New GB Member - Mark Sanderson

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  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    More links about the dude:'Compassionate+Use'+of+PolyHeme+Saves+Lives,+Say+Coates+and+Williams.-a090827887

    "We wouldn't give an endorsement on a specific product (such as PolyHeme), but we're watching developments carefully," said Mark Sanderson in a telephone interview from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, at its Brooklyn, N.Y. headquarters, where he is with hospital information services . Sanderson said his group tries to keep abreast of relevant developments.

    He said that the Watchtower Society, the governing body of the Jehovah's Witnesses, has ruled that the use of substances that contain a product fractionated from red cells, white cells, platelets or plasma was permissible.

    "Using blood substitutes remains a matter of conscience," Sanderson added. Although some patients have embraced this type of product, many will take a more guarded view based on risk, benefit and religious considerations.

    Sanderson said it was difficult to estimate the number of people who died because of refusing a whole blood transfusion and because an acceptable substitute was unavailable. He also noted, "Our patients have been undergoing major surgeries from liver transplants to open-heart surgery without blood transfusions for many years before these products were ever conceived."

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Would you buy a used car from this man?

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    A rather dorky, portly looking fella. I saw him once. My guess is he'll wind up being the youngest of the GB bunch. Somewhere in his late forties!

  • donuthole

    Can someone confirm that he is 'anointed' and when he started partaking?

    Also, this potentially doesn't look good for ending the blood ban anytime soon.

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    He'd have to be anointed to be on the GB. However, he definitely was born after 1935. He looks like he's in his early 50's to me.

  • isaacaustin

    You have to be of 'the annointed' to serve on the GB, since they claim they are the spokesmen for 'the annointed' collectively.

  • james_woods

    How many total GB does this make? Am I correct in saying eight?

    Interesting if a deadlock should arise with an even number of GB voters...

  • blondie

    My guess 50 to 55. Definitely part of the OVERLAPPING GENERATION.

    Pistoff mentioned his name in July 2012.


    I thought he played Quark on Deep Space 9, my bad??!!

  • donuthole

    I understand that only anointed are on the Governing Body. I just want confirmation that this is still the policy. I'm also curious if he has been partaking for awhile or simply someone who began taking recently for the job promotion.

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