WHAT ARE YOUR MOST VIVID, ODD, or FUNNY Memories of Conventions and Assemblies of Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    The Apostate at the "Cow Palace" getting drug out by three eighty year old men, while screaming "False Prophets! 'FALSE PROPHETS!" during a long closing prayer!

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    The Apostate at the "Cow Palace" getting drug out by three eighty year old men, while screaming "False Prophets! 'FALSE PROPHETS!" during a long closing prayer!

  • Branded Rebel
    Branded Rebel

    There were many! The one that still sticks out in mind was the day I got baptized...The tub was at the old Greenacre Assembly hall in Sydney, Australia. As I walked down the steps into the tub, it was so slippery - I slipped in front of everyone - Swore like a trooper and then they had to drown me twice. Guess the devil had his hooks into me back then. I'm still surprised the baptisimal water didn't burn like fire. lol

  • l p
    l p

    Hey there, I got dunked at the Greenacre Assembly hall in Sydney in 1994 too.


  • cantleave

    A male streaker at Southampton!

  • BroMac

    DC at Maine Road - Manchester. Jezebel was pushed out of the window and had to stay dead laying on the grass. Then the heavens opened! the drainage in our Stand could not cope and began washing Bibles and notepads away. Meanwhile Jezebel is lying face up still dead. While bearded soldiers in short skirts were celebrating by waving soggy swords.

  • notjustyet

    Getting to see first hand how an attendant handles a brother who had wheeled his wheelchair bound son up to a "ADA marked" (Americans with Disabilities Act)area on a upper level so that he could hang his head over and see the drama as the view from the floor back row was not working for him due to his full body paralysis, I think.

    I was thinking how nice of the father to make an effort to get his son to an area where he could enjoy the drama. NOPE, the attendant approached the father and told him that he was instructed to not allow anyone in that area, no exceptions. I approached the attendant and explained to him that this area was especially marked for people that are bound in wheelchairs, it is a federal law for these areas to be provided just for reasons like this. No, sorry, my instructions are not to allow anyone in this area. I was making more of a scene than the father as he said it was okay and he turned and started to push his son back the floor seating area on the back row where his son would not be able to see any of the drama. I carried on the conversation with the attendant a little bit more out in the main area and I could feel that was getting heated like I wanted to explode and he just walked off like it did not bother him at all. That is when I SHOULD have woken up to the lack of humanity in this Organization and started my research. It took me a few more years to start to wake up although I do think that this added to the straws that finally broke me down.

    I just could not believe how unloving this rule was.


  • cobaltcupcake

    1973 International Assembly in Montreal. Open stadium. Huge thunderstorm with high winds that started tearing the platform apart. The speaker had to go down underneath the platform to finish his talk. Everyone in the stands is cowering underneath plastic sheets (we weren't supposed to use umbrellas).

    1974 district convention was at a racetrack in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Most of the seating was indoors but the stage was outside. One afternoon session was entirely devoted to a drama about the life of the Apostle Paul - 3 hours long. As the afternoon progressed we could see black clouds building in the distance and lightning flashing. Just as the drama concluded the skies opened and thunder roared. The closing song and prayer were pretty much drowned out. Most everyone had to wait at least a half hour before we could leave the place.

    During that drama there was one scene where a snake bites someone. The "snake" was on a wire stretched from one side of the stage to the other. It malfunctioned, so someone reached out from behind a potted plant and grabbed the snake. It was hilarious.

  • designs

    1969 Peace On Earth International Assembly, Dodger Stadium Los Angeles 9:30 at night in the Parking Lot a young pregnant woman faints as birth labor sets in, I held her in my lap until medical help arrived.

  • gorgia

    Perth Australia DC sometime in the mid '90s - one of the elders who'd just finished doing a talk went to the toilet without turning off his microphone.

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