Circuit Assembly Highlights. Day 1

by DATA-DOG 73 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • cantleave

    DataDog - I feel sorry for you having to sit through that crap. Thanks for sharing!

  • Gayle

    That is great about you keeping the $30. Continue to do that. Maybe save all that till your wife leaves the org., then you can have all that money you saved for something special to celebrate!! Best wishes to you in all your endurance.



    Yes, those were exact words from the stage. I feel this is too important of a subject to ever sensationalize anything. If I write it then that is what they said. I was shocked that excusing child and wife abuse was a " Cultural " norm. That is how evil ALL non JW's are.

  • unstopableravens

    one mind!?!how many witness are of one mind on who the slave is? some say 144000 some say gb. only some know about new light! its been about two months since annual meeting. stupid stupid stupid.

  • darthfader

    Interesting how he threw "Lunch with workmates" in with other "cultural norms" like wild parties and beating your wife and kids. It's a subliminal way to discourage any association with "worldlies".


  • Ding
    Remember that every truth you have ever learned comes from the Organization!

    Including the ones that are no longer true?

    Organ transplants are cannibalism, etc...

  • unstopableravens

    i hate comments like that! doesnt james say every good gift comes from god and every perfect present. jesus is the truth. the more they talk about themselves the more clear it should be there not used by yahweh

  • carla

    Thank you for sitting through that and posting! As head of the house, the poster who criticized you is really out of line aren't they? Isn't that your call anyway?

    I can't tell you how many time the elders & jw's asked my husband to outright lie to me! Don't worry about keeping money from the pedophile fund, you did the right thing.

  • flipper

    DATA-DOG- Everything that SAUERKRAUT said I agree with. He was dead on correct. This WT organization is so hypocritical and manipulative in how they control JW's it's criminal. Thanks for sharing this info. Sounds like they are getting desperate to hang onto people by warning them about " independent thinking " and "apostates" influence. So when you see this kind of info being handed out- you know we are making an influence on the rank & file. Pretty cool actually when you think about it this way. WT leaders are getting nervous and running scared. Good. Let's keep them nervous. They need to be nervous. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • Sauerkraut

    Data-DOG, Bro, wasn't even thinking you were sensationalizing. Just making sure because it's one thing if "regular" Witnesses speak of "where shall we go to", but if someone on stage says it it's even worse. Either ignorance or manipulation at its best on the speaker's part.

    Flipper, I hope you're right. Would be great. Don't want the GB folks to enjoy the donated luxuries too much, let'em worry all day long. How weird that non Witnesses are demonized but then Witnesses are supposed to love them and help them join true worship. If you fear someone you'll have a hard time to be open enough to help him. Maybe it's just my relatively new awakening but they seem to become more and more cultish.

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