Will the 'Make Good Use of Our Official Website' discussion backfire?

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  • Apognophos

    Wow. As I said, ask the friends what the difference is between the search bar and the address bar and you'll get blank stares.

  • jw07

    Cedars, that's profound, 52.98%. If everyone who runs a website exposing the cult makes sure most content uses terms dubs would be likely to search for, and that their website is search engine friendly, soon the official propaganda and information spinsite will be lost in a sea of links exposing the TATT. Even the most hardcore hostages will be forced to take just a little peak in an attempt to discredit it. When the situation reaches critical mass we may just have a massive prison break from the Matrix, bigger than the 1975 exodus.

    *crosses fingers*

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Who wants to wager a bet that someday, soon, in the not too distant future, there will be a brief announcement during the Service Meeting-- something to the effect:

    ‘The JW.Org website has been discontinued. It has served its intended purpose. We will be returning to our printing presses’

  • problemaddict

    Well they have to use the internet. It only makes sense. I am sure it was a risk vs reward consideration. They will deal with the inevitable zealous JW's that strike out onto the no-no sites. Some will immediately find verification of the mentally diseased. Some will maybe see something that rings true. Some might try their hand at apologetics. Either way, they are welcome!

    Reward - Cost abatement. How much less expensive could this be for them? VERY! Also, it would be fairly impressive to have some people at your door with an i pad of video. it will be the 21 century version of JW's going to doors with a phonograph. I'll BET you that soon there will be a "presentation video", that can just be played. Total control of the message ina slick format. It is the right way to go.

    Risk - They know people will stumble on other sites. I think you will see this secifically addressed in 2013 most likely more than once. Warning people not to do it, reminding them of the dangers of who they would call apostates.

    HERE IS THE TRICK. Will the ex community take advantage of this and put forth a concerted effort to properly convey to JW's reasonable doubt? Or will they shoot themselves in the foot and prove their already held stereotypes correct?

    I say, everyone embed jw.org in their sites and tag lines ASAP.

  • problemaddict

    Also.....welcome JW07. My bad.

  • WTWizard

    First, research the religion online--and do so from multiple sources. The washtowel claims to follow the LIE-ble. If they don't and you can prove it, it matters not whether the LIE-ble is the truth. They must follow it accurately or they backed themselves in a corner. Any mainstream Christian site will do nicely. They also claim to be pure Christian--anyone that produces evidence that the religion is part Jewish or part Islam (or both) also backs them in a corner. If they claim to be pure Christian, they simply must be pure Christian or they are lying. A sprinkling of Judaism or Islam makes them liars.

    Next, you could prove that Christi-SCAM-ity itself is a lie. Simply type "Christianity a lie" into your search engine. They claim to be pure Christians, and if Christi-SCAM-ity is a lie, the religion is a lie regardless of whether they are full Christians or not. If the LIE-ble is full of lies, the religion is based on a bad foundation regardless. By claiming to abide by it, they are tied to the accuracy of the book. Once they claim to follow the LIE-ble, and someone can prove either they don't or that the LIE-ble itself is a lie, they are up sxxx creek without a paddle, in a barbed wire canoe. Hopefully, people are going to be taking both approaches and finding that, not only are the witlesses not abiding by their own LIE-ble as they claim, not only they claim to be pure Christians but are in fact half-Jewish, but that the whole paradigm they claim to be following is itself rubbish.

  • 88JM

    Meeting just finished here. Sitting there listening to this item was even more gruelling than I expected. Some observations from what I saw:

    • If they don't already, kids are now going to all want their own iPad, and now have an excuse that it's for "family worship".
    • Most dubs have spent very little time looking at the new site at all. There were very few comments on questions about specific parts of the new website - i.e. "what is the difference between the CD-ROM and the Online Library?" Those that have used the website have maybe just downloaded a few watchtower .pdf's or audio files for their MP3 player.
    • Older dubs are really resentful about this. Some of the more interesting comments were not into the microphone, but mutterings from the back by older dubs - words such as "boring" were used to describe the item, and "hope they don't make us do this".
    • The demos looked really clumsy, despite any evidence of rehearsal, and this is going to look stupid if they actually try to do it on someone's doorstep. The idea that someone is going to invite you into their house to look at a website on their computer is very far-fetched.
  • cedars


    The idea that someone is going to invite you into their house to look at a website on their computer is very far-fetched.

    Yep. I really can't imagine the "let me come inside and tinker around on your internet" offer being all that appealing to most people.


  • konceptual99

    The funniest bit at ours was one demo when the sister said to type jw.org into Google to get to the website. I really hope they do that! Can't wait to see cedars web stats over the week!

  • 88JM

    I was listening out for whether someone would say the "type it into Google" mistake.

    There was something even more interesting at ours though - one young brother (not baptized, but married) said he "Googled a bit of the Jeremiah book" and the jw.org site came up as a result (presumably the first one, from what he said). But hearing this situation made me think just how ripe for disaster this is.

    Anyone want to start quoting the Jeremiah book on here, along with a few other "choice quotes" for others to discover?

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