A great picture for proving that JWs aren't weird and cultish...

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  • notjustyet

    FEEL the wrath of out FEATHERS!!!!

    " We will encirlce you with our large winged features to hold back the ever increasing attacks on Jehovahs faithful witnesses,... and by faithful we mean those that are putting in at least the minimum amount of hours and commenting at least 3 times per meeting, thus sayeth the winged one in charge!!"


  • MrFreeze

    They always told those stories of divine protection in service. You know, sister went to the house of the rapist alone and survived because he saw two big men standing next to her.

  • minimus

    great picture! Angels are buff!

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    all that protection and all the while the child molesters have free reign!

  • ziddina

    Hah! It just dawned on me...

    All those muscular angels aren't there to "protect" the JWs; they're there to make sure the Rank&File get their hours in and don't listen to any "apostates" they might run into while in "service"!!!

  • Pterist

    Observation, don't see any door to door witnessing, street witnessing seems to be the new direction.

  • prologos

    better daze: you are right, only escape is this way. The angels are looking the wrong way if they protect against puff the magic dragon. and was not satan thrown down onto the earth, not in high heavens? and all those disasters? arms are locked too tight in motion-less exercise mode. I wonder wether the wtbts writer - artists - can ever picture, see the R&F without literature in their hands ?

    may be the angels are peering, peeping at the mags to read any new light? 1 Peter 1:12 eventually it has to be published like in public.

  • rebel8

    Does anyone watch Tosh.0? Sometimes when new quotes/pics are posted here it seems like we're on his show. "Put 30 seconds on the clock and let's see how many we can get."

    Why are the serpents on top of the angels? Why are they wearing crowns?

    The outer space thing reminds me of Scientology.

    In the group of humans in the middle left (girl in purple coat and boots), what is that supposed to be?

    In the group next to them, a bro is witnessing in dress pants and a dress shirt WITHOUT A TIE. Either he wears dress clothes out when he happens to have an opportunity to do informal witnessing (unlikely, come on), or he's weak in his faith.

    Those angels--I think I saw those guys working the door at a club I went to recently. If only their privates weren't blurry...

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    So thats what happened to Oliver Reed he got to be a heavenly host my my big boy.

  • cantleave

    Ohh I love the bit of man boob that's showing!

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