FINALLY! Can you prove God exists? If you can I won't ask again!

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  • unstopableravens

    what is the bible is still his word, punk let me ask you this,if you really want proof beg him in faith to showhimself to you,beg him in faith you want truth,because talking to me and the atheist hear is not going to give you proof, you when to a craexy church, god is not in man made temples,

  • unstopableravens

    punk punk punk look at ur 2520 post and look at what post it was of mine!

  • cofty

    it is not closed minded if you know for a fact that you have never smoked weed,anything that says you have has to be false

    There is no comparison. The fact of evoution does not depend on your personal experience.

  • unstopableravens

    cofty the point was not about personal experiance but what you know is truth,even if it was i have been changed a new creation as the bible puts it.

  • cofty

    But nothing about your personal experience has anyting to do with the fact of evolution.

    Until you have studied the evidence how can you even have an opinion?

  • cantleave

    Hey Unstop, if you haven't read any books on evolution I suggest you really do beforee you start commenting on the subject,

    If you don't understand concepts like common ancestry and the undeniable evidence that support these concepts your ignorance will defeat you.

    Go to a library and get out Richard Dawkin's Magic of Reality, that gives a wonderfully simplified account of the theory of evolution, you will enjoy it and you won't be struck down or make god sad!

  • unstopableravens

    cofty cant leave: i will look at some things and look at a few book,than when i do, than you need to be openminded as well. cant leave youe eyes are hypotizing

  • Fernando

    Hey punkofnice!

    I have found a map hidden in plain sight in scripture.

    A map which the Watchtower hates and fears above all else.

    This map has led me to God.

    My sixth sense has been awoken through following this map ("mysterion" and "evangelion" in Greek).

    I notice that while God's handiwork and design is evident and accessible through our five senses, he himself is mostly only accessible through higher non-physical senses (non-ordinary states of consciousness or NOSC).

    The best one human can do for another is share their experience and point out the existence of the map. The rest is between God and the individual...

    NOSC by visionary and progressive Psychiatrist Stanislav Grof:

  • PSacramento

    There is no way to prove that God exists, even if one had evidence up the yin-yang, evidence still doesn't equal proof.

    There are a few different opinions as to way Gopd doesn't make Himself more obvious to all but the reality is that we don't know why He doesn't.

    Sure we can speculotae and all that, but in the end that is all we would be doing, speculating.

    Belief in God requires faith, period.

    The issue may be HOW does one get that faith.

    For some that faith is based one reasonable arguments ( we've all heard them so I won't re-hash), some are based on an unquanitifable perssonal epxerience and yes, some are based on "blind faith", and so forth.

    There is one things though and that is that IF God proved Himself to Us that would be the end of it would it?

    I mean, He would continue to have to prove himself to every generation, He would have to sustain that proof, He would have to continue proving it on a daily basis and, even then, that wouldn't necessarily mean that We be any different than we are right now.

    I think a fair question is WHY should God prove Himself to you?

    I mean, suppose you are this supremem being, a being that fro all practical terms is all powerful and all knowing, why would you feel a need to prove yourself to people?

  • unstopableravens

    ohh now some other beleivers come thanks lol

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