Will the 'Make Good Use of Our Official Website' discussion backfire?

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  • jw07

    Thanks for all the welcomes and love shown so far. I look forward to many more posts and to shareing my story, and in helping in what ever way I can to expose the cult.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    it's funny how the ex JW's or lurkers, or anyone with an open mind come here and make some great posts.

    The apologists can barely spit out a sentance.

    Welcome jw07


    The web site is an advertisement, plain and simple. It's the same ol' bait and switch routine. It's like a glossy cover of an Adult Magazine. Inside, its all the same stuff, just new players.... seen one, seen 'em all. Boring and filled with fantasy that ultimately leads to disappointment.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    The interesting thing is that the internet is so fast moving and unpredictable. The mighty fall every day whilst some garage operation is suddenly a household word.

    Who could possibly predict what will happen in the next six months. You dip your toe in the water and you either have a pleasant swim or a shark takes your leg off. Is the WT so captivating it will satisfy all or does it open the door to investigation of the subject. I can't see JW.ORG being a rip-roaring success.

    What happens could happen quickly, if WT becomes dependent on the internet they swim in shark infested waters. Change may come quicker than anyone thinks.

  • 2+2=5

    Tough times ahead for the Society. I remember back in about 2001 a young worldy friend came to one day of a DC and came away saying 'why do you guys talk about the internet like it is the devil?'. Now they have given up the fight against it and are trying to harness its power. Times are changing.

    They might be able to fear a few or even the majority of followers not to view any unauthorized JW sites but there are plenty of dubs who are happy to break rules away from the judging eyes of the congregation.

    There is no way anyone outside the org who goes near the Internet will limit there research of the religon to the official site. Who when researching a product looks only at the manufacturers review. 'I want to buy a new car I am going to ask Ford if they can give me an unbiased opinion on my options'.

    I can't see it helping in any manner whatsoever except for maybe saving on some printing cost.

    You get the, 'we don't know who will be saved at Armageddon we are not the judge' on the website. You get the, 'you are either an active part of Jehovah's organization or you are serving Satan, there is no middle ground' from the washtowel magazine, people will spot the hypocrisy pretty quick along with wacky end-times doctrine, failed prophecy, hierarchy structure complete with secret literature, complete lack of charitable generosity, scandal and dangerous policy on reporting child sex offenders.

    I even spoke to an elder a while ago who was worried about the new direction with the age of technology. He basically admitted that he had visited apostate sites while searching for JWorg. He was shocked at the amount of info there is out there critical of witnesess. The truth hurts.

    This new direction is not going to stop the bleeding it is only going to open the wounds.

  • cobaltcupcake

    There are already witnessing bags equipped witha pocket for your iPad or tablet. http://ministryideaz.com/default.asp


    Yep, and a JW with the inside scoop in probably manufacturing them. It's like the Pharisees telling their friend, the turtle-dove breeder, that next fall is turtle-dove season. Emphasis will be on using turtle-doves at the temple, so make sure you raise plenty of them. BTW, raise prices and keep contributing. We would contribute, but all our money is " corban " , sorry....

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    JW07 - welcome, and a great subject for a first thread!

    Just so happened I attended this meeting and was rather surprised to see two of the demos direct householders to the website.

    I can't see how this wont be disastrous for them. Without attention to the Internet, we're to .9% growth in the US.

    People don't just open their browser and type in a name and go - they browse. They do searches. They compare information from different sources. This is the beauty of the Internet!

    Not a great place for a cult.

  • ronwashington

    Our hall discussed this insert last night. It's hilarious. Our hall is full of old people an luddites who "just aren't good with computers." The demonstration with the family was done by a brother who is self-admittedly computer illiterate. At least the brother doing the part knew what he was talking about. Even after the meeting, a lot of the people made comments like "that's all greek to me," and stuff like that.

    The part was a waste. For people who know how to use the internet, the part was not needed. For people who would need to learn, they're not going to anyway. Thankfully the publishers don't bother me with IT questions because I'm barely around.

  • cedars

    My mother-in-law spoke to me earlier and mentioned that they would be discussing the Society's website at their meeting tonight. She has no idea that (1) I'm already aware of this, and (2) I run a website that is stealing traffic intended for JW.org thanks to people's laziness in using Google as an address bar. I had to chuckle to myself! She obviously has no idea.

    Here's a screenshot taken moments ago. We're averaging 16 visits an hour on the "JW.org" keyword at the moment.

    jw org


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