Your earliest doubt?

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    The Isaiah book cured me of any desire to go to a BS again. It was the same lesson every week. Dubs around me complained how boring that study had become. I just left

  • puffthedragon

    From the time I was a child, the whole, "we are the only true religion, everyone else will die" didn't sit right to me. The differences between major religions really aren't as big as they try to crack them up to be. I knew plenty of christians in school who believed the same basic stuff, and tried to be good people, and I was supposed to believe that because they didn't listen to a knock at the door they were doomed? I remember questioning it as young as 9 years old. When I was an early teen, and everyone my age was being baptized and I waited, I became a little more verbal about my doubts. My mother tried to shame me for them, my father said I should study other religions, and pulled out the "Mankind's Search for God" book. See how easy it is, the society had already done the research, and I was sure to get an unbiased opinion...

    The constant pressure got to me. as a later teen I found "apostate" sites, back then it was actually email-message groups. I was stunned to see ex-bethelites, pioneers, and elders on there. Apostates were supposed to be wicked, weak indiividuals. I remember being terrified of being caught, we only had one shared computer as a family, and I knew what could happen if they learned of it. I started questioning things to my dad, and he was an elder, and smart enough to know that I hadn't come up with all these questions on my own. They somehow got me to put them aside, "where else would you go" and argued that, sure the org may be imperfect, but to trust in Jehovah and he would fix it. I got baptized, went to bethel, yada, yada, yada. By the time I was out of bethel five years later, I was destroyed spiritually, and didn't want anything to do with the org, but I had to keep up appearances for a while. I did the slow fade, and was doing more and more research on TTATT. Besides an occasional funeral, It's been about three years since I was going to meetings.


  • nykid

    The earliest real doubts I had were when I found out that Jehovah's Witnesses didn't keep the sabbath. Then it got serious when I found about the constantly changed teachings and then read Crisis of Conscience.

  • kozmo

    Oooooh, there are way too many to mention, and time does not allow it, however, one stands out clear and rings like a bell..............Jehovah's Organization is a PERFECT one , administered by IMPERFECT men? Cmon now, if in his infinite wisdom, as quoted so often bu them, had he intended to have a visible earthly organization, hmmm, would it NOT initself be perfectly run? Hmmm, again. This cannot be done by imperfect people. An Oxymoron? Give me a break. ow many times have we heard the saying from Born agains, " Jesus in your heart" ? Would not god have placed it in the hearts of TRUE believers to just believe, and be saved and be comfortable in that aspect? Would they not know that they did indeed have the TRUTH in their hearts and HE knew this? Thus, where is the need for an ORGANIZATION to administer the affairs of the KIngdom here on earth? , when one of US questions the actions of elders and others in the ORG, their response is the same, imperfect men administering a perfect organization.........Does god need expensive printing presses, farms, material possessions? As the scriptures stated, would not the Rocks themselves cry out the message?

    Just ONE............

  • TD

    I was an adolescent studying with the Witnesses in 1971. There was a drama at the convention entitled, "What Is In Your Heart" (Or something like that) Each time a character in the drama had to make a tough decision, the action would freeze and huge models of the heart and brain would light up as they argued with each other. I was stunned.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Jehovah's Organization is a PERFECT one , administered by IMPERFECT men?

    Yep, the doctrines are perfect. Even though they change and contradict themselves. But these stupid humans keep messing it up

  • Fed-up

    1) being told on my bible study (my father was not a witness, so a brother and one of his kids came over and 'studied' with me) that the end would come 6000 years after Eve was created...even at the age of 12 i knew this was one of the dumbest, least thought out things I'd ever heard...(all the other creatures already alive would know when Eve was created, right? after that the math is simple...

    2) Finding out Losch was annointed in the late '60 and that Lett started partaking as young Bethelite...I studied the Revelation book religiously and could not figure out how these two could have possibly been annointed when they said they were...

  • FadeToBlack

    World wide flood in 2370. Then some time later, after Tower of Babylon incident, history as we know it began. All of Egyptian and Sumerian history compressed into about 180 years. Really?

    It seemed like I would have as much success convincing someone with ANY knowledge of history that this was reasonable as I would trying to prove that WWII ended in 1995. I always hoped nobody would want to talk about it at the door and ask me if I believed that.

  • Pterist

    607, 1914, 1919,

    If the dates are wrong the whole foundation and claim for exclusitivity to new light as God's only channel falters.

  • Aurelius

    I was also born in and remember being told by mum that this is the true religion and was the one being used by God to teach the truth and that God was directing this organisation. I can't recall my age at time but must of been under ten when I heard that the WT had got things massively wrong about the year 1925 and faithful men of old being resurrected and living in a mansion in Beth-Sharim.

    I recall thinking that if this is the true religion led by Jehovah then why would he or his organisation make such a colossal false prophecy!

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