Sandy Hook Massacre - Solutions

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  • mamochan13

    Someone with a knife cannot massacre 20 little kids in less than 10 minutes.

    I commented on the mother's role in another thread. It's true that mental illness happens in the best families, even with loving mothers. However, if you have a child with mental health and behaviour issues, why on earth would you provide them potential weapons? Seems very odd. Certainly we don't know the whole story yet (if we ever do), but I've worked in family support. One family I worked with had a teenager who was autistic and low-IQ, with many behavioural problems. He engaged in a number of worrisome behaviours, including trying to burn their house down. So they made sure he never had access to matches.

    The mom in this case also had plenty of money, so theoretically she could have accessed any kind of mental health supports. Why didn't she?

    Perhaps an important solution is to stop all the denial.

  • sooner7nc

    OK here goes.

    (1) Magazine size is a straw man. If you are skilled enough to brush your teeth then you are skilled enough to quickly swap out mags on virtually any weapon. (Look up Clint Smith @Gunsite on Youtube for his video on speedloading a singleshot shotgun for home defense)

    (2) Tie gun ownership to home insurance. Pay more if you want guns. For renters make renters insurance mandatory.

    (3) Extremely stiff penalties for parents that allow their children to gain access to their guns and then commit any crime even the most minimal .

    (4) Mandatory gun education for not only gun enthusiasts but everyone.

    (5) Outlaw "Here comes Honey Boo Boo" cause if that shit hasn't generated a couple of shooting sprees by now then I say that we have dodged a major bullet.

  • whathehadas

    I don't own a gun and have NEVER shot one. Being a Witness most of my life and hearing that ALL weapons are bad and not condone by Jehovah. I always thought about the protection against the evil and criminal people out there. We know there are many insane and horrible people out there. Especially, America. I do think guns serve a protection for people and their property. The QUESTION is......How powerful a gun you need? and how much ammo is needed to protect yourself? If just a handgun or a Shotgun, like a Berrata and Remington was the only legal weapons. Then there wouldn't be any mass shootings with guns. People do need protection from criminals and the Superior Authorities don't always come to the rescue and execute proper justice. For people against guns.....Imagine a group of thugs or even a Large and POWERFUL man in your home in the night. Quite possibly there to rob you or rape you. YOUR'E 5'6-5'10 and 180lbs. I think that baseball bat or butter knife next to your bed won't do much in your defense. Unless......Your'e a well trained martial artist, who is conditioned to take on these forces, until the cops come. THAT would be a unimaginable danger. Those who speak about the U.S being so violent and having no strict laws. Comparing the fatality rates to their countries and others. C'mon.....Like YOUR country don't have MAJOR issues. I find it bizarre that these countries are portrayed like they're so great. When you have many people from those places flocking to the U.S yearly. I understand your sentiment but please stop jumping to conclusions. Anyways.....this incident proves to me. That there isn't ANY safe place in this country. You live in the inner city and you have to deal with the thugs and drugs. The random shootings, pety crimes, police violence and their misuse of authority. As a black man.....I'm screwed to start. I move to a small middle class neighborhood and deal with racism and prejudice. Now have to deal with the possibility of mass shootings. It's bad indeed. Do we need better Mental Healthcare and facilities? Yes...but what would that take and include? The money and constant awareness would take a lot. I don't know

  • Balaamsass

    There are already millions of guns in the USA, and Millions of nuts. In 2014 there will be some semblance of universal health care for mentally ill. No one actually checks for drug addiction or mental health during purchase of a weapon now..only those who have been convicted of crimes are banned from owning them.

    Who needs 10-100 round magazines and armor piercing rounds to hunt?

    Bad things happen...and emergency responders are supposed to train to respond to expected events in an effective and timely manner.

    It took THREE HOURS for responders to reach the Columbine victims. It took 60 minutes for responders to reach the Sandy Hook victims.

    Cops were outside "planning and prepping" for an assault while children were being shot in each event.

    If Firemen sat outside a burning school for 3 hours "planning" on how to put out a fire while children screamed there would be national outrage.

    my 2 cents

  • besty

    @TT2C - according to FBI stats the most likely victim of gun homicide in the USA is a young black man in a metroplitan area.

    This supports your urban gang theory.

    The Mexican border war theory seems a little more suspect. If you look at the data table you posted from The Guardian (very interesting BTW - thanks, excludes Florida and Alabama) and sort by 'firearms murder rate' you can see the Mexican border states are all above the US average but not exceptionally so, or even that high up the rankings:

    16th - Arizona 3.53

    18th - California 3.25

    22nd - New Mexico 2.98

    24th - Texas 2.91

    Figures are gun homicides per 100,000 - the USA in general is 2.75. (Florida I'm estimating at 3.46

    Tackling the problem I would start with California, Texas and Florida - they are the outliers in terms of raw numbers of gun homicides - also the most populous states so no surprise I guess.

    The Wikipedia article is pretty interesting to -

  • tootired2care

    @Betsy - Thanks, that is an interesting report, I am surprised that hispanic gang killings are not really reflected on than that report. Seems to me with all the latino gangs in CA, FL and texas that would be substantial number. So in terms of the solutions what do you think would work for America? By work I mean really protect children, and bring homicide rates to UK levels?

  • Simon

    I think a ban on the ultra-dangerous weapons is a given for any solution to work but the insurance would help make things uneconomic without (oh my god) infringing on anyone's "rights".

    Economics is what is making even American's start to demand fuel efficient vehicles instead of gas-guzzling monster-trucks.

    Simple make it very expensive to own a gun. Make it more expensive if the gun is of a more dangerous kind.

    Insurance makes people doing dangous things pay more to cover potential expenses and libilities. What can be more dangerous than filling your house with weapons and not securing them?

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Obviously no one expects the US to make any major leaps, but a slow and relentless tightening of controls and availability over a period of 20 - 30 years would go a long way in helping.

    After a lot of hassle I might be able to legally own a shotgun and a .22 rifle here, but not much else.

  • besty

    The politicians and media need to win the moral debate in the public space that gun ownership is a privilege - and that the existing 2A right needs amended for current circumstances.

    The NRA and gun industry and pro-gun politicans need to believe that compromise rather than war will give them what they need.

    High peforming states (insert criteria for success here) could be incentivised with Federal programs on school investment etc - hearts and minds, not shock and awe ;-)

    At a municipal level could there be a concept of a gun-free county with Federal incentives - much like the 500 or so dry counties. Not perfect but...

    Firearms advertising should be banned.

    Homicide and Massacre Tax on all firearm transactions so that enthusiasts and the industry bear the societal cost when it goes wrong - as it does.

    Outspend the NRA etc on lobbying - or ban firearm lobbying.

    Gun shows - wind them down over a decade or two.

  • skeeter1

    America was founded on our ability to outgun the Brittish and Native Americans. We are rebels, wary of government, and many want the ability to overthrow it if it were to become like Syria, Egypt, or North Korea. Oh, the Army may have nuclear weapons , drones, and more powerful ammunition, but we have masses. It is engrained in our society that one is free if one can fight (and win) over government. Yes, we are made up of a bunch of lone cowboys. The socialist perspective that has overtaken our country along with the fiscal cliff and talk of a 'one world' government is also fuel to the back of American's minds. It's not that socialism is bad, it's that we fear individual rights to change the government could be thwarted. Hence, more fuel to the notion that the individual right to bear arms is intrinsicly linked to freedom.

    If Victoria, Austrailia can have a "Working With Children" act that allows the government to prescreen those who work with kids; why can't we have mental health checks for those who own a gun? HIPPA, my big, fat white butt. If Army bases and airports can have check points with armed guards, then why not every school fence have a post as well? Budget concerns? My big, fat, white butt. Let's transfer the vast school board 'administrative staffers' to a post outside each school. That would be value added.

    Why does Hollywood, the most liberal of all, make and allow violent movies? All those who buy them, where are their priorities? Why do gaming companies make and allow violent video games? All those who buy them for their kids or allow them in their house, where are their priorities? Think about it, the mass murders have happened in the last few decades - with the advancement of ever increasing violent movies and video games. Columbine was the first, in 1989. We had guns for centuries, but school shootings are a current problem. You allow children to view/play violence and it numbs them to it. And, then the "grown ups" wonder, 'How could this happen?'

    The shooter was an avid gamer, in a basement idolyzing army/guns/violence. He was into all black/goth, mental problems, couldn't feel physical pain, etc. Why did his mother allow the guns & violent games? To appease him?

    We have alot more people then Great Brittain, Japan, and China. We have more hardcore nutjobs playing/watching violence.

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