Sandy Hook Massacre - Solutions

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  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades
    I'm a bit disturbed about all of the suggestions about having kids be at a certain GPA to be able to have/use guns.

    didn't say they have to have a certain gpa to use guns.

    what i said was, in order for them to qualify for certain activities on the school shooting team...they would have to meet certain gpa requirements. this is the case for all athletics, where students have to have a certain gpa to be eligible for athletics, so why would you strip that requirement for the school shooting team?

    gun safety is not a moot point. teaching gun safety is a part of changing some of the uglier perceptions about guns. that would be part of a broad program tto prevent gun violence in general, not incidents where someone snaps and decides to massacre people. there's not going to be one single rule that solves this problem.

    massacres aren't the only aspect of gun violence. hate to break it to some people but there's also robberies and inner city gang violence to consider. is that fair? no, but now you know how minorities feel when they get profiled. if kids in the inner city grow up only thinking of guns as a means of violence, then that's all they will ever be used and treated as.

    annie oakley wasn't famous for her quality knitting. change the public perception of how they are used and what they are for.

    i do like the idea of the lights and sounds, i just think there has to be testing to make sure it doesn't damage the kids hearing. they have better hearing and eyesight right? the idea isn't much different than a flashbang, just want it to be at the apropriate level i guess.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    "material technologies and methods would make this relatively inexpensive"

    Marvin, I understand your point, but I think you are underestimating just how broke and how skin flint cheap the citizens in my area are. Just at the middle school, which is right behind my house, there must be 50 ground floor windows and at least 8 entry points. Even $50,000 to install safety modifications would be hard to sell, when that school can't even afford a librarian, a nurse, or a full time guidance counselor.

    Too many people, especially in small towns far away from large cities, just don't believe that something like this could happen to them. After all, there are more suicides in my county than murders ( I actually heard someone say that). People here think that because everybody knows everybody else, and everybody has lived here forever, there are no people who would commit such a terrible act. I know that isn't reality, but people desparately want to feel safe. Installing bullet proof glass would mean acknowledging that they really aren't any safer here in Carmi, IL than the people who live in Chicago or New York.

  • frankiespeakin

    I also think high security at every school would have a large impact on the psyche of the child, and reinforce a feeling danger at school and inbed the picture of this scene at Newtown deep in thier minds.

    Not good.

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