Your earliest doubt?

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  • HBH

    Good thread. My first doubt, ironiclly, was before I came in. I accepted a study, but wasn't serious the first time. Some bros would come by once a week, and we'd drink some beers during it. (I would do some bong hits before hand). Anyway, they would leave the mags, and later my friends and I would make fun of the pictures, ect.
    Later I had a crisis, and turned to the Borg, and they love bombed me, and it worked. I skiped the red flags for 10 years. After being in a messed up hall for a few years, and with the help of the internet, the fog cleared, and I started having my "never again" moments.

    Well no use crying over spilled milk,

  • El_Guapo

    For me it was after J.C.'s thousand year reign, we would face on last test when Satan and his demons would be released.

    I was 14, and asked my dad (elder) Why would Jah do this? Doesn't James 1:13 say that HE doesn't tempt us.

    His answer: The devil would be tempting us, not Jah.

    Me: But who released the devil from the abyss????

    Never made sense to me.

  • 88JM

    Not such a tangible thing, but I started to question whether they truly had a special "love among themselves" as they claimed. I decided to find out if it was just me, or if others had experienced the same.

  • PrincessPeachz

    I was about 5 or 6... I asked for them to provide actual evidence of what they were teaching about God, and to explain the dinosaur thing to me, and I got in lots of trouble, and got no evidence. I was known as the 'stubborn child' lol... seriously they should have seen the whole me leaving thing coming years ago!

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Should have went with my gut then, first away talk to a big snooty congregation. I remember to this day the vibe they gave off made me think this is more like a religious social club, rather than God's organization.

  • finallysomepride

    around about 1969 at the age of ten, I remember listening to a talk about how the JDubs were the only ones doing gods work on the earth, and how the org were gods representatives, at this point BS meter sterted to come to life

  • Bella15

    I was raised JW and my first doubts were around the lack of real love, every emotion was scripted. I come from a Latin America country where you could find little children living in the streets and NO JW would help them, at least other groups will make coordinated efforts to feed them, clothe them, find orphanages, etc. JW would sAy they'd be destroyed in Armageddon, I used to pray God to save those children. When I came to USA I started sponsoring kids and my JW mom ridiculized me for that, she mocked me. One tenet of Christianity is helping others, the poor, the widow, the orphans, people in jail, the sick, the elderly,the hungry, etc. I make an effort to cover all these areas in my charity and most important praying for them. I am free TO LOVE my neighbor now. :)

  • Chaserious

    The first time I can recall thinking independently was when I was about 10 or 11 years old and I was hanging out in the coat room with some other kids after one of the meetings. This other boy, who was the same age as me said to the rest of us "What would you do if one meeting the Elders all got up on the stage and said 'Ha ha, it was all a joke! Everything we've been telling you all these years was a big joke.'" I think the kid meant it as a joke himself, but I remember thinking to myself that really there is no way to know if everything the elders taught us is true or not except that they say so and my parents and the literature say so.

    I wouldn't say that was a real doubt, but I have always recalled it vividly since it made me think. My first solid doubts were when I was in high school and I learned hard science and I could see the proof myself that the human race was not 6,000 years old and there was not a worldwide flood 4,000 years ago that killed everyone except for 8 people and all of the animals in their floating box. I did extra research on my own outside of the school textbooks and read the Creation book and other literature on the subject and I was fairly sure at that point that a hoax had been somehow perpetrated on me, at least with respect to the WTS inventing its own "science". Unfortunately it took me until my mid 20's to realize the full scope of what was going on, but I definitely never argued the literal Genesis account or the flood with anyone out in service.

  • prologos

    mosquito, itch, malaria, made by a loving God?

    perhaps the creation privilege, perogative was relegated to joker co-creators?

    free to experiment?

    Adam&Eve, Jesus immune to mosquito bite? sign of imperfection only?


    pre-flood mosqitos were vegetarian perhaps?

  • Seraphim23

    My earliest doubt was a dream I had when I was about 6 that listed religions on a giant TV screen with a true or false indicator. As each screen came on with a different faith, the only indicator that was highlighted was the false one. I was completely confident that when the JW screen came on it would indicate true. However when it came up, it too was false and I still remember the shock feeling I felt when I woke up to this day.

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