Will the 'Make Good Use of Our Official Website' discussion backfire?

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    Well, you guys beat me to it. Our meeting was insane. The Elder running the 30 min part about Jw.org used a large projection screen to demonstrate how the web-site works. Our Elders are on a high from the Elder's school too, so everything was FDS this and FDS that..

    I would not underestimate the brainwashing effect this part had on the sheeple. They are eager as can be to do this newly refined and streamlined witnessing work, lovingly provided by the FDGB inc. The intitial buzz may wear down after a while, but that's how it works! They will just introduce some new light and junk down the road. Remember those BOE letters about projector screens? Last night made me realize the powerful effect they would have on the R&F.

    The sad truth is that despite the claims of a spiritual paradise, the ministry of JW's is not working. They are " paying for what is not bread " they are spiritually starving and mentally drained from years of being forced to conform. So anything the least bit new or fun will be even more effective when used by the FDGB inc . All the meetings sucked so bad that the FDGB inc. dissolved the book study ( who knows why they REALLY did it ) and this was looked upon by the sheeple as a provision that was lovingly provided!

    This website tactic is going to keep our loved ones bamboozled for years to come. It is also going to be pimped hard as a Family Worship Night provision. My wife is just as brainwashed as the rest, enamored with the nu-light and provisions...

    Interesting side note: One of the Elders, fresh from Elder school, mentioned the wonderful nu-light about the DOMESTICS. Interesting isn't it? Is this how the nu-light is perceived? It is not nu-light about the FDS, only about the domestics. Changing a 100 year old teaching that you must believe or be labled as an apostate, did not even register in the brains of the sheeple.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Same amount of gushing over the website took place at my meeting as well. In one demo, the brother texted the URL that pointed to an article he was trying to share with the householder. The problem I see is that people will not just take the url but will goggle JWs and then run across a host of sites that contain TTATT.

    There is no way this is going to help them in their recruiting. I can see why the need to have a web presence and have had one for years. But, to encourage its use in preaching seems to be a bad idea for them.

    There is no doubt in my mind that they are going to discontinue the public WT & Awake in the not too distant future and move to a tract work similar to what the LDS does. At least the LDS has an interactive section on their website that missionaries will engage with people. There's no way the WTS will do that.

    Now, if they really want to make some cash, they need to establish Warwick as the JW version of BYU. Maybe Rutherford University?

  • maisha

    This battle could be very easily won in our favour.

    funding is needed to do so. I dont have otherwise i would do it.

    firstly, explaint to me how they got a 2 letter domain name jw.org

    if i apply for it i get this from network solutions:

    ""Please enter a valid domain name composed of three or more characters.

    This domain extension is not supported.""

    1/ taking out web domains all around the key ie: jw-org here is a list of possible url domains that one could take out.

    jw-org /.net / .co/ .org


    watchtower. about 15 good ones still in 2nd level

    jw-org. com/ .net / .org and all the rest open

    2/ take as many as possible and fill the blank home page with redirect key word links to major sites like cedars.

    after a year or so they wil be very very annoying to the jw.org. they wil probably sue or pay to remove the links.

  • maisha


    what is the time spent at your key url, do you have those stats?

  • cedars

    Hello maisha, I don't get especially accurate information on how long people stay. I just get the figures based on when the last page was clicked on as the "exit time".

    Based on this, the visit lengths currently work out as follows...

    • 70.2% Less than 5 seconds
    • 4.4% 5 seconds to 30 seconds
    • 6.7% 30 seconds to 5 minutes
    • 9.1% 5 mins to 20 minutes
    • 5.6% 20 mins to an hour
    • 4% longer than an hour


  • maisha

    just look at the jw.org pathetic keywords lol

    < meta name =" keywords "  content =" jehovahs witnesses, the bible, watchtower, awake, bible teachings, bible study, downloads, kingdom hall "  / > ok the first one is good,, grin,,,, jehovahs witnesses: the first result is,,,,
    Jehovah's Witnesses - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jehovah's_Witnesses Jehovah's Witnesses is a millenialist restorationist Christian denomination with nontrinitarian beliefs distinct from mainstream Christianity. The organization ... Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs - Criticism of Jehovah's Witnesses - The 'anointed'

    the second one is very wide!..hahahaha,, roll around laughing the bible:
    they are so far off the search results they would have to be on drugs to even think they would get a result...

    third is ok is it,, watchtower,,, dream on! :
    actually it gives them the first 8 positions unchallenged!... something for cedars and simon and others to consider
    fourth awake: is weak, multi meanings just dream land....
    1. Awake (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    2. Awake (2007) - IMDb
    3. Awake (TV Series 2012– ) - IMDb
    4. Awake | NBC
    fifth, puts it out there with every religous website.. again bible teachings is just laughable:

    seventh, DOWNLOADS,,,,,, rofol,,, one cleaver dick thought of that!,, hahahahahhaha
    and kingdumb hallllllllll wow,,,

    If that is the level of their worldly exposure to the internet they are completely SCREWED.....
  • Chaserious

    Maisha: I'm not sure I understand what you are proposing? Are you suggesting Typosquatting?


    That doesn't tend to work out too well. I don't understand what you are suggesting about the two letter domain name, also. New domains have to be three letters or more, but existing ones were grandfathered in:

    aa.com (american airlines)

    ge.com (GE)

    db.com (Deutsche Bank)

    un.org (United Nations)

    And many more, I'm sure...

  • DesirousOfChange

    The problem I see is that people will not just take the url but will goggle JWs and then run across a host of sites that contain TTATT.

    Visiting my elderly mom for the holiday week and accompanied her to her meeting. The suggestion given here was set jw.org as your Home Page. Obviously that would keep them from stumbling onto nefarious websites.

    CEDARS: 10% of your hits spending up to 20 minutes! WOW!


  • Apognophos

    Thanks for the time stats, cedars. To my eye, they could be grouped as follows:

    • 74.6% (0 to 30 seconds) -- The "Whoops, Back Arrow" Crowd. They didn't mean to end up there, and as soon as they realize their mistake, they leave.
    • 6.7% (30 seconds to 5 minutes) -- The Curious Ones. They probably got there by accident, but they are likely to read a bit of the site to what it's about. Perhaps they're simply trying to ascertain if it's apostate or not, then they leave before they can get too involved.
    • 18.7% (5 mins+) -- The Readers. Anything more than five minutes is enough to give them time to absorb information that can get them thinking. I grouped the 5 minute ones in with the hour+ crowd because there's no telling how long it takes for a Witness to find something that's personally thought-provoking or convincing for them. One JW might read your site for an hour and be totally unchanged in his thinking, but another might find something surprising in just 5 minutes.

    So the takeaway for me is that, yes, 3/4 of visitors don't stick around long enough to learn anything, but that means that there's hope for a considerable 25% of the visitors! If they're reading the site that long, they're probably aware that they shouldn't be reading it, but still choose to.

    This is actually a great example of how the Internet can educate people. They're free to read about what they want because the computer provides a private environment* for them to indulge their curiosity in ways that they can't in conversation with Witnesses. Even going to a library and getting out a book about the Witnesses is much more intimidating than reading a site in the comfort of your own home. Especially when you know how to clear your browser history!

    * Assuming they haven't followed the silly advice to put the computer in a public space in the house!

  • Balaamsass

    Love the Stats Cedars and love hearing what happened at the Service meeting.

    Everyone keep up the interesting threads with lots of Keywords in the title, and great hyper links.

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