Circuit Assembly Highlights. Day 1

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    Alrighty!! Day 2 begins...

    Feed yourselves at Jehovah's table every day! The intro was great! " We do not want to alarm you but you are being slowly poisoned to death "

    Gee thanks! I was afraid you would say something scary and paranoid! There are only 2 Tables to feed from. 1) Jehovah's 2) Demons . You simply cannot feed at both! ( So what if your religion teaches lies knowingly ? " If we even nibble at the demon's table then we have disqualified ourself from feeding at Jehovah's table! So you are dead...

    Key point: What is the PRIMARY way that we feed at Jehovah's table every day? The " Daily Text " along with the WT comments of course! Also, be careful because propaganda can lead you astray! Poison is poison no matter what flavor it comes in. One text said not to put your trust in Nobles. With the elections this was timely spiritual food! ( What about being an NGO FOR TEN YEARS!!!! ) Do you lack zeal? Feed your mind on the text and WT comments every single day.

    The Mind of Christ:

    This was pretty run ot the mill stuff. Imitate the Christ ( I have no problem with that ) One quote was disturbing... " Bethel is the perfect example of a balanced family because everyone there has the " mind of the Christ " I have never been to Bethel, but that aint true... Propaganda!

    Mental Regulating for children:

    Let me say first off that I have nothing against raising good children and that there were many good points mentioned. Well, even a blind hog can find an acorn once in a while!

    Children need an example of valuable full time service in the organization. ( valuable and full time were mentioned together quite often )

    Children may begin to question.." How do I know if this is the truth? " Are they dragging thier feet in sacred service? Perhaps they are feeling the full weight of thier Christian responsibilities.... What if your kids think the meetings are boring? Do not over-react..

    Make the truth your own:

    How? Romans 12:2 " And quit being fashioned after this system of things, but be transformed by making YOUR mind over, that YOU may prove to yourselves the good and acceptable and perfect will of God." Yes, prove everything! Study and research everything! Examine God's word! Beware of men's thoughts!

    1) Personal study

    2) Meetings

    3) Pray ( Jehovah wants you to learn the truth!! )


    Boy baptized at 13. He wanted to play football. His 40 yrd time was at a professional level in High School ( We will take his word for it )

    He had scholarship offers, agents calling his parents encouraging them to let him play! ( I have no problem with an adult making a decision on how to live thier life. Be a monk if you want. Play football if you want. Children are having thier decisions made for them.) This young person reasoned on the dangers of bad association and declined all offers. ( Daniel faithfully served God while holding a major position of power in Babylon )

    Girl baptized at 12, now 27. She wanted to fit in with other kids. She thought they seemed nice. She reasoned that Jehovah's people were happy! Worldy people were not. ( There are good people and bad everywhere, remember the guy who killed the JW barista from his own congregation? No examples were given of badness, just a blanket statement ) She had the mind of the Christ.

    Hey Financial report time!!! This was way over my head, and read soooo fast that getting everything was imposssible ( no doubt intentional. Is the report available for the rank and file to read? )

    There were around 2,000 people in attendance. At the time of the report $7000.00 dollars had been contributed. $ 2,000.00 for the KH fund, and $5,000.00 for the Worldwide Work.

    The Circuit had $ 27,000.00 dollars and $25,000.00 went to the branch for something. Hope I got that right. So there was a couple thousand left over. The expenses for the convention came to $ 7,912.00. Contributions thus far were about $8,000.00. Sounds good, we have a surplus! Not so fast... The Elders ( whoever ) decided ( without a resolution ) that we need to send $ 8,000.00 more to the branch. Why??!!! So now we have a deficit again.. Please remember that the CONVENTIONS ARE FUNDED ENTIRELY BY VOLUNTARY DONATIONS. ( I wonder if they WTBTS is getting assistance from the city? Even if they did not this time, we know that they have. So being funded entirely by voluntary donations is a lie )

    Here we go! The needs of the Circuit:

    Pray for those who are being persecuted World Wide! Brothers in Korea go to jail for remaining neutral. ( This is not new. I would go to jail for a few years too, anyways it old news. Who is really being persecuted right now??? )

    Ukraine: ( this is great ) The WTBTS legally purchased land in the Ukraine. Then a couple of years or so later the seller sold it a second time to a big Corporation. So a property raid took place!!! ( Menlo Park anyone???!! ) Finally on September 26th the Supreme court of the area sided with the Branch. " That other corporation did not know who they were dealing with!" ( What will they say when they lose? Persecution!!! )

    Interesting quotes:

    " We are losing too many young people "

    " Meetings are a life-line!! " ( Yes Christians meet together... you know the rest..) We get reminders at the meetings. " Do you learn anything new? No, but the truth you do know is re-affirmed! "

    " Mid-week meeting attendance is 89%. Some feel too tired, or fear loss of income, or need recreation. " For some reason, some feel that they recieve more refreshment somewhere else! "

    " God's spirit flows freely at the meetings! We can't just read the Bible and pray, we need the meetings to get correction and adjustment. Meetings put our mind in a state to be molded."

    Now the really crazy stuff. He was practically yelling and very serious..

    " Some get DF'd or DA themselves. They have willfully chosen a path that disrespects Jehovah's name! Notice the SCRIPTURAL DIRECTION at 1 Cor 5:11 " But now I am writing YOU to quit mixing in company with anyone called a brother that is a fornicator or a greedy person or an idolater or a reviler or a drunkard or an extortioner, not even eating with such a man " You must shun your Df'd family members! Read the God's Love book pages 207-209. " Our hearts go out to those in this situation "

    Df'd ones in the home should not be studied with along with the rest of the family. They have broken the spiritual bond. Df'd ones outside the home should not be contacted, ever. Only on limited, necessary family business. DO NOT TAKE LIBERTIES WITH THIS. The ELders love you and will take the needed actions to re-adjust you. Perhaps with reproving you severely!! Your loyalty to Jehovah and the Organization is on the line! DF'ING IS SCRIPTURAL! YOU WILL BE DF'D FOR ASSOCIATING WITH DF'D OR DA'd ONES....

    " Christendom says that DF'ing is un-scriptural. Well, just look at who is saying that! ( lots of laughs ) They Hate Jehovah's name! They say that DF'ing violates the spirit of the Christ! Christendom's tolerance is Un-christian! Rarely do they expel serious wrongdoers!! ( Like JW child molester/Elders and servants ? )

    " What about Grandparents who cannot see thier grandchildren because the parents are DF'd?! The Bible says that children are judged by thier parents, NOT thier grandparents! Do not follow your imperfect heart! Is it hard to do?! Yes!! Why do think it's called persecution!!! We are in the Last Days! Be loyal to the Organization!

    The District Overseers last 2 talks were very boring.. It's the same old stuff. Keep working! Time will go by faster that way!! Are you eager for the end?!!! How long have you been waiting!? Decades??!!

    " The first century Christians were not being unreasonable thinking the end would be in their lifetime! " ( I still don't get that comment ) " Our we being unreasonable? Isn't the End much closer than it was then? Isn't it much closer than when we first learned the truth?! We are in the wee hours of this system!!" " Guessing when the end will come is a distraction!!! ( WTH?? CD alert !!! )


    ( What the H does that mean?! What is " Our Time " Is it my lifetime, my kid's lifetime, a toddler's lifetime, a new-borns lifetime, a fertalized egg's lifetime??!!! ) I personally believe in the Last Days but WTH kind of talk is that??!!

    That's all I got. It was rough. Oh yeah, work more do more! Oh, Oh!!! Here is a good quote from the WT summary " Field Service is for us. For our encouragement when we are down. We don't bring that many people into the truth "




    DOC, tell me the story of your friend!!!

    Fakesmile, Porn was also talked about constantly. It is a HUGE PROBLEM! JK!! I personally don't think it's good for me, but I do not judge. It is a problem in the Org..

    We get reminders at the meetings. " Do you learn anything new?
    No , but the truth you do know is re-affirmed! "

    WatchTarded!! ..

    .......................  mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

  • fakesmile

    did you enjoy the rancid gruel, i mean proper food?

  • oppostate

    I have found a way to tolerate sitting at a CA for the day.

    It's called napping.

    Unfortunately, if I snore my wife elbows me.

  • insearchoftruth4

    Great summary Bro! I'll pass this on to my family. We're glad to have you!!!

  • 00DAD

    So how is a Ukrainian real estate deal that went sour and had to be resolved in a Soviet court a "Needs of the Circuit" worthy item?

    Unless of course you happen to live in the Ukraine? Do you Data-dog? I didn't think so.

    I heard they talked about that at a recent CA in California. And yet, while on the subject of legal controversies, they somehow failed to mention the Candace Conti case. Why is that I wonder?

    (Not really).




    I don't know!!??? Unless they know that they are gonna get hammered in court in multiple locations soon. They could be prepping the rank and file for persecution. Get ready cause Satan is after the totally innocent law abiding Corporation!! Prepare to be tarred and feathered in field service!!

  • SkyGreen

    At least I know what to expect when ours is on... Not for a couple of months I think. I find it so odd that not long ago I used to look forward to assemblies and conventions so much, pay close attention, take copious notes, really feel good and refreshed afterwards. Now I find it so hard not to roll my eyes at the meeting. It's like my personality has changed. Talk about mind control ~ and yet some days lately I wish I could go back to that blissful state of ignorance, "how lucky we are to get this wonderful spiritual food.." Ah, GAG!!!

    It is good to feel free to analyse everything rationally now though, instead of "the GB says it so I must obey and believe without question"

    im on the fast track to athieism!

  • Emery

    Data thanks for prepping those of us who will be attending at some point. I will be attending mine soon enough with the wifey :(

    Also ....I will probably vomit all over the person in front of me when they go over the crazy DF'ing segment.

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