Circuit Assembly Highlights. Day 1

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  • DesirousOfChange


    This is probably the Circuit Ass Program that I missed recently.

    I was worried sick about finding when I could attend at another circuit.

    Thanks to this wonderful summary, now I won't have to do that. Ahhhhh, another weekend free.


  • Benjie

    Data Dog, you said the CA was really boring but as I read through all of this I felt a sick chill.

    It makes me shudder, these days, but I don't always know why. My wife spotted it. She showed me the places where something almost sounds OK but deep inside you know that they are saying something that sounds true but it is really an outright lie. They switch truth and real facts round.

    It makes me shudder too, because for so many years we went to every CA, every DA and every DC, just as expected, just like all the rest of the congregation. I've read every word, Data Dog, but in fact I wish I hadn't, because it brought it all back.

    In places, as I read what you have written, I felt as though I was there.

    I wonder how many people who are there feel deep down uneasy but don't know why.

  • jay88

    blondie: (James 1:13) . . .When under trial, let no one say: “I am being tried by God.” For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone.

    So what was the story of Job about? or the murderous "God" of the OT?

  • Listener

    Thanks again DD.

  • punkofnice

    I have never projectile vomited so much.

    4) If you pray and talk to the Elders and still do not understand, be patient. God may be testing you!

    Yet another get out clause! Truly sickening 'mind cleansing'(TM)

  • carla

    This just makes me sick.

    Is this the winter assembly or has my jw already heard this in summer?

  • unstopableravens

    carla : all i know ,i asked wifey what she doing this weekend she said assembly, i said ohh what day she said both. than she asked if i was going lol


    Benjii, most of the speakers were incredibly boring. As for the subject matter you nailed it. There were good things said of course, because if they just came out with guns blazing who would ever come back? Some my laugh at me but the only reason I did not get up and leave is because I was praying for my mind to be protected from the lies. I figure if I am going to try and fade so I can get my family out, then I had better report from the inside for others. Truth mixed with lies and speculations and emotional appeals. I really noticed a difference at the last DC I was at and this CA. I think the GB know that they are on the ropes. I can't say whether they are evil of just decieved themselves, but I am looking for more persecution talks to come out. They have to know that they cannot stop the internet. Their dirty laundry is being aired for all to see! What else can they do except cry persecution? A truly humble person/group/GB would say that they screwed up and are now being rightly disciplined by the Superior Authorities. I doubt that will ever happen.


    Keep in mind that this is my circuit. You " needs " may be different. It would be telling if every circuit " needs " talk was the same. Especially about not talking to DF'd relatives. Are the sheep getting restless?

  • punkofnice

    I think the GB know that they are on the ropes. I can't say whether they are evil of just decieved themselves, but I am looking for more persecution talks to come out.

    I don't care which the GB to the electric chair with them for crimes against humanity!!

    I'll pull the lever if everyone else chickens out! They destroyed my family, I'll have no problem destroying them!

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