (Sandy, anyone?), let alone rolling blackouts. Let there be a declared energy crisis like in 1973, and rolling blackouts, and see how scarce D batteries are going to become in short order. Let alone decent lanterns, flashlights, and rechargeable batteries. If you are lucky, you might find a few candles--the Jewish sabbath candles might be all you can find, at inflated prices, once that emergency happens.

    The other option is hideous, even without the coming collapse. Many of those witlesses sacrifice everything. I know one family that sold out and dove right into the center of the congregation. This idiot no longer has a full time job, and his children (now nearing or in their 30s) are still living at home trying to pitch in to support the family. They are all regular pious-sneers, and the father the lead hounder. They are getting zero pension for retirement, their Social Security (even if it's still worth anything) is going to be slashed drastically. And, in their old age, they are going to have stress problems leading them to stagnation and sickness. Throw in an emergency (a snowstorm is enough), and they could easily be in pitch dark for a day without anything to see by. Add a dose of Osama ObamaCare, and they are going to have a miserable time trying to afford sick insurance along with their other bills. And when the inevitable loss of faith in the US Toilet Paper Dollar comes, they lack skills and stored value. Their lives revolve around the congregation.

    Now, if the hounders are going to try and force you into taking the dead end path to stagnation and misery instead of self-reliance, they ought to get nothing. Start skipping all the boasting sessions and not doing any field circus. When questioned, they set you up so you can no longer do it for joke-hova because you would be doing it to satisfy the hounders--hence, you are not wasting your time. I hope they are the ones frequently missing boasting sessions because of long gas lines, having to cancel boasting sessions because the Kingdumb Hell is in a blackout, left with no means of survival when the dollar collapses, and feeling lousy in old age for having a deliberately impoverished life. And damnation in the next life.

  • DarioKehl

    Wow. What are your current circumstances? Is a fade possible?

  • OneDayillBeFree

    Well I am only in for family reasons. I don't really care about any of the other people because honestly they don't actually care about you anyway... Most of them that is.

    I know the day is coming for me when I'll leave but right now I'm just going on with my fade. I stopped pioneering and before the split in my hall I also stepped down from being a MS. I seldom comment or engage in meaningless small talk with people who are practically strangers who don't give a crap about you inside.

    But the elders are indeed desperate for more male brothers to help them! I mean it's actually crazy how we have about 6 elders and no MS AT ALL! There's only about 8 pioneers in my hall and they're all old/jobless/on welfare/food stamps/carless people! And they want me to join!

    And you guys are right, it wasn't any of their business! Actually when they asked me those questions I gave a puzzled look, as if to not understand what they were asking. Since it was literally one question after the other, I gave yes & no answers but never said to which question my answer went!

    I also focused more on my job than anything else because they don't like brothers and sisters who go to college at all and didn't want to get them on my case for that.

    And yeah that app is great! It works so good! I've only used it during JW moments lol like the meetings, service, assemblies, and now this.

    And I also agree with you guys, I'm not going back in there with them again. Next time I'll just decline and tell them that whatever they want to tell me can be said for all to here.

  • BroMac

    I'll be copying this play if you dont mind

  • jwfacts

    Before getting inside the back room I opened up an app that makes it look as if someone is calling you and set it for 5 minutes... And just before they could ask any further, it went off and I kindly but firmly asked to be excused.


  • punkofnice

    What a great app!

    I'd also tell them I had a flatulence problem and secretly broken open a couple of stink bombs.

    Pour water over the front of your trousers and chocolate spread or shepherds pie on your bum and complain of incontinence????

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    The App idea was great!

    It in the future a simple "I appreciate your concern but I am really not interested in discussing anything with you" and walking out the door will pretty much do it. Don't expect any more "privileges" though.

    Remember, THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY OVER YOU. They are not the police. As long as you respectfully decline their invitation to chat in the back room, they'res really nothing they can do. They won't like it, but tough shit.

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