New GB Member - Mark Sanderson

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  • nugget

    If he is only 47 then it is taking the biscuit. This is a subtle means of buying time since he is relatively young and if he can be a member of the Gb so can younger men. Armageddon is no closer than it was when I was a child.

  • BluePill2

    mrsJones: Yesss! I am collecting all the variants (before they get taken down, although THIS will be a difficult beast to kill, unlike Sparlock that was only understood within the ex-JW community, this one is becoming INTERNATIONAL.

    I guess "wanking" is an important aspect of peoples lives nowadays....people becoming angrier in some comments than if you told them they will die at Armaggedon. I think this is a touchy, sensitive subject nowadays (no pun intendend )

    jwfacts: I don't know, it wasn't me. I found this by searching in Google "deaf masturbation video gifs". New ones are popping out every day now, I visit some Forums regularly and people (MOST IMPORTANT: NON EX-JW) are cranking out new ones by the hour, really milking this one (no pun - hahahahahah)

    Outlaw: let me kiss you son, your posts have always made me laugh. This one is pure Gold! Hahahaha

    It has spread so fast that it will be difficult to contain. IF even possible. Some people saying this is the internet meme of the year. Also ANGRY witnesses showing up everywhere (now that they noticed that this is NOT fake, defending it and defending anti-masturbation rules)

    One death threat to the uploader of the first Youtube video!

  • donuthole

    Someone who claims to know Brother Sanderson, answered my question on reddit:

    " All I know for sure is that the one time I asked him about being anointed he heavily implied that it had been for over a decade, never gave me a number. This was when he was in his late 30's, so at least 7 years ago, totaling about 17 years. But I've also heard from other sources that he started partaking even as early as his early 20's, possible raising the total years to ~25."

    I never understand how these "new anointed" dodged the crazy label until the new light kicked.

  • donuthole

    Reddit user "oproski" also posted:

    " I knew Mark (real name is Douglas, he uses his middle name) very well a few years back, even went camping together one time lol. He was in my Russian cong for a while and took it upon himself to be a JW father figure/mentor (dad was never in "the truth") to me. This is quite interesting news, I'd been hearing that this was gonna happen for years. I gotta say, he's easily the meekest, most humble man I've ever met, and very smart to boot. I'm actually quite relieved that someone like him is on the body. If there's anyone that might talk some sense into them, it's him. I'll answer any ques if you guys have any."

    " I used to hope that he's just a super spy working his way to the top to dismantle the org once and for all. Now that he's there, let's see if my theory pans out lol."

  • St George of England
  • VM44

    Did Mark Sanderson attend and graduate from Gilead School?

    Does anyone know?

    How could one find out?

  • cedars

    One thing's for sure, at his age we don't need to speculate as to whether he saw action in Vietnam!!


  • Iamallcool

    me thinks he was raised in the borg from birth.

  • blondie

    The WTS posted names and pictures of Gilead graduates for a quite a ways back. You can search by the last name and first initial and if you have the original bound volumes, you can check the pictures.

  • minimus

    All you have to be is a company man and decide you're "anointed".

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