WHAT ARE YOUR MOST VIVID, ODD, or FUNNY Memories of Conventions and Assemblies of Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • punkofnice

    Some dozy sod gave an experience. Bowes Road London circa 1979. He recounted how his wife gave birth and his workmated got a card and a gift to congratulate them.

    He said he gave them back as Jehovah's witnesses(R) don't celebrate birthdays.

    Even when I was a JDub I thought this experience was bleedin' unbelievable sh1t.

  • shamus100

    The DC's were completely excruciating! >:O The only real memories that I have was everyone geting all excited about the 'drama'. They were the stupidest, idiotic and lame things I have ever seen with my two eyes ever. I can clearly remember one convention a friend of mine saying loudly after it was over 'that sucked'.

    Yes, it sucked, they all *****g sucked. >:O

  • uk_ex_jw

    There were plenty.

    At the old Highfield Road Stadium in Coventry, all the younger ones would head for the greasy spoon cafe (at the back of the stadium) between sessions and sit in there. Then the Elder's would turn up and order us all out. It happened every year.

    The funniest thing for me was winding up one of my pals. I was watching him cosying up to a sister over in another part of the stadium - away from his family, and trying to be as discreet as possible.

    Knowing that his phone was on - with one of his 'rap' tunes as the ringtone, I took out my phone and dialled his number. Then I sat back and watched the fun. He nearly jumped off his chair as the phone went off full-blast. All the people in front of him turned round to stare and then the attendants were on him.

    Gotta give it him, he saw the funny side and was pointing at me in a way that he was going to get even.

    The other time I set off a fire alarm at Dudley with my cellphone. The whole assembly was evacuated. I was stood next to one of those sensitive fire alarms and as I switched my phone off I heard it 'bounce' off the alarm. Next thing I knew the whole place was going off.

    What made it worse was that it wasn't my assembly, so the minute I emerged from the area where the alarm was, two big burly attendants grabbed hold of me either arm, and frogmarched me down the stairs. They were asking who I was, what I had put in my pocket (they had saw me put my phone away) and what 'organisation' I belonged to. Then another older guy started berating me in front of all these disgruntled Dubs who'd had to leave their spiritual feast.

    Then when they were ready to call the Police, a familiar face appeared and vouched for me. The assembly went over by 45 minutes that day.

  • bigmac

    uk ex jw--i know those places well.

    back in my "day"--birmingham UK--mid 60's--was divided into 3 circuits. us lads used to cruise all 3 looking for talent. i met 1 at brierley hill civic hall--we went for a walk down a lane during a break---and she ate my face off. in the week following she wrote me a very naughty love letter--i was just about 16.

    next weekend--an assembly in coventry--on the by-pass?--i walked in with some mates--saw her--all cuddled up with another guy. i never said a word--he was bigger than me!! she went on to earn quite a reputation--as an easy ride. but i dipped out there.

  • finallysomepride

    I can't remember much from these conventions, I have put so much out of my mind, but I do remember the storms that hit regurlary at convention times

    In Auckland NZ Eden Park, Ellerslie Park & Alexandra Park I remember coming away totally wet through or half blown away.

    actually thinking about, I remember in the late 60s or early 70s being at Alexandra Park (Race Track) and at the same time jockeys being out on the track with horses training, most plp were watching the horses LOL

  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat

    Everything was quiet, prayer was going on at a Circuit Assy. and someone or something/////

    let a massive I meannn masssssive fart out. I mean you could hear it for three sections in each

    direction...then.... wait for it....

    a couple secionds later a kid yells out " God I heard that one hit the floor"

    at least 600 people were rolling and splitting till the prayer was over. Best all time for me.

  • tornapart

    Remember the most fun time I had was back in the 70's when I was a late teen. Stayed with a friend in a hotel. Can't remember a single thing about the assemly but after we had huge fun. We made friends with a whole bunch of local youngsters and they drove us to their get togethers in the evenings. One was at someones house... a huge house, and the parents had laid on a big party complete with live band on their terrace! The next night we met up with loads of other youngsters at a pub down by the river and some of them had guitars and were playing and singing lots of good songs like beatles stuff etc. There was lots of eyeing up the local talent too... LOL

  • Apognophos

    Man, I missed out, I haven't experienced anything interesting at a convention, ever :-\

    But thanks for that story, Open mind, that was great.

  • happytobefree

    I have a wonderful fond memory of chasing boys at the convention.

    I don't know if any of you know...but Eddie Levert of the O'Jays was married to a JW. So when I was 13 years old...his sons Gerald and Shaun Levert were at the Richfield Convention, in Richfieldd, Ohio. So anyway...my cousin and couple of my JW girlfriends were on the look out for them all day. Well we just so happen to come upon them and Gerald Levert sent someone over to ask about me. I was so giddy and lost my mind...I told them I wasn't interested in him...I came to the Assembly to learn about Jehovah. My cousin said, tell him I interested in getting to know him and then the two of them took off to the parking lot to make out.

    ...anyway...I missed my opportunity to make out with Gerald LeVert. And she still enjoy telling everyone that she had the honor...lol

  • clearpoison

    Ahh memories, couple things pop-up out of nowhere

    There were those times when food and other refreshments were still offered to attending crowd. I was helping in bakery and there were certain parts of the bakings that could not be set to display. i was eagerly eating of those (they were sensational) until one elder came to me and said that I cannot eat the leftovers unless I pay those with my coupons. Guess if I reported in duty next day.

    Another, some years later, when hormones were running lots of 100m quarter-finals, we decided with couple of other young brothers to skip making notes on program, but to list points for various sisters we could spot from our seat either directly or with our binoculars. And ofcourse at the end of the convention day we would compare our notes.

    Those days, never coming back.


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