5 Reasons Why the DEAF Masturbation Video is different than anything before...

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  • BluePill2

    As some of you have noticed the ASL video warning against masturbation (another guilt trip) is creating waves. This is not small fry. Here is why:

    1. It is humorous - most topics (like other policies) are serious/depressing (blood, shunning, pedos). Not that they are not important to create awareness, but nothing spreads as fast as humour and laughing - it shortcuts every brain circuit in split seconds! People "get it" in one second how retarded such policies are and become open for other, more serious discussions.

    Basically "Humour" is only the "back door". Highly sought after in PR/Media and Marketing campaigns. This video is Golden!

    2. Spreading is NOT coming from ex-JW (uploader and others are non-ex JW) which gives this more power. This time "we" are "clean"

    3. People are getting really upset about someone taking this "little luxury" from them. Obviously this is more important to some than talking about the Cross, Trinity or Hell. Take my eternal Life, but don't take my wanking sessions from me. Hahahaha.

    4. Video is public material - not some secret document that is being handed out illegally and that no one believes to be true - NOPE! This baby is REAL, and DOWNLOADABLE from the Official Wankertower Website. Everybody can take 30 seconds to check if it is true or not. Interesting to see how things unfold: the first 48 hours we saw a wave of Witnesses getting upset and screaming "FAKE! YOU PIGS"....now that they had the chance to check it out, they come back again with "OOOOHHH, THIIIIS....yes totally legit and I will explain why it is important and very noble to spread the message" Some made real fools of themselves.

    Rubbing hands here (no pun intendend, damn, why does it get so difficult to discuss this without puns)

    5. The GB is in an classical "check mate" situation: THEY produced the Video, THEY put it online & public, now the whole world is laughing. What to do? Take out ONE chapter out of a fully publicised publication? Showing therefore some hardcore CENSORSHIP attitude? Leave it and endure the heat? Leave it and fight off the "ilegal use" of this? People will download it even more if it gets taken down. This is a loss-loss situation for the GB. I'm curious to see how they will handle this one. They must be shitting their pants about this PR nightmare.

    I never thought that wanking would put a crack in the tower. Not failed prophecy, shunning policies - nope! Simply: rubbing one out. This is why the Internet is the most amazing invention since sliced bread!

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    The downside is, deaf interpreters have confirmed the video represents proper ASL; the WTBTS didn't invent ASL, has no control over the language of ASL, so anyone who giggles and makes fun of the video is likely running the risk of insulting a protected classes language, making fun of hearing impaired. What's next? Pointing out how silly people who wear glasses look, or wheelchairs, or finding what the Braille sign for masturbation looks like to use it against the WTBTS? If the 'target' is WTBTS, it sure seems you're risking much collateral damage....

    While WTBTS deserves criticism for equating masturbation with adultery (as Cedars has said, IIRC), this approach of exploiting a video designed for the hearing-impaired to get a cheap laugh really strikes me as a questionable and insensitive way to go about it... (and more likely to back-fire in its goal of winning hearts and minds of anyone who's not titillated by prurient appeals).

    My suggestion, if you DO engage, is to handle this issue carefully, and keep on the main target: the level of intrusion in the private lives of JWs (lack of personal boundaries by WTBTS), but try not to trample the boundaries of the hearing-impaired in the process by making fun of a video that accurately depicts someone communicating in correct ASL. While you can find the printed word policy and critique that, I understand it doesn't carry the same impact for most hearing persons as seeing it acted out, so it's got that visual impact going for it (for those lacking in imagination, I suppose?).

  • A Stone Crying Out
    A Stone Crying Out

    What about the facial expressions on the second guy, is that part of the ASL lanuage? I think that's what made it funny, not so much the wanking gesture.

  • elderelite

    Sol, the org doesnt equate masturbation with adultry. Adultry is a df'ing offense, masturbation is not. Adultry is grounds for divorce. Masturbation is not.

    Ultimatly people will laugh because the interpreter had to use gestures to depict a typically private act... Imature locker room laughs, but really, as a christian sect its not unusual to decry 'self pleasuring'. Even the us military frowns on it. Its a typical non issue and wont do more than make make those that see it laugh at the sillyness of it.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Asco, my understanding is that the facial expressions are a part of the translators expressing the message, so ARE part of the language.

    EE, thanks for the clarification: I read that claim recently here on JWN, and made an error by accepting what seemed questionable at face value. F rankly, i am not that concerned about the issue/grounds for the policy to look into it. I need to look info the scriptural tact taken by the org, but it struck me as being based on some questionable assumptions.

    As far as the military, what a military member does in private on their own time is their own business: as long as it doesn't effect their duty performance and/or team integrity, it's their business (I served 10 yrs as enlisted/officer, in the "don't ask/don't tell" days, so now it's more liberal. I never heard of masturbation being an issue, unless potentially someone used a govt computer to access porn at work, a HUGE no-no with or without self-stimulation).

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    Good points, Blue!

    My favorite part of this are the "it is a fake" youtube comments. I copied as many as I could. Priceless:

    They? are not jehovah witness you could totally tell
    Joseph Cortez 1 day ago

    this is so fake? and unrespectful
    jayaarluz2011 1 day ago

    This is totally fake. O know a Jehovah's Witness and o can tell? this guy is not one of them.
    qazyoneable 1 day ago

    Go to jw.org
    For the real truth!?
    animechao101 2 days ago

    These guys really have no lives to make a fake video like? this
    MrHyqe 2 days ago

    This is fake cause the "link below" is a fake? website. Type in jw.org in a search bar & see real website.
    Sincerely, A Brother.
    lnracer1 2 days ago

    Bullshit tht aint no Jehovas witness its just? a fag
    joehigashiKOF 2 days ago

    This is fake I have JW friends this is fake stop being? mean to ppl and there believes
    werd219 2 days ago

    These are not jehova witneses,a bunch of fools who are? trying to make a joke
    adrian balfour 2 days ago

    This video do not belong to JW but is made by dirty minds that? enjoy this kind of behavior
    Elssize 2 days ago

    This is a fake,
    Quit being gross and have respect? for gods, people,
    jborges99 2 days ago

    TheSianrose 2 days ago

    I find it hilarious how people fall for this crap, you can tell? this is fake and its making jw look bad. Please stop beliving in this, especialy if you're not a jw.
    rebecarodriguez651 2 days ago

    samcore6 2 days ago

    Fake, not Jehovah witness? ppl
    slandr123 2 days ago

    TinoInHD 2 days ago

    This is fake i mean this is for the public? to see the witness wont put something up like this its fake
    msmisosoup12 2 days ago

    This? is fake
    ellysuax3 2 days ago

    Please do research before commenting. This is not a JW witness tape. If you want to criticize please have valid information? to back you up.

    No way these are Jehovah witnes tapes?
    RobotPoopie21 2 days ago

    otakutech11 2 days ago

    In the Jehovah's organization we would nvr put something? like this. People are seriously messed up these days..
    zeldaR32 2 days ago

    What the hell like whoever did this? and is a witness is in big trouble. Like this is not funny
    gottlent 2 days ago

    This is? not a video from Jehovah's witnesses
    nachoos96 2 days ago

  • jgnat

    I took it that the problem of equating masturbation with adultery is that there are no scriptures explicitly denouncing masturbation, so the ones quoted speak of immorality and adultery. Essentially putting them in the same bed, so to speak.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    This is crazy, if you Google, "deaf people masturbate", Jehovah's Witnesses comes up in all of the search results.

  • elderelite

    Sol, i have no real life experiance in the military so i too am just going off what i hear ;) i work with a guy who spent a number of years as a "gunny" and he has laughing told us stories of ucmj nonsense including violations of 'masturbation' during boot camp... I called him to make sure i understood correctly, he confirmed citing section 120, but also said it wasnt so much that he enforced it but used it as a tool to 'break guys down' (his words).

    Then he lol'd at me and asked why i was worried about kids jerking off in boot camp.... And that sums up just how silly it is ;)

  • jwfacts

    King Solomon - likely running the risk of insulting a protected classes language, making fun of hearing impaired.

    The purpose is not to insult a language, and anyone taking offense is being overly sensitive. There has been just as much fun made of Watchtower articles written about masturbation, and no one in their right mind has mentioned these comments are an insult to the English language. For instance in the youtube I did Growing up a JW, Awakended At Gilead cracks up laughing at the comment about how masturbation will turn you gay. No one has written any criticism about Awakended At Gilead insulting the English language or gays. It is a crazy Watchtower comment and concept.

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