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  • LisaRose

    The problem is that as Jehovah's Witnesses we are taught to obey and revere the WTBTS as appointed by God and to an extent the elders. Just because you realize that this is not the truth, that conditioning does not automatically go away, that takes time. You actually owe these people no explanation, but it's probably hard for you to see that now. And when you confided in that elder, you assumed that because he knows you, he would realize you had no evil intent. Unfortunately, his conditioning prevented him from seeing you as just a friend with questions. He is now seeing you as someone who is questioning the status quo, and that set off his fear of Apostacy.

    If you want to control the timing of you exit, you will have to do damage control. You do not have to lie, but you will have to control what truths you tell. You could call back the elder you confided in and tell him that you afraid he got the wrong impression from your discussion, and that you did not intend for him to think you are apostate. From your comments, that is true. If he asks for details just say you are still thinking about things (also true), but you appreciate his understanding. Just keep in mind that this religion sucked you in with lies and cover-ups and you are entitled to get out of it with the least impact to yourself.

    Practice a few stock phrases in the mirror until saying them becomes automatic, so you are not caught by surprise and blurt out things they are not entitled to know. These may be nice people, but they are conditioned to fear Apostacy, so you have to be very discrete.

  • unstopableravens

    thanks: im just so done with everything like i posted last month i started a da letter now im just so inclinded to turn it in and say peace out!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    DA not only confirms (to them) that you are an Apostate, but that you recognise (in their minds) that they have some kind of god given authority. To everyone else that you need to talk to, it IDs you as Satan's minion.

    I don't understand how people who have been active, preaching, WT marking members of this church don't understand that. Maybe you can explain it to me?

    I suggest that you stop talking to Elders. They are not your friends. You are not married to them. They are not your children. It is not your responsibility to save them from whatever madness they want to delude themselves with. They don't want to be saved from the Watchtower by you, or anyone else.

  • Sauerkraut

    Black Sheep is correct. One of the things you have to understand quickly is that the Elders have no authority, none at all. You do not have to answer to them, you are not obligated to cooperate with them. YOU ARE FREE! The Elders are like impostor cops with fake badges. Would you deal with fake cops, if you knew they were fake? If you want peace of mind you have to learn to be respectful but not let the Elders get into your case. The amount of control they have over you depends on how much YOU let them control you. You don't have to lie to them, how about saying nothing at all? They can't force you to say anything. If they get nosy, talk about the weather.

    I wouldn't DA, just do your thing, DAing means playing by their rules. Rules that are unbiblical and inhumane. Fortunately I was helped to realize that before I got serious with DAing myself.

  • cantleave

    You can't debate in a cult!

    As soon as you raise questions you will be marked as a murmerer. If you continue to question you WILL asked to attend a JC. Just shut up and keep your thoughts to yourself, unless you want to be kicked out (which to be honest is a blessing!).

  • unstopableravens

    let me throw this out: i understand the whole fake cop thing i mentioned at some point comparing them to police lol but im going to be going to church and i know my wife will say something to them, so wouldnt it make since or sense (mrs jones can pick) to have a say before they hear about that and get a jc?

  • cantleave

    Just dissasociate or tell them to piss off. If you are going to attend church you will DF'd anyway!

  • unstopableravens

    i know cant leave, thats what im thinking if it were not for my wife i would have been long gone, but she hardcore jdub and are marriage is ww3 alot of time over this crap.

  • leavingwt

    You're sending this message: my new church is more important than my marriage.

    Remember: Ray Franz didn't attend church. Have you already found the next true religion?

    Chill the _____ out. A year from now this new church will seem like nonsense. This is not a race. There is no Armageddon.

    You're about to find yourself separated fom your wife and kid, without a roof over your head. You'll also need money for an attorney.

    We're trying to protect you fom yourself. We've seen this movie 100 times, but you won't believe us.

    There is no reward for taking a stand against WT. It's all a net loss. Start worrying about yourself and stop worrying about what invisible people think.

  • punkofnice
    i was very respectful.

    You can be as respectful as you like mate. If they think you're speaking against the WBT$ you're in trouble!!

    keep in mind this guy i have always been very close to.

    The ''close'' in JW land is CONDITIONAL. If you dis the WBT$ you'll be hated by this so called friend. Simple as! End of mate!

    everytime i showed him something he would say he had no answer wait on jehovah,and i would nicly say jehovah already had it written,

    Yeah. Usual old b0110cks! The best get out clause EVER!

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