Circuit Assembly Highlights. Day 1

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    Hello all. Well things were actually pretty boring. I mean really boring. That's the price of fading I guess. If I could have faked an illness to get out of it I would have. I am really trying not to cause my wife any stress so I went. So you may ask, anything new? No. Unless you count the review questions printed on the back of the program. Yes, a new provision from the FDS! I will try to scan it and post it asap. Really it is just 10 or so questions with 1 scripture answers. Pretty paultry.

    What else... The baptism questions were the same as always. No changes, at least not yet.. They said " Organization " as usual. There was much emphasis on " actively " assisting Christ's brothers. That was stressed quite a bit. How could one do so, you may ask? By giving of your time, energy and money. By increasing you share in the preaching work. Stepping up activity, reaching out, doing more and no " token service.

    Then the symposium " Keep this mental attitude " . The attitude of Yeshua the Christ you would assume. Here are attitudes for gaining life.

    1) Readiness of mind

    2) Lowliness of mind

    3) Oneness of mind

    4) Soundness of mind

    Oneness of mind is where things got freaky. Are we to be the same as everyone else? Are we to be like robots? No! Jehovah loves variety! We have have many differences among us in " minor " matters. Our Worship must be united! We must all speak in agreement! ( 1 Cor 1:10 ) We must accept the entirety of the truth through God's Organization! Every truth we have ever learned has been through the Oganization and the FDS! We must all be of the same mind! We should not harbor private beliefs, even in our own minds and hearts! We do not believe teachings that go beyond God's word or the publicationns of the Faithful and Discreet Slave Class. ( Yep, he said class ) We do not visit websites that are critical of our doctrine! What if we have trouble with " new teachings" ? Have we ever had trouble, are we having trouble right now? What can you do?!

    1) Pray

    2) Talk to the Elders they will assist you with the publications to understand! Remember Proverbs 4:18!!

    3) Remember that every truth you have ever learned come from the Organization! Remember Peter said " Where else can we go? " WTH!!!!

    4) If you pray and talk to the Elders and still do not understand, be patient. God may be testing you!

    If you don't understand a clarification or " upgraded understanding " ( new term ???) then the problem is YOU.

    A brother had a problem with the " Generation " changes. It took years but it finally made sense! WHY??!! Isaiah 44:26 of course!

    " .. the One making the word of his servant come true, and the One that carries out completely the counsel of his own messengers;..."

    Yes! Jehovah will make it come true!!

    Hmmm....what else...? Do not think man's thoughts! Men's ideas can overtake us! Of course that does not apply to the GB. They also repeatedly said " inspired bible writers " said this or that. Perhaps because they were not the FDS? Not even the Apostles ranked that high.

    Also, we must not cling to cultural norms in place of Bible principles. Like all night wakes for the dead, Women spiritually taking the lead in the home, EXCUSING CHILD ABUSE AND SPOUSE ABUSE, wild parties, lunch with workmates. Loyalty to family may sound good, but is it? Ezekiel 18:25 " 'And YOU people will certainly say: "The way of Jehovah is not adjusted right." Hear, please, O house of Israel. Is not my own way adjusted right? Are not the ways of YOU people not adjusted right" We are following worldly culture if we do not shun family. Associating with DF'd or DA'd ones is " audacious" !!!

    Another good quote about the Org " The tail doesn't wag the dog ". Oh Jeeze!!!!!

    Interesting statistics:

    1) 2,700 " other sheep " assist the FDS in translating! We have more publications than ever!

    2) 22, 580 Kingdom Halls built last year by " other sheep "! The FDS can't do that without your active support!

    3) 1.6 billion hours spent preaching!!!

    The Master will bless only those assisting his brothers! Pioneer right after baptism if possible. As you qualify, you can do more!! Be ready to obey God's word and his Organization!! We live in urgent times!! Increase your share!

    Be willing to perform mundane tasks! The CO's and DO's do not have prestige or power or position. They are not perfect and are not above counsel. We must accept counsel or we are like Satan.

    Weird quote: " In Jesus' say the Religious Leaders were teaching falsehood and made the temple a cave of robbers!! That did not keep Jesus away from the temple! " Really weird....

    CO's and Elders do not make appointments like some of the friends think. They just recommend for appointments and someone else does the appointing..?????? Who? They never said! Legal department cronies?

    Another quote: " Do not listen to Apostates. Avoid those who teach what is contrary to the teachings of Christ Jesus! "

    The whole program was full of conflicting statements. Scriptures were said to apply to the " other sheep " when convenient, even though Jesus was speaking to those with the heavely hope. The holy spirit will teach you, but only the Org and FDS can teach you. Don't trust men's thoughts that run counter to scripture; followed by a thought counter to scripture. My head almost exploded! I had to go in the parking lot and text poor Raypublisher who is out of the Borg and does not need me bothering him! LOL!!! The price of fading I guess.. The whole program was just " off " more than usual IMO. I just kept praying that others could wake up..

    I will take more notes tomorrow! Yay me!!!!! Oh!! One funny thing that happened! I asked my wife for money to put in the contribution box since Jehovah is broke. So she give me $30 ( I am assuming that is for both days ) I said I would be happy to take care of it. So I put it in my pocket. It will not be given to the Org!!! LOL !!! I am going to think of a non-suspicious way to always have the cash go to me as the head of the house before it goes in the box at the KH or wherever. I will just keep it like I did today! Someone else can pay for child abuse settlements and health insurance for Co's, and their cars! I will be keeping all my cash. If things get worse in the org, like a scandal that my wife recognizes, then I will officially tell her that none of my check goes to the Borg. If she wants to put her money in then I can't stop her, but my financial support is ceasing.

    It felt really good pocketing that cash!! Good night!!!

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    So you lied to your wife. Wonderful :-(

  • insearchoftruth4

    Thank's for the CA Highlights Data-Dog. It feels so good to not to have to go to those butt numming boring assemblies. Look foward to your comments on Day 2.


    I simply said " I will take care of it". Just like Abraham, I was being cautious. We need that money to pay bills. I don't see the Org paying for my medical bills do you? They are sure ready to take my money though aren't they? Besides YOU said that transparency is not always practical and we must be cautious. Thanks for the advice! BTW, you lie to YHWH everytime you come to this site. Think about that..... If you give a theocratic assignment about not visiting " apostate " websites then you are a liar and have no freedom of speech. No excuses at Armageddon!!! ( your words ) Also, my wife knows I believe the Organization is corrupt. I make that clear. I don't force the issue though. Christ will gather all his sheep in due time! Hope to see you there!

    Did you ever listen to that Fred Franz talk?

    Do some research on the " Spiritual Mother " teaching as well. One point from the CA was how people with veiled minds cannot understand any scriptures when they are read. Can you understand Galations 4:26? You can with the help of the Holy Spirit.


    ISOTRUTH, you are welcome!


    A Watcher, I am suprised that you read that whole post and all you could say was a comment about my dealings with my wife, which are none of your concern BTW. Just for the record, as I looked around the audience I saw so many good people. It is the Corporation that is corrupt. Those in power, whoever they are, will be held accountable for deliberately misleading Christ's sheep. Saying " Lord, Lord !! we preached 1.6 billion hours for you! " will not be enough.

    The issue is truth. Not " the truth " as a brand name or product, but what is really true. Information is either true, false, or unknown. If a religious leader forces people to accept falsehoods or unknows as truth under threat of persecution, that is going beyond the things written! That is not honest, faithful or discreet. What do think about leaders who revise history and then make sure you cannot do a thorough examination by removing the original textbooks? Would you say that is honest? I am doing my best and so should you. I will be held accountable and so will you.

    Did you ever look up any info about " undeserved kindness " in a concordance? You would find it enlightening.



  • a watcher
    a watcher

    DATA said "you lie to YHWH every time you come to this site".

    LOL! I think Jehovah tolerates me coming to this site because it's the only way He can get me to do any research. I don't do much research normally.

    But when I post things on a forum I want to be sure I'm being accurate, so I'll look it up.

  • Listener

    It sounds like it was very hard to sit through DATA Dog, thanks for the summary.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    DATA, I'm sorry for the comment about your wife. You hit a nerve :-(

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Very painful having to sit through any assembly or meeting. Thanks for the info. Im so happy to say its been nearly a year and a half since being at any meeting or assembly. I love what you did with the money. Wish I thought of that before I left.

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