Circuit Assembly Highlights. Day 1

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  • flipper

    SAUERKRAUT-Your statement, " they seem to become more and more cultish " . Amen to that, I agree. Steve Hassan states in his books on mind control that all cult leaders become more demanding, more controlling, andput a stricter leash on cult members when they feel they are losing grip on the rank & file. So we can probably expect more wacked out " new light " coming in 2013. The more desperate WT leaders get, the more strange doctrines they'll put in effect to keep their empire and deception going. Many cults do this

  • unstopableravens

    flipper i hope ur right if that change included blood, im tired of ppl dying over this trash.

  • ziddina
    "....I will take more notes tomorrow! Yay me!!!!! Oh!! One funny thing that happened! I asked my wife for money to put in the contribution box since Jehovah is broke. So she give me $30 ( I am assuming that is for both days ) I said I would be happy to take care of it. So I put it in my pocket. It will not be given to the Org!!! LOL !!! I am going to think of a non-suspicious way to always have the cash go to me as the head of the house before it goes in the box at the KH or wherever. I will just keep it like I did today! Someone else can pay for child abuse settlements and health insurance for Co's, and their cars! I will be keeping all my cash. If things get worse in the org, like a scandal that my wife recognizes, then I will officially tell her that none of my check goes to the Borg. If she wants to put her money in then I can't stop her, but my financial support is ceasing.
    It felt really good pocketing that cash!! Good night!!!

    Right on, DATA-DOG!!!

    "So you lied to your wife. Wonderful :-( ..." a watcher

    It's called "Theocratic Warfare", a watcher.

    If the Watchtower Society can lie freely about so many things - their membership in the U.N.; their ownership of stock in weapons-production companies; then we certainly are free to use 'lies' to thwart their efforts to control our money, time and minds.


  • WTWizard

    What "lowliness of mind" really means is that one having nothing to "boast about". No accomplishments. No devices that might allow a degree of preparedness in the event of emergency (such as a nice flashlight in the event of a blackout). You don't do anything the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger doesn't explicitly say so, if you do anything right, they and not you get the credit. And they wonder why depression is such a problem in that religion.

    When you pray, expect nothing. Jehovah will hinder you, and if you somehow get anything, you still give him the credit despite its being your own hard work. Not to mention that most of the time, the hardship is a direct result of serving Jehovah. It's bad enough to go to boasting sessions when it doesn't create undue hardship or risk of getting yourself or someone else sick, do 2 mornings a month of token service, and obey the basics. But, when you do whole-souled service, go to boasting sessions no matter what, make extreme sacrifices to obey, and donate yourself into hardship, you are throwing away your hope for solutions. Lose your job? The money you donated could have been put away, or invested in silver and gold, so you would have something to fall back on for a time. Blackouts? Energy crisis? You could have prepared with more efficient devices or backup devices (and flashlights are safer than candles, especially if a dog or cat is thrown into the mix). Sick? Missing a couple of boasting sessions might just be the answer, guilt-free. And so on.

    And I see nothing about developing one's own soul or understanding a thing about how things work. Religion's job is to give one an understanding of your soul, how it works, and tips for developing it. This crap does the opposite. You are banned from even peeking at anything that might give you real answers, whether from apostate web sites or in the form of spiritism. Instead, you are supposed to start wasting all your time immediately upon baptism by pious-sneering. I don't think that is any way to develop even halfway decent spiritual health.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    rip said: (Watcher-that was very funny!)

    I'm glad someone on this forum still has a sense of humor :-)

  • ziddina
    "I'm glad someone on this forum still has a sense of humor :-) ..." a watcher, page #2

    You wuz JOKING??? I didn't get that...

  • blondie

    *** w01 1/15 p. 15 Overseers and Ministerial Servants Theocratically Appointed ***

    ‘Make Appointments, as I Gave You Orders’

    16 Paul told his coworker Titus: “For this reason I left you in Crete, that you might correct the things that were defective and might make appointments of older men in city after city, as I gave you orders.” (Titus 1:5) Paul then outlined the qualifications that Titus was to look for in men who would qualify for such appointments. Today, therefore, the Governing Body appoints qualified brothers at the branches to represent it in making appointments of elders and ministerial servants. Care is taken that those acting representatively on behalf of the Governing Body clearly understand and follow the Scriptural guidelines for making such appointments. Hence, it is under the direction of the Governing Body that qualified men are appointed to serve in the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide.

    17 When recommendations for appointment of overseers and ministerial servants are submitted to a branch office of the Watch Tower Society, experienced men rely on God’s spirit for guidance in making the appointments. These men feel a sense of accountability, realizing that they must not lay their hands hastily upon any man, lest they share in his sins.—1 Timothy 5:22.


    I understand that the US Branch Office = the old Service Desk

  • dinah

    I talked to my best friend who grew up a Witness. She wishes Brooklyn would explode. I told her we are working on that.............sue them at every possible turn. I wish we could sue them for brainwashing us.

  • cantleave

    Personally I don't think they are anymore "cultish" than they have ever been. They have always been cultish, it's just you don't notice until you leave!


    1) Readiness of No Mind..

    2) Lowliness of No Mind..

    3) Oneness of No Mind..

    4) Soundness of No Mind..


    .............................  mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

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